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One Whole Month of Sweet Baby Levi Rhett

One whole (sleepy and snuggly hehe) month of you

in our arms and ours to love,

Sweet Baby Levi Rhett!

You are a dream come true

and everything about my pregnancy, birth story,

and this joyful first month with you

could not be more fitting of the dream angel baby

straight from Jesus that you are!!

We are living in newborn heaven these days

and truly can’t imagine our family or lives without you now!!

This month has been full of the sweetest memories of my life

and our hearts (and hands!)

have never been more full!!


Between the most beautiful birth story

(everything I prayed for and more – which I blogged about here in case you missed it!),

the most sacred hospital days

and homecoming those very first days as a family of four

(which I blogged alllll about here –

so go check it out to see those pictures, videos, and memories!),

getting newborn photos done

(both at home

and at an adorable studio –

which we can’t wait to see!),

baby’s first walk,

baby’s first bath,

allll the sweet brother lovin’,

spending our days out on the dreamy screened-in front porch rocking on the porch swing,

and newborn snuggles upon snuggles…

it truly has been the happiest month of my life!!


Newborn heavenly bliss is a real thing

and we are truly living

in the sweetest days of our lives –

snuggling our tiny little love and watching Judson be the best big brother in the whole wide world!

I feel like my heart is constantly a PUDDLE because I just can’t get over how precious it has been to see my firstborn “step up to the plate” in his new role of “big brother” so naturally,

and it has shown me even MORE things about his sweet, tender, kind, people-centered spirit that I had never seen before!

Probably my favorite memory of all is that,

since we brought little Levi Rhett home from the hospital, Judson (totally unprompted… which whew, makes me want to cry!)

has been singing “Jesus Loves Me” to the baby –all day long –

and Levi Rhett always stares up into his eyes and settles almost immediately upon hearing his big brother’s sweet voice.

I am so grateful to Jesus for our growing family

and the perfect gift from above that our Sweet Baby Levi Rhett is!

There is nothing in the world like raising these sweet babies with my very best friend…

and gosh, this little angel baby has already made me want 10 more hehe!!

We are all so smitten and in love with you, sweet angel baby boy,

and love you more than you will ever know!!!


And now to recap all the sweet memories since my last blog post (aka… the last two weeks – so make sure to go read my birth story blog and “first 2 weeks” blog, too)!!! I usually only blog once a month, but wanted to do those seperately since there have been SO many special memories I wanted to blog about this month!!

Soooo with that being said… let’s start off with sweet memories from the day Sweet Baby Levi Rhett turned 2 weeks old:


Currently living in the very sweetest days of my life with my little lambs!!

 Thank you, Jesus, for our 2-week-old Sweet Newborn Baby Levi Rhett and the gift of these precious brother best friends - I will never get over the sweetness of this season!!


Click here to see the sweetest little video of our sleepy newborn and his big brother who absolutely adores him!!


Hands down, the sweetest days of my life! We are so beyond smitten with you, our tiny whittle sleepy two week old angel baby!!


Between allllll the sweet baby lovin’ and brother sweetness,

late night nursing session “milk drunk” smiles,

front porch nappin’  in mama & dada’s arms,

baby wearing time while Judson’s playing out in the yard and snuggles with “Nana and Papaw”…

we sure do love these sweet, slow, and simple summer days with our Sweet Baby Levi Rhett… truly our “son” shine!!


Just a little #mamaappreciationpost - as she has been the biggest blessing to our new family of four - both during our time at the hospital (watching little Judson) as well as during these sacred early newborn days at home!!

Between preparing countless healthy and nourishing meals, helping with laundry and holding the baby in the early morning hours (so mama could get some sleep!), and playing with Judson during the day… it has been SUCH a blessing (& so much fun!!) having her here that very first week and a couple of days this past week as well!! She loves BOTH of our babies so well and is the best “Nana” in the whole wide world - and goodness, we couldn’t be more thankful for her!!!  #mamaappreciationpost


My sweet mama is the most selfless and loving person I know and my very best friend in the whole entire world! She truly is the “heart of the home” and makes the world go round as she brings love, joy and sunshine everywhere she goes!!

She is the BEST mama to her four daughters and grandmother to her now 5 (!!) grandbabies - and will forever be my greatest role model and the everything I hope, pray, and aspire to be!!


I don’t find it a coincidence at ALL that our Sweet Baby Levi Rhett (her FIFTH grandchild) was born just 59 minutes after her birthday (at 12:59 AM that next morning) - because I think God wanted to give a little extra birthday gift to her this year!! If you’ve read my “birth story” (over on this blog log), you know that I hosted a little “birthday dinner” for my sweet mama at our house just hours (lol) before giving birth (it’s quite the story haha - so make sure to go read that blog post if you haven’t already!!) - so it’s all just such a sweet memory for us all now of the story of Levi Rhett’s “birth” day!! We sure do love you, “Nana!”


A week or two back, we packed up the car with both of our babies for Judson’s 3 Year Old Appointment -

which went great!!

He is growing so big and strong

and the doctor said he was as healthy as can be and growing/developing right on track!!

And Levi Rhett is already weighing 9 lb 1.5 oz (a whole pound above his birth weight already at just 2 weeks old - go buddy go!) and healthy as can be too!!

Judson is SO proud of his baby brother and it’s the cutest thing ever!!

And the highlight of Judson’s morning was getting his “dig dig” sticker

as we were checking out (hehe I sure do love this #boymamalife)!!

We are so thankful to Jesus for these healthy, strong baby boys -

and truly feel so blessed beyond measure!!


Baby’s first family outing was to, ofcourse, our most favorite place of all – Strawberry Hill!!

The sweetest and very best kind of way to spend this “Friday Eve” with all these sweet country boys of mine - fresh strawberries, peaches, playing in the big country sandbox, icecream,

and Sweet Baby Levi Rhett slept right through it all in his cozy little shaded bassinet the whole time hehe (& Judson was asleep within minutes of getting in the car to head home, too)!!! Summer babies are pure magic, y’all!!


Click here to see a fun little video I put together of “baby’s first outing” to Strawberry Hill – so much fun!!


The sweetest company, “Canopy,” just sent me their “Canopy Humidifier” for the nursery… and we couldn’t be more in love with it!! I set it up to show y’all how it works and it adds such a cozy little touch to this special space!! Thank you, Canopy, for this wonderful gift and sending one our way - we are obsessed!! Our Sweet Baby Levi Rhett is sleeping soundly away in his little bassinet and I can’t get over the preciousness of this little farm-themed room!! #getcanopy #getcanopypartner #getcanopyhumidifier


Y’all should go check “Canopy” out today - I linked this exact humidifier over on my LTKit shop !! I sure do love getting to share so many of my favorite finds with y’all on LTKit - in this season of motherhood, raising babies, and all things family life!!  #followmeonltkit #mommyblogger


Click here to see a precious little video I took of Sweet Baby Levi Rhett sleeping so soundly right next to our brand new humidifier – so sweet!


Just a heart overflowing with gratitude for this sweet little life with our new family of four!! #familyoffour #lovethisseason


We had so much fun taking Sweet Baby Levi Rhett out on very first family outing to our favorite spot – Strawberry Hill - and ofcourse he slept  the whole time in his bassinet!! Our sweet angel baby!!


It was the sweetest last 2 full weeks with Wes home on paternity leave (SUCH a blessing from the Lord… He is in the details, y’all!!), and we soaked up every single minute!! Wes is the best daddy to our babies and I am so thankful I get to raise alllll the babies with him - my handsome “baby daddy!” Now, here’s to all the front screened-in porch snuggles with both of my babies!! I sure do love being a stay-at-home-mommy to my TWO babies now - such a gift from Jesus!!

And boy, are we smitten with our tiny newborn Sweet Baby Levi Rhett!!


“Dada” went back to work, so I decided to go on our first outing by myself (with both babies!!) to get coffee (& a cake pop for Judson),

but by the time I parked to give Judson his cake pop, both were fast asleep!! So sweet!


Click here to see a little reel I put together of my “first outing” to get coffee with both babies hehe - #momwin !!


Sweet Wes brought home flowers after his first day back at work (& one of his coworkers sent a baby gift, too - how sweet)!!

Gosh, I sure do love this man and little family of mine!!

Truly living the sweetest days of our lives with our baby boys!!


That happy Friday consisted of the sweetest little nursing view that morning - Judson sure does love his baby brother and it’s melting my heart (it’s the tiny hand hold for me)!!

“Dada’s” first day back at work called for cinnamon rolls (Judson’s favorite) and strawberries for breakfast on the porch - with our snuggly little bebe in mama’s carrier hehe!!

Mama took both babies on our first little “solo outing” to Starbucks (for iced coffee & cake pops ofcourse!!) and both babies napped away in the back seat!!

And it’s always a good afternoon when “Grandpa Columbus” comes by to visit on the front porch for a couple hours!! We love him so!!

And ended the day waiting on “Dada” to get home with my little bear cubs - and let me tell you…baby #2 lives in this carrier, y’all!!


I sure am thankful for our little heavenly newborn bubble these days!!


“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.” // Ephesians 3:20-21 


2 weeks with you home sweet home, our Sweet Baby Levi Rhett!! And all I can say is…. I love you I love you I love you - my sweet love!!


Click here to see the sweetest little video I put together of some of our favorite memories of Sweet Baby Levi Rhett’s first 2 weeks home with us!!


While mama was home rocking the newborn, the “big boys” went on a little trip to Tractor Supply and Judson came back very proud to show me his “very own tool belt!” Our John Deeere loving little country boy sure does love his new John Deere tool belt (to match his beloved John Deere hat hehe) and I am dying at the cuteness lol!! Linked it for y’all over on my LTKit shop - it’s the cutest little thing and perfect for toddler boys (& handy “big brothers!”


Click here to see the cutest little video of my “handy” little Judson with his new tool belt – soooo stinking cute!!


Home sweet home - where, as Wes said as we were out in the yard, “good things grow!”


Breastfeeding our tiny newborn, making homemade watermelon popsicles for the boys, fetching eggs from our happy chickens, watching our garden grow and grow, and seeing Judson happy as can be just outside in the yard (& helping “Dada” work on the old red truck) makes this mama so so happy!! It really is the sweet, simple, and little things in life that bring the most JOY, y’all!! I sure do love this little country life with all my sweet country boys!!!


Click here to see the sweetest little “country living” video I put together of all the little things that make me oh so happy – where “good things grow!”


Did a little ***crafting*** in honor of Father’s Day that was coming up that very next weekend! Is there anything cuter than tiny whittle baby handprints and footprints?! All we need to do now is print and add some photos in of our new family of 4 and our tiny newborn addition!! Be still my heart!


PS. I went ahead and linked all of these father’s day gift ideas for y’all over on my LTKit shop, too – and these would truly make great “from the heart” gift ideas any time of the year!!


Click here to see the sweetest video of us getting hand prints and foot prints of the babies to make these precious keepsake gifts!


In total and complete #newbornbubblebliss with our Sweet Baby Levi Rhett over here in the Mabry home sweet home!!


I sure do love love love these sweet boys of mine and my heart has truly never felt so full and happy!!

This is such a sweet season of life and breastfeeding has been such a sweet sweet gift and so beautiful with this lil’ bebe from the start - and I’m just so grateful!! It is such a joy getting to be the one to nourish my little loves!!


Between Judson getting his brand new John Deere tool belt (while out & about on errands with “Dada”), to the sweetest Saturday morning snuggles as a family of 4 (eek!!),

to reading the sweetest hammy-down book (that was gifted to me during my pregnancy with Levi Rhett) from my sweet childhood across-the-street- neighbor, Mrs. Parker - that I used to baby sit for too - ),

barefoot walking out in the yard with a sleepy bebe in my arms

to check on our happy ladies and growing garden,

working on sweet Father’s Day crafts (for the person we all love the most - “Dada” ofcourse!!),

and making the yummiest healthy watermelon popsicles for the boys - it sure was a happy and full weekend over here!!


POV:  You waited 9 months for… THE  newborn scrunch  and there’s truly nothing like it!!


Definitely one of my very favorite parts of these sacred sleepy newborn days and I am soaking up every single scrunch hehe!! And tonight’s cozy front screened-in porch thunderstorm vibe added a whole new level to the preciousness!!!

Click here to see the sweetest video of the newborn scrunch - I melt!!!


When your little puppy dog lovie blankie is the same size as you… I sure do love my tiny newborn squish hehe!!

Click here to see the cutest video of our sleepy little squish hehe!


I walked in to Judson singing “Jesus Loves Me” to Levi Rhett in his little bassinet when he heard him waking up one morning - and I truly could have melted right there!! My heart my heart my hearttt!!


And the other Sunday, sweet Wes cooked a Boston butt overnight

and we invited his parents over for Sunday lunch!! Even Judson had fun “cooking” too hehe!!

It was the happiest lil’ slow Sunday in my happiest place - home sweet home porch swingin’ and rocking my baby -

and we even had a cozy summer thunderstorm, too!! We sure love slow Sundays around here!!


My heart wasn’t ready for the sweetness that this brother love would be!! And gosh, so thankful for the most beautiful sunrise before the very SWEETEST coffee view that Monday morning -

I have truly never been happier in my entire life  - I love being these sweet boys’ mama!!! My absolute dream come true!!!


Baby brother sure is a big fan of his mamaroo baby swing and, meanwhile, brother Judson has really turned into mommy’s little helper!! Helping get the trash bag ready to change out the trash is his favorite chore these days haha (click here to see the cutest little video)!! I’m just so stinking proud of Judson y’all!!

My sweet firstborn decided (all on his own) to read himself a story  - while the baby nursed and fell asleep in my arms - before his naptime that day! He has been the best helper and I’m just so proud of him!! And then, both babies were out cold for naps!! And Judson is putting himself to sleep all by himself now (just held my hand through the crib for about 2 minutes and was out)!! He truly is thriving in his new “big brother” role and it makes me so happy to see!!! #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

And now I just got to stare at our sweet angel baby Levi Rhett sleeping - I am utterly smitten by his sweet whittle tiny self!!

Our favorite kind of summer night around here!! #summernights #sprinklerfun #sweetsummernights

Click here to see a video of our sprinkler fun in the yard the other week! Judson had an absolute BALL!!

Front porch swing rockin’ my baby with an iced sweet tea in hand (while big brother is napping, too) - truly heaven sent!!


Click here to see the sweetest front porch rockin’ view of my tiny little bebe – truly heaven, y’all!


Summer days with a newborn are a whole new level of sweet!!

 I sure am loving all of the front porch swing rockin’ my sweet angel baby Levi Rhett,

backyard sprinkler fun (Judson - and “Dada” - had a ball, y’all!!),

allll the sibling lovin’ (I’m a puddle and officially need 10 more hehe!!), and soaking in these precious memories with my baby boys!!

I didn’t know it was possible to love my TWO babies this much - but goodness, it feels like my heart has just grown twice as big!! I love my babies something BIG!!!


We love starting our day off with some baby snuggles from “Dada” before he heads off to work! We sure do love you, Wes, and how hard you work for our family to give us our dreams and raise all these babies!! And shortly after, my sweet angel Judson woke up and immediately preceded to grab “Dada’s” Bible off of his nightstand and “read it” to me (Click here to see the video - it’ll melt your heart) - I mean what?! He is so special y’all!!

Also… we have been very into our  French Press coffee these sleepy newborn days! Brings me back to my time living in Uganda - where we always made French press coffee!! Our sweet baby Levi Rhett is legit an angel baby and gave mama a 6 (!!!) hour stretch of sleep that night - he has been a great sleeper!! He has been the easiest little bebe and we are so grateful for his sweet little self! The rest of this day was spent reading books to bubba while he was napping, little bubs sleeping in mamas arms in the shady part of our yard while big brother got to play outside before lunch and nap time,

popsicles on the porch & watering flowers with my tiny firstborn bestie,

andddd then my best friend Emily Tisdale came and delivered the most amazing meal (& even a “happy meal” for Judson haha and an early birthday gift for me) and it was just the sweetest evening (& baby’s blue eyes were really showing too)! We love you and your sweet family, em!! Thanks for making us feel so loved in this special new season of our lives as a family of 4️!!



This day marked the 3 sweetest (& sleepiest) weeks with our tiny little love!! We are completely smitten with you, our Sweet Baby Levi Rhett!! I can’t believe you’ve only been here for 3 weeks… because we truly can’t imagine our family and life without your sweet little angel self now!!! You truly are a gift from above!!  

Click here to see the sweetest little sleepy photos and videos of our adorable 3-week old newborn!!


Being their “mama” will forever be the greatest joy of my life!! My birthday just so happened to be in two days, and I truly already had everything I wanted and more for my birthday this year!! Jesus has been so so good to me!!


We are so grateful to Jesus for 3 whole weeks of loving our Sweet Baby Levi Rhett and truly soaking in these precious sleepy newborn days!!! It is truly heaven and I love seeing my sweet Judson be the BEST big brother to his “baby bubba” - be still my heart!!


And that day was the sweetest day! Both babies slept in for mama that morning and I had the sweetest Wednesday mornin’ coffee view!!

My little bundle of love woke up to nurse and fell right back asleep on my chest (my favorite thing ever) - and y’all, those whittle milk drunk smiles MELT me (click here to see the video)!

When the boys were up, there was some pure sweetness of them playing together on the baby play mat - Judson kept saying “I love you baby” and “it’s fun to hold hands” and my heart melted right then and there!!

And then we had the sweetest visitors over to play!! My sweet friend Brianna and her precious Dolly Mae came over (& even brought coffee and a scone for this mama) to meet the baby and it was the best little time!!  

Judson and Dolly Mae played all morning long and little Levi Rhett slept right through it all - angel baby!! We love y’all so much!!! So glad we are basically “neighbors” for this season - what a gift from the Lord your friendship is, Bri!!!


And ended the day out watering the garden with my sleeping bebe in my arms

and the most beautiful evening sunset walk with my boys - and Judson spotted lots and lots of fireflies!! These truly are the days!!!


You are the joy of my life, my sweet baby boy!!


My sweet friend Bri over at Brianna Warren Photography sent over our newborn gallery - the sweetest little #birthdayeve surprise!! I couldn’t wait to share more of these precious photos with y’all soon… but for now, I can’t handle the sweetness of this photo!! Literally my heart in a picture!! My very sweetest early birthday gift I could’ve ever asked for!!


Sweetest “birthday eve” celebration (newborn style) - I sure do love being a family of 4️ and can’t believe I have TWO babies in my arms to ring in a new decade!!!

What a sweet gift it is getting to be wifey to Wes and mama to both of my babies -

Thank you, Jesus, for the best birthday gifts of all in these boys of mine to love!!


My precious mama (& best friend in the whole world!!) made my favorite pasta dish (& funfetti cake - it’s a Carpenter family tradition around here - #iykyk !!) and came up to visit tonight for my “birthday eve” - and it was the sweetest ever getting to celebrate my birthday a day early with those I love!! My dear Uncle Edgar even came over to celebrate my little early birthday dinner, too!! The highlight of our evening was holding BOTH of my baby boys in my lap as little Judson tried to help mama blow out the candles on my cake - and I truly realized in that moment that I had everything I could ever want for my birthday this year  - full hands and an even fuller heart!!


PS. My “birthday eve” was full of so many other little happies (as I like to call them!!), too -

the colorful flowers (that we planted from seed!!) popping up in our garden,

Judson carrying his little egg basket up the deck stairs in his whittle cowboy boots (my hearttttt),

and a sweet newborn baby happy and snug as can be sleeping in my baby carrier -

these truly are the days and I adore this little life and family we are building and growing together, Wes!!


This is 30 and thriving - full hands and fuller hearts!!!


There is truly no sweeter gift than a snuggly little newborn baby (#2!!) just in time to ring in my 30th birthday!!

Currently living in the abundantly more that the Lord promised me and I have truly never been happier in my entire life!! 

I have everything (& abundantly more) that I could possibly want for my birthday this year - 2️ babies here in my arms and chasing dreams out on our 15 acre farm sweet farm with the love of my life!!

My twenties gave me my Prince Charming and my first two babies -  and life just keeps on getting sweeter and all I can say going into my thirties is - Thank you, Jesus, for your good good gifts from above!!


Thank you, my sweet friend Bri, for the most special gift in capturing these newborn photos that we will cherish forever of this precious season in our lives!!


My heart is so full and happy being surrounded by allllll these sweet boys of mine!!! Best birthday gift ever getting to add a tiny cuddly newborn baby bear to our crew this year!!

It sure was the absolute sweetest and my very favorite birthday yet - full of newborn snuggles and all of my favorite things!! Thank you, Lord, for your blessings upon blessings as I walk into a brand new decade!!! I couldn’t be more grateful for this beautiful life and family you’ve given me to steward for your great glory!!


These sweet boys of mine sure did spoil me on my birthday morning!!

Sweet Wes got me a “Solly Baby” wrap (I’ve always wanted one - and, neat story, my best friend Emily Tisdale actually gave me her hammy-down solly wrap as an early bday gift the other day, too - my two people were right in sync!!) and “Dime Beauty” perfume , Chick-fil-A, cards (from all 3 of them!!), birthday flowers and a balloon, and best of all - a sleepy snuggly newborn in my honey’s arms!!


You truly are the sweetest tiny birthday gift I could’ve ever asked for, my Sweet Sweet Baby Levi Rhett!!!

And my precious firstborn Judson told me “Happy birthday mama” all day long and I’ve been a puddle!! Their brother love melts me!!!

And while big brother was down for his nap, this mama got to rock baby brother on the porch swing - heavenly newborn snuggles are my favorite thing in the world!!


Sweetest birthday evening spent out at our favorite little spot – Cherry Mountain Farm - feeding the goats, bottled soda at the general store, and just taking in such a beautiful night!!

Andddd I even got to try out my brand new Solly wrap from sweet Wes - and let’s just say, Sweet Baby Levi Rhett LOVES it and slept snug as a bug the whole time we were there!! He loves to be on mama’s chest - which is truly the birthday gift ever and newborn heaven!!


And then we ended the evening with a little birthday picnic by the lake near our house!! And sweet baby boy slept right through that, too!! Angel baby, y’all!! God was really showing off with tonight’s sunset over the countryside  - like he always does on my birthday it seems!!


Hands down, my sweetest birthday yet - full of all of the things I love the most with TWO babies in my arms this year!! I don’t think you can ever top a sweet snuggly newborn baby for your birthday - best gift ever!! - and we are truly soaking in these precious memories as a new family of 4️ and thanking Jesus for this beautiful beautiful life (& loved celebrating another trip around the sun)!!


Click here to see the sweetest recap video of my birthday – the sweetest one yet!!


Had some sweet “happy mail” come in the other morning from the most precious new company that reached out to our family – Babynetic!! They sent us the most adorable (& functional!!) high-quality baby/toddler bibs - and they are sooo neat!! Judson was very proud that he could put it on and off himself (with the little magnetic “click”) and also, that they can “stick to the fridge” hehe!! We are huge huge fans and I even linked these cutie bibs for y’all over on my LTKit shop - so go check them out and shop them there!!


Click here to see the cutest video of Judson and his “bib” haha – sooo adorable!


My beautiful #boymamabestie, Kristen, came over to visit the other night and got to meet Sweet Baby Levi Rhett!!

She brought the yummiest dinner for us and even the sweetest birthday gift (& cupcakes) and an adorable “brothers” book for the baby boys!! You are such a gem of a friend, Kristen, and I love you so much!!!

Thanks for celebrating this sweet sweet season of life with us as we welcome our bundle of joy into the world, and I can’t wait to raise all of our precious baby boys together!!!


I sure do love slow Saturday mornings full of homemade waffles, roses from my birthday,

and a sweet sweepy newborn baby -

my heart is so full!!

I am smitten over the sweetest little brother love - and my heart is just a puddle… constantly (like everyone told me it would be - they were right)!! Also…. Judson’s southern accent is killing me y’all (I wonder where he gets it from haha – ME lol!) – click here to hear it in a little video haha! 🥰


And is there anything cuter than a tiny baby in a kitchen sink bath?! And all that bathtime fun today sure did wear baby brother out hehe - I love the little newborn scrunches and puppy noises so much!!!

And I love a fresh clean sleeping baby!! I mean… I think we need 10 more, Wes haha!