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Welcome to the World, Sweet Baby Levi Rhett!

Our Sweet Baby Levi Rhett Mabry made his grand arrival at 12:59 AM weighing 8 lbs. 2 oz and 20.25 in long!!

It was a FAST delivery (I’m sharing the FULL birth story later on in this blog post!!) and mama justtt about missed getting an epidural because he was readyyyy to come meet us!!

His birth could not have gone more perfectly (everything I prayed for and more) and baby boy is healthy and strong as can be!! #sweetbabylevirhett #levirhettmabry


“Now to HIM who is able to do immeasurably MORE than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to HIM be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.” // Ephesians 3:20-21


Out of all the songs on my “hospital playlist,” it just so happened that the song - “High Praise” - came on RIGHT as it was time to push - and it was three pushes and Levi Rhett was here to join us!! This song has been such an anthem to me and I knew it was Jesus in the room at this exact moment - He is just that GOOD and in the details, y’all - always!! #thankyoujesus #immeasurablymore


Officially the Mabry family - party of FOUR!!!

Our hearts and hands have never been fuller, and we are filled with such inexpressible joy!!  #partyoffour #growingfamily #boymama #fullhandsfullerheart #lovemyfamily #fullhearts


“The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with JOY.” // Psalm 126:3


“Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.” // Psalm 127:3-5


We are SO beyond smitten with our little bundle of joy in Levi Rhett already and thanking Jesus for his precious precious life!!!

He is the most chill little angel baby already - sooo snuggly and sweet - and we can’t stop staring at him!

Thank you for your love and prayers for our growing family -

we are truly in awe of the Lord and living in newborn heaven for the foreseeable future!!!


Click here to see a video with the sound clip of welcoming our Sweet Baby Levi Rhett into the world –

truly a “heaven meets earth” moment that we will never ever forget!!!


My heart was officially an absolute PUDDLE after seeing my firstborn Judson meet his baby brother for the very first time!!

Click here to see the sweetest video of all time!! No one can prepare you for the pure sweetness of that moment and how much he loves him already!! Be still my heart!! #bigbrotherjudson #mybabyboys #judsonandlevirhett #brotherbesties #corememory


We have truly been soaking in these moments as a new family of FOUR

and so loved having my parents bring Judson up to the hospital that very first afternoon to meet his baby brother -

and then followed by Wes’ sweet parents!!

You are soooo very loved, Sweet Baby Levi Rhett, and we truly can’t imagine life without you now!! #meetingbabybrother #newbornheaven #newbornbabyboy #welcomebabyboy


Levi Rhett Mabry - Born swiftly on May 22nd at 12:59 AM at 8 lb 2 oz and 20.25 inches!

You are truly a glimpse of heaven and the joy of our lives,

our sweet sweet baby boy -

the most perfect gift from God to our growing family!!


“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights…” // James 1:17

I’m convinced… giving birth & holding a newborn baby is truly a “Thin space” to the Kingdom!! And goodness, all the “heaven meets earth” moments when you’re born at 12:59 in the morning after the most beautiful delivery - we are soaking up every bit of you, our sweet angel baby boy!!!! These hospital days are so sacred in so many ways - memories we will always cherish and remember of you so tiny and also, you getting to meet your big brother Judson for the very first time!! Going back and looking at photos from Levi Rhett’s “birth”day is making me laugh! I was in total denial (all day) that I was in labor…. I even cooked and hosted a birthday dinner for my sweet mama at our house just hours before delivering our baby (you can read the WHOLE story later on in this blog post hehe)!! After dinner, Wes and mom MADE me go to the hospital (even though I was convinced it wasn’t time yet… LOL)… and within 30 minutes of getting to the hospital… my water broke and it was fast and furious from there lol and all kinda a blur!! Sweet Baby Levi Rhett was READY to join the party!! Thank goodness I came to the hospital when I did…. Or we for sure would’ve had a “car” baby - like Wes was convinced was gonna happen!! Anyhoo, I am sharing the whole story (quite a story) in this blog post later on… but these sweet memories make me smile!! Had no idea that photo my mom took Tuesday night was going to be our last photo as a family of 3!!! Thank you, Jesus!!! And it all led to this heavenly moment right here - the best sound in the whole wide world - I am forever changed!! #onthedayyouwereborn #birthstory #birthstorymemories

We are in newborn heaven with our “son”shine in Sweet Baby Levi Rhett!! And truly thanking Jesus for the most beautiful delivery of our sweet angel baby into the world - we feel so very blessed!!

Here’s a little *photodump* of some more precious memories from our hospital days before bringing him home - true heaven on earth and a “thin space” to the Kingdom - and it’s only kept getting sweeter since!!

After our sweet baby boy made his way *quickly* into the world at 12:59 AM,

we soaked up allll those first snuggles and just praised and worshipped Jesus for his goodness to us!!

And I will never forget waking up that morning with a newborn in my arms and the most stunning sunrise view from our hospital room just a few hours later - with both of my boys fast asleep!! Our sweet angel baby passed his hearing test with flying colors, Wes got us Jimmy Johns for lunch (I had been dyingggg for a cold turkey sandwich these last 9 months - and that is the first thing my sweet hospital nurse brought me, too !!), and my heart will never recover from the pure SWEETNESS of Judson getting to come up to the hospital and meet his baby brother!!

The next day, baby got his very first first sponge bath, was such a brave boy for his circumcision,

and sweet baby boy was a breastfeeding champ from the start - he latched right away and it has been such a beautiful experience as a second-time mama - thank you Jesus for another answered prayer!! #hospitalstay #hospitalmemories #breastfeedingmama #breastfeedingroundtwo

There is just nothing better than these snuggles - I’m in my version of heaven!!

My heart truly cannot handle - that’s it, we need 10 more babies, Wes!! #newbornheaven



Welcome to the World, Sweet Baby Levi Rhett!!

Just 10 days ago, our lives forever changed for the better as they placed your sweet little body on my chest for the very first time… and I got to meet face to face the sweet angel that I had been dreaming of these last 9 months – watching my belly grow and grow! I will never forget the night you were born and the beautiful sound of hearing your little cry for the first time – you were finally here and mine to love!!

The world stood still as your daddy and I just stared at your little features, tiny dimples, and sweet baby breaths as you took in your first moments outside of mama’s belly – and like I keep saying, it truly feels like a “thin space” to the Kingdom welcoming a tiny newborn baby into the world… and the thick presence of the LORD in the room was like nothing you can even begin to describe, as we played worship music and praised His name! His sweet aroma was ALL over your birth – from start to finish – and we know you are nothing short of a GIFT straight from Him! 


You are a dream baby and everything about your beautiful pregnancy, birth story of my dreams, perfect (smooth & VERY fast haha!) delivery, and even postpartum so far (you have been such a breastfeeding champ from the start and recovery has been next to nothing – I guess it’s a second baby thing!!) has been such an answer to prayer and a picture of the Lord’s ABUNDANT goodness and kindness to our family!!

Our hearts are so grateful and we feel so blessed beyond measure by your little life and the story of bringing you into this world – all glory to GOD!! He is faithful and GOOD!!


“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.” // Ephesians 3:20-21


As promised, I wanted to share a little more of Sweet Baby Levi Rhett’s “birth story” here on the EMC Blog – so keep on reading to see lots of pictures and words from the heart – where I am recapping the very final days of my pregnancy, my birth story (wanted to write it down while it is still so fresh on my mind… everything I prayed for and more!), our sacred hospital days (the best!), and announcing the news of our precious baby boy to the world!!

We truly can’t imagine our life without you now, Sweet Baby Levi Rhett… and you are everything we dreamed and prayed for these past nine months and more! Our dream angel baby boy #2 – Judson’s sweet baby brother and the perfect newest addition to our growing family! It was YOU all along, sweet boy – and we are totally and completely smitten with you!


And now to recap allll the things and sweet memories since my last blog post (including those 6 days past due date that Sweet Baby Levi Rhett stayed cozy and snug in my belly hehe)…


Look who we got to see the morning of my due date… hi my whittle angel baby!!! I couldn’t wait to snuggle those chunky cheeks and kiss those whittle lips!!

I love a good fully baked baby and was getting SO excited to meet this sweet healthy baby boy!!!#40weekspregnant


Such a sweet surprise gift getting to see Sweet Baby Levi Rhett at our 40-Week appt that day (since I hadn’t seen him since my 20-week anatomy scan - it was truly such a beautiful, joyful, and easy pregnancy)!!

The doctor said he was still measuring perfectly and everything looked great!! We were so excited to see when God decided “it’s time” for you to come meet us!! #40weekultrasound #sospecial


And goodness, your big brother Judson could not WAIT to meet you!!!

He wanted to “say hi” to you and give you “kisses” as soon as mama came home with your ultrasound picture - and let’s just say I was an absolute puddle!! Thank you, Jesus, for blessing me with these brother besties for life and the amazing gift of being their mama!!


Happy happy due date, my sweet baby boy!! I was so excited to see when God was going to say “it’s time” for you to come,

but also truly savoring those final days of this miracle of having you still snug and cozy in my belly (my little #40weekspregnant watermelon hehe) a little bit longer!!! Also, it was so fun looking back to see my collection of bump photos throughout this pregnancy - soooo neat to see how my belly has grown right alongside baby!!

Oh, how mama couldn’t wait to meet you, sweet baby boy!!!#bumpphotos


That weekend before you were born, we received the most ADORABLE little play tent/picnic blanket in the mail from the most precious mama-run company - @calrose_co !! So stinking sweet of them to send one our way - and such perfect timing of a sweet gift before baby #2 arrived!!

Going to be so much fun for the boys to play in all summer long!! And such a fun “big brother nook” for Judson to go fishing in, play in, and read all of his books in while mama is busy nursing the baby - his special little place!!


PS. This precious company wanted me to let y’all know that this exact playtent is now officially for sale on AMAZON - so make sure to go ahead and order one for all of your summer fun ahead!! Linked it for y’all over on my LTKit shop (link down below) and will share a link to this tent here, too!!


Oh, my God, you’ve sure been good to me!! #sweetsundayindeed


Sweetest Sunday before we met you - church with my boys, out for lunch, and a gorgeous walk up on the trails!!

We even spotted a bunny rabbit, too!!


SO glad we got these photos of us, Brianna, with our babies after church this Sunday (with my big ol’ #40weekspregnant belly hehe)!! A memory we will always cherish & remember!! I am SO thankful for your friendship in this season - goodness, such a clear gift from the Lord!!


Allll the walking and enjoying this beautiful May time of year while we waited on baby brother to make his grand arrival!! And that particular Sunday afternoon naptime was spent outside with my ladies (go girls go!!) and checking on the garden!!

Watching God grow and sustain life is a miracle to me - grow baby grow and we sure couldn’t wait to meet you soon - we were ready for you!!!


I am so stinking grateful for these final days and “extra memories” I got with just my little Judson - truly a sweet gift from Jesus before baby brother decided to come when God said it was time - to close out this spring season before a summer ahead full of newborn snuggles with our sweet baby Levi Rhett!!

I was truly soaking in and savoring these precious final days of my pregnancy (because I knew that these were such sacred special days for our growing family!!)

and knew His timing for baby boy to arrive would be perfect - like it always is!!

Our “to-do” lists were completely done and, at that point,

we truly just got to spend those final days full of pure joy, excitement, and anticipation for Levi Rhett to arrive!!


Nowwwww for where the fun all began hehe….


That Monday before you were born, we headed to the doctor’s office (at 40 weeks 4 days pregnant!) to check on baby – and everything looked perfect! Baby boy and mama were both doing great and the doctor said he should be here any day now!! I was dilated significantly more than my previous appointment and was having contractions that showed up on the monitors - pretty consistently - and I had a feeling his time was coming in the next few days!!

We were so excited and celebrated afterwards with a quick little lunch date to one of our favorite sparkle city spots ever since we were engaged - Sugar & Spice (#iykyk)!!


That evening, we went on a sweet little produce stand run for some fresh fruits, veggies, and local baked goods to prep for a little “birthday dinner” I wanted to host for my sweet mama on her birthday the next day!

She had driven up from Charlotte (my hometown!) and been staying with my Uncle Edgar (who lives in the same town as us - just 5 minutes away - so perfect!!) to help him around the house and be available that week in the event that I went into labor and Wes was off at work - so she could watch Judson!

So kind and thoughtful of her, and I wanted to make her birthday feel oh so special since she was in town!!! 


After our little produce stand run, we went on a longgg family walk up on our favorite mountain view trails (with some curb walking mixed in on my part hehe) and I was truly soaking in what may have been one of my last nights with my boys and sweet baby boy still in my belly!

And I sure am glad I did - because it WAS and DID end up being our last family walk as a family of three!!!


My mom had brought up this precious white bassinet for us to use these precious newborn days ahead – and I was getting so excited because I had a feeling we were going to meet you soon, sweet baby boy!!


Well… that evening I woke up in the middle of the night at 2 AM, then again at 5 AM, feeling pretty nauseous and icky… but didn’t really think anything of it. And that next morning, I woke up and still was feeling a little “off” - and within just minutes of waking up, I started feeling some light contractions. They started off about 5-6 minutes apart, and then started getting closer to 3-4 minutes apart. They weren’t really painful or anything, but I could definitely feel them and, per the wisdom of my wise wise mama (who had 4 babies haha so she knows her stuff!!), started writing them down and recording them. So, I did! And they kept on coming all day long! But again, because they weren’t exactly painful (or atleast not what I was expecting haha - my mom and Wes just say I'm a "tough cookie" lol)- I was in total denial that I was in labor haha.

Judson and I even painted a little “Happy Birthday” sign for my sweet mama –

because I was set and determined that we were going to host a little birthday dinner for her that night still haha.


Ironically enough, my sweet dad posted this caption for my mom's birthday post - and funny enough, Judson was born just 59 minutes after her birthday... at 12:59 AM the next morning!! Hehe!

My mom ended up coming over that morning (and she LOVED her birthday sign hehe) because she thought Wes and I should go ahead and head on to the hospital, but once she came over… my contractions lightened up a bit and spread back out to 5-6 minutes apart… so I said it wasn’t time yet and really was just following my “momma gut and intuition.” Wes’ incredible boss at work had told him to stay home from work that day when Wes told him I was having some contractions because, in his words – “things can change really fast” – and LOL he sure was right haha!

Wes and I even went on a little walk around the neighborhood to see if that affected my contractions at all – it was a sweet little memory – so much anticipation and excitement!! But since my contractions seemed to have lightened up a bit and he was working from home, my mom went on back over to my Uncle Edgar’s house for the afternoon and I continued to labor at home (even though I didn’t acknowledge or believe I was actually “in labor” at the time HAHA JOKES ON ME)!


According to both Wes and my mom, I was giving them panic attacks all day long haha. Wes was convinced we were going to end up having a “car baby” lol, but I truly just did not want to go to the hospital and get turned away… one, because it costs so much money and two, because I had heard how helpful it is to labor as long as possible at home – because you’re in your most comfortable place and it makes the whole process so much smoother – which let me tell you, it DID!!! God gives us mamas intuition for a reason, and I’m so glad I listened to mine!


Well, it hit about dinnertime, and I had everything all prepped and ready to host a fun little birthday dinner for my precious mama – and our sweet Uncle Edgar even came over to celebrate, too! We had steaks on the grill, pasta salad, watermelon, and even the yummiest local poundcake with strawberries and vanilla icecream on top… YUM!!

I was having contractions about 3 minutes apart throughout the whole dinner, but it was so important to me that we celebrate my sweet mama and I really wanted to do this “something special” for her... after all she had done for us!

After dinner, not only did I clean up the kitchen, but according to Wes… I went and cleaned the whole house haha. As my father in law laughed and said after we told him the whole story later on… I definitely was having that “burst of energy” that they say happens right before you have a baby! It was the weirdest impulse feeling… like EVERYTHING had to be clean HAHA! Even Judson’s toys that we always leave out for him to play with until bedtime, I swooped in and cleaned them all up haha.


Well, FINALLY… after lots of prompting and urging from both my mom and Wes (and my cousin Maggie, who is an ICU nurse, calling and telling me I should probably head on there after I asked for her opinion!) and noticing that my contractions were getting stronger and stronger… I looked at both my mom and Wes and said, “I think it’s time to go” and we packed the car headed out the door to the hospital – but for some reason, I was still fully convinced we would be coming back home! I even texted my friends the words "If they keep me" and now they say those are my "famous last words" lol!!!

My mom snapped a pic of us and Judson before we left – and I’m so glad she did… because that DID indeed end up being the last family pic of us as a family of three!! And after that, we were on our way!


I was still in total denial that this was “real” labor – and was truly only going to the hospital to “please” Wes and my mom haha because they were both so worried about me not making it to the hospital and having a “car baby” and I had been giving Wes panic attacks all day. My mom just kept saying – “it can happen fast and change in an instant” – and boy, was she right!! As we were driving down all the country back roads to the hospital,

my contractions started getting stronger and stronger – and Wes even stopped at a yellow light (which he NEVER does haha!!) and also took FOREVER stopping to get himself an energy drink at the QT – and I was hurting at this point haha – and Wes says the look on my face when he walked back to the car from the QT is when “he knew” LOL!


We checked in to the hospital and they got me in to Triage – and I was still fully convinced that they were going to send me away!

When they first checked me, I was only dilated at about a 2.5 and they said they would just monitor me for the next hour to see what happened… but after hearing that, I was convinced we would be headed back home. But Wes, on the other hand, KNEW we weren’t going to be leaving that hospital without a baby haha. Well, he called it!!


Thatsssssss when thing got interesting haha….


About 5-10 minutes later, my contractions started getting closer and closer together and stronger and stronger, and I could barely even talk through them anymore.

Then, I REALLY had to use the restroom (sorry TMI lol) and once I finally convinced the nurse to let me get up and go, well… let’s just say I lost my whole mucous plug. And then about 5 minutes later (honestly, it’s all a total BLUR from this point on haha), my water broke on its own and then I started vomiting profusely – out of nowhere LOL! I know this sounds wild and fast and furious… but that’s because IT WAS. I think it even threw the hospital staff off guard – it was exactly what I had been praying for…. A FAST delivery – and boy, did God deliver!

****ALSO lol no more pictures from this point on... as it was clearly fast and furious from here! Definitely didn't have time for pictures haha!****


I think the vomiting was simply because I was in total excitement and, honestly, pure SHOCK that it “was time” – and when they came back to check me again, I was already at a 7 dilated. I don’t know how long that technically was (maybeee 20 minutes?!)… but let’s just say, it happened FAST!! Needless to say, they “admitted me” after that LOL!


It was SO crowded that night at the hospital and they didn’t even have a room for me. Like both my dad, father-in-law, AND “Grandpa Columbus” predicted… it was a “full moon” that night, and I went into labor exactly like they all predicted and just like with Judson – on the full moon! It has been correct with BOTH of my labors now – how wild?!


Well, like I said, they didn’t have a room for me and my contractions were getting SO strong at this point – and I remember just thinking that I didn’t know what to do or if they were even going to get me to a room in time to get an epidural – because it was all happening SO fast!! It was truly all just a total blur! Next thing I knew, they were (hurriedly haha!) wheeling me down the hall in my Triage bed as I was having super painful contractions and it all just felt like a movie theatre scene haha – and I know I keep saying this – but a blur!! I think I was still just in shock lol!


My triage nurse was the SWEETEST soul and encourager, and I remember being so sad to leave her (spoiler alert… she got to come and meet Levi Rhett after he was born because he came so fast haha) but immediately fell in love with my new L&D nurse, Brandi, once I got to my room! All I remember is Brandi commenting at how amazing my body was doing all on its own with the contractions and how it was "doing its thing" haha. I barely got an epidural in time (and apparently there was a long line of people waiting after me… who according to the specialist, weren’t in true labor like me… so she had booked it over to find me lol - thank goodness!!) and thankfully I got it when I did… because according to Wes, baby was HERE and born less than 25 minutes after that!! It was the fastest delivery ever and baby Levi Rhett was READY to be here!!


All I remember is how AMAZING the epidural was and how it wasn’t long after that my nurse was like – “Yep… here comes baby!!!” and everyone was scrambling and trying to get me to “keep baby in” until the doctor could arrive! But since it didn’t look like that was going to be possible, I remember the sweet midwife, Ann (who I ADORED!), getting her gloves on and about to deliver my baby… when JUST in time, Dr. Benson arrived and scrubbed up… and in just 3 pushes, he was HERE!! And the most perfect little angel baby boy!!


Levi Rhett Mabry – 8 lb 2 oz and 20.25 inches long – born at 12:59 AM in the wee hours of Wednesday, May 22nd!! Just 10 days ago now!!

Baby boy was PERFECT and so content from the start, even the doctor said so, and It was all just so heavenly!! I couldn’t have dreamed or asked for a better delivery and we are just so grateful!!

I got the “smooth and fast” spontaneous delivery I had been so specifically praying for, and we are just so grateful!


The hospital days felt just so sacred and holy –

and those first hours of just snuggling with the baby and doing skin-to-skin

and then watching Wes hold the baby on his bare chest were just HEAVEN ON EARTH and memories that I will forever hold dearly in my heart!!

There is no better feeling in the whole wide world than seeing the man you love holding your freshly born baby on his chest

and knowing that this was God’s perfect plan for your life and family all along. Man, cue the tears!!!!

My postpartum experience has been so good, too!! My recovery has been next to nothing this time around – I guess it’s a second baby thing – and Levi Rhett got the latch down pretty much right away and breastfeeding has gone SO well this time around – and we are just so grateful!!

Honestly, the hospital days were just SO special and we ended up staying the second night “just because” (even though they said we could discharge after just 24 hours), and we really soaked in our time there!

We feel so so blessed in every way – and it all just felt like SO many answered prayers!!

And we are just in total AWE of the Lord’s hand in and through it all! Thank you, Jesus!!


My parents brought Judson up to the hospital to  see us and meet his baby brother that next day

and it was SO precious and totally melted my heart how SWEET and gentle he was – and how much he loved “his baby” from the very start!

I had not really set any expectations for it all – but gosh, I was just blown AWAY by how well it went and how naturally the “big brother” role came to my sweet little firstborn Judson! He is such a PROUD big brother and we are so stinking proud of him!

We stayed the extra night at the hospital by choice

(so glad we did!)

and ended up coming home that Friday

and the meeting of the brothers at home was just as sweet, too – as Judson skipped down to meet us (so cute!!) after asking my mom all day long “when is my mama and my baby coming home?!” – be still my heart!!

Judson just kept wanting to give baby Levi Rhett lots and lots of kisses as he was sleepin’ away in his little carseat

and it was the cutest thing ever!

Even Red loved Levi Rhett from the start and wanted to stay by his side!!

Click here to see a video of these brother besties meeting at the hospital and then being reunited again back at the house!!


We have truly been soaking in these early early newborn days at home as a family of FOUR

– and loving it so much!!

The focus of THIS blog post is solely the birth story and hospital days – as I felt they deserved their own blog post haha –

and I’m planning to write ANOTHER blog post this week ahead covering sweet baby boy’s first week and half at home (with all the sweet pics and details) once he turns 2 weeks old – so stay tuned to read that one this coming Wednesday!!


But just for a quick little recap –

we headed home from the hospital with a sweet new baby in tow,

(he got the BEST birthday present of all in his baby brother!!),

we got newborn photos done this week –

both some at our house and some at a sweet studio –

and we can’t wait to see them. all!!

My mom - “Nana” - stayed with us the first week and just left the other day (but is planning to come back a few days next week – yay!) and cooked and cleaned (SO grateful for her!)

and truly made that first week so special for us as we were adjusting!!

We had Levi Rhett’s first doctor’s appointment the very first morning after we took him home,

took Levi Rhett on his first family walk,

and then went again for his one-week check-up yesterday – and he is just the most perfect healthy baby boy!!

Praise the Lord!

And most of all, we have just been soaking in alllll the newborn baby snuggles!!

We feel SO blessed and grateful –

Thank you, Jesus!!

We are living out so many answered prayers –

both with the baby AND our 15 acre farm sweet farm

(that we took Levi Rhett to see for the first time the other day… even though he slept right through it hehe)!!

Jesus, you are so good to us!!


And onto an EMC note…


I am officially out on MATERNITY LEAVE over here at EMC and will be soaking in this sweet summer ahead full of precious family time and alllll the newborn snuggles!!!

You can follow along with our new family of FOUR over here on the EMC Blog as well as on my personal Instagram page - @emilyjoannemabry -

where I am always sharing sweet memories, links (over on my LTKit shop!), and all the things!! #maternityleave #outformaternityleave


And while I am out on maternity leave, I WILL still be checking messages and taking orders for when I come back this coming fall season!! So, feel free to message me with any prints and/or custom orders you have and would like to place during this season of soaking in such precious memories with my babies and adjusting to life as a family of 4!!

I LOVE this sweet small business and every single one of YOU - and am so grateful for the gift it has allowed me of being able to do what I love while also staying home and raising my babies!! Hope everyone has the BEST summer ahead and I look forward to working with all of you later this coming fall after cherishing these precious newborn days on maternity leave!!! #shopupdate #maternityleaveupdate


And for those of y’all who may be new around here, make sure to head on over to @emilymabrycreative over on Instagram to see all the fun lettering art things I’ve been up to and my personal page @emilyjoannemabry to keep up with our little family! I’d love to have you following along there, too!!


And for those of you who are new around here to the EMC Blog, you can also find me and “shop with me” over on the app. So, if you haven’t already, make sure to download the app and “follow” me there (I put instructions over on my story highlight over on my personal Instagram page @emilyjoannemabry) - where I’m always sharing all my favorite lifestyle products, baby/kids’ items (and cute clothes, of course!), mommy items, pregnancy items, and finds!!


You can download the app and follow me here:


I am also constantly sharing “links” on my Instagram stories where you can click, and it will take you to be able to “shop” that specific photo & what you see!!


I am so grateful to have gotten to share this special birth story and our sweet hospital days with y’all over here on the EMC Blog –

and can’t wait to update y’all with even more special memories since coming HOME from the hospital on my blog next week!

Thanks for following along with our new family of FOUR – our hands are full, but our hearts sure are fuller!!!

We are living in the sweetest days and excited for a sweet summer ahead full of allllll the newborn baby bliss!

Stay tuned this Wednesday to read my next blog! Love y’all so!!

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