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9 Months of Carrying You, My Sweet Baby Levi Rhett!

As of today, I have been carrying Sweet Baby Levi Rhett in my belly for 9 whole months…

and am officially #39weekspregnant (as of yesterday)!!

Wes and I both can’t wait for our sweet second baby boy to join us in God’s perfect timing and are truly soaking in this last little bit of time together as a family of three before becoming a family of four any day now!!

And I can’t get over how beautiful the timing is of expecting our tiniest little love with Mother’s Day being THIS Sunday… how fitting and special!!

I love being “mama” more than anything in the whole wide world and know that it is the exact calling Jesus has put on my life and a gift that I will never take for granted – getting to stay home and raise my babies in this sacred season of life!


These past couple of weeks (aka “baby month” as we’ve been calling it),

we have been making sure to get all the things ready before our baby #2 makes his arrival and have been in full blown “nesting mode!”

We have the car seat installed,

hospital baskets ready for the nurses/doctor,

and our hospital bags packed!

I have even spent these last weeks making little “photobooks” of special memories

and writing letters in both of the boys’ baby books!

And, my favorite part of all... we had SO much fun finishing up Levi Rhett’s sweet little farm-themed nursery

and it is officially all ready to go!

I shared even more photos of it over on my last blog -

so make sure to go check it out!!


Between our “babymoon” up in Asheville a couple of weeks back,

the two precious baby showers/sprinkles sweet friends and loved ones threw, and my mom coming up to visit today to hang out with Judson and me...

it has been a super sweet season spent anticipating our sweet baby boy!!

Wes, Judson, and I are cherishing the last little bit of this exciting season of anticipation and these last sweet moments “just us three” before Levi Rhett is here for us to snuggle oh so soon, too!

We have been spending lots of time outside,

going on allll the walks,

and soaking in these last few “date nights” while we can! We know our lives are about to change forever (in the very best way) when our second baby boy arrives – really anytime now!!


I can hardly believe that there is just one week (from yesterday) left until Levi Rhett’s due date and am so grateful for what a beautiful pregnancy this has been – and soaking in all of the heavenly baby kicks! Sweet baby boy is going to be here in God’s perfect timing and I can’t wait to be a mommy (and watch Wes be the sweetest daddy) to TWO babies!! It is crazy to think that I’m going to see his little face so soon and be able to finally hold him in my arms…

the most heavenly moment in the world that I can’t wait to experience for the second time!


And now to recap the last week and a half of sweet memories since my last blog post

(and Judson's adorable - one whole month early haha) birthday party we threw…


Ringing in #38weekspregnant (in this particular photo!)

with an evening walk to our favorite spot right by our home! I sure do love these sweet country boys of mine

and can’t wait for sweet baby Levi Rhett to be here to join us on our adventures soon!!


Happy #38weeks in my belly, sweet baby Levi Rhett!! Here we were only 2 more weeks until your due date (so giddy I can hardly stand it!!) and we are so excited to meet you… really any day now these next couple weeks!! What a precious gift from above you are going to be for our family (and already are)!! Oh, how we love you, my angel baby boy!!!


Spending these final days/weeks of “nesting” doing all the things we love the most during this beautiful month of May -

front porch swinging (can’t believe I will be rocking a tiny newborn baby on this same swing so soon… eek!!),

watering and watching our garden grow & grow,

all the coloring & stickers these days,

yummy dinners out on the deck (praise the Lord for it finally being the season for eating our meals outside),

park dates and allll the hopscotch fun (Judson’s favorite),

and just cherishing these last days/weeks as a family of 3!!


Happy rainy spring Saturday from our “nesting” fam!!!


There’s just something so special about being #almost9monthspregnant on a cozy rainy Saturday- feels like God’s little gift of rest!!

Can’t believe I will be rocking another sweet newborn baby on this same porch swing in the coming days/weeks!!


And we did a fun spring rainy day activity on the porch -

Judson got to paint his very own bird house for the “birdies” - so sweet!! And very very fitting for this season of “nesting” as we are so so close to meeting Judson’s baby brother - sweet baby Levi Rhett!! Just so grateful for this sweet season of life with my growing fam and all these sweet boys of mine!!

Click here to see a sweet little video of Judson painting his bird house on this past rainy weekend - haha "nesting" in true form!


Happy first weekend of May (my very favorite month of all)

and Cinco de Mayo, y’all!!


Started off the weekend with a sweet little playdate

with our dear friends,

lots of time spent on our screened-in front porch with all this spring rain (sooo cozy!) we’ve had all weekend long,

dinner downtown

at one of our favorite spots,

a fun little birdhouse painting activity for Judson (he lovedddd!),

a farmer’s market run,

our ladies laying like crazy (as my mom says… they must just know we are about to have another mouth to feed haha),

and went out for some Mexican food that afternoon in honor of “Cinco de Mayo” (after “Dada” got done preaching at a sweet church that morning)!!


Also… my big “project” for the weekend (& another item on my “nesting” to-do list lol) was to catch up on my Shutterfly photo books!!

I used to make them every year but haven’t since Judson turned 6 months old!! Soooo naturally, it felt right to get caught up before sweet baby Levi Rhett arrives!! It is truly SO special to have PRINTED photos to look through and remember such special family memories over the years!!! Anyhoo, I linked them over for y’all over on my LTKit shop!!


And while I was over here using this cozy rainy weekend to work on my little photo books, Wes was prepping for his sermon he got to preach at a sweet church this past Sunday - both their morning and evening services!!

I’m just so proud of this sweet hubby of mine and love seeing God use him for HIS glory - both in the workplace and the church!!

You “walk the walk,” Wesley Mabry… and the world is a better place because of the bright light Jesus has given you to shine!!!


And while working on my baby books for the boys, I had my sweet mama and mother-in-love send some baby pics of both Wes and I (here are a few of the photos) and it is sooooo fun to see the similarities!!



Wes says I am Judson 2.0 lol - and I can totally see it!!  

I’m excited to see who sweet baby Levi Rhett looks like!!!

Soooo soon y’all!!


Thank you, Jesus, for the beautiful gift of motherhood!!


With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, I am just so overwhelmed with gratitude for the gift of being “mama” - and know my heart is about to expand all over again once we have sweet baby Levi Rhett here in our arms any day now, too!! It’s so surreal to think that I never know when my “last time” rocking Judson down with his baby brother still in my belly will be - and man, what a precious sacred season of motherhood this is!!

I love being a mommy more than anything in the world, and don’t take one second for granted of these amazing gifts from God that my sweet baby boys are!!


“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights…” // James 1:17

Click here to see a sweet memory I captured of rocking Judson down for his nap one rainy day this week - soaking in alllll the firstborn snuggles before we have another tiny love to snuggle and rock!!


A huge shoutout to the wonderful My Heart’s Desire Photography for capturing our special maternity photos out on our 15 acre farm sweet farm - a memory we will cherish forever and look back on so fondly one day of this precious season of #landandbabies !! Goodness gracious, she sure did make this (very!!) pregnant mama feel beautiful!!


And my 38 (& a half!) week appointment went great this past Monday and baby’s happy as can be in there!! We just feel so blessed and excited to be welcoming another tiny baby boy to our family SO very soon and can’t wait for all the JOY that the Lord has in store ahead!! HE is the giver of life and all good good gifts from above - and our sweet baby Levi Rhett is nothing short of a gift from Him! Thank you, Jesus, for all of these sweet boys of mine to love!!


PS. To celebrate another happy appointment, Wes and I headed out for a little “date night” downtown

while “Nana” (my sweet mama) was keeping Judson (she’s the best)! We are at that exciting point in pregnancy where baby boy is healthy and can really come whenever he is ready… so trying to soak up and savor these final days of pregnancy while we can before it’s newborn snuggles season 24/7 in our household all summer long (truly my version of heaven on earth)!!


Sooo close to meeting you, sweet baby Levi Rhett!! And your big brother Judson sure is excited to meet you, too!! What a sweet season of life - like Wes and I keep saying… #landandbabies !!


A little bit of our story… we closed on our 15 acre farm sweet farm (a longggg time dream and answered prayer of ours) and shortly after, found out we were pregnant with sweet baby Mabry #2 - our little Levi Rhett (who’s due in just another week and a half… or whenever he decides to come)! We are so thankful for these sweet blessings from God in His perfect timing, and so excited for all that the future holds for our growing family as we chase after the dreams that He has given us, as we continue to walk step by step with Him!!


Thank you, My Heart’s Desire Photography, for capturing such special photos for us out on our land!! We will cherish these forever of such a special and exciting time in our lives!!

Click here to see a little video reel I put together of our maternity photos we had done out on the land - so so special!!


Sweet Shutterfly photobooks and sweet memories to add to the baby books are making this nesting mama oh so happy - and can’t think of a better time than right before we celebrate Mother’s Day weekend!! It sure was a happy happy happy mail day today - the Shutterfly photo books I was working on alllll weekend long just came in!!

These photobooks are such a treasure to have in our home - full of the sweetest memories over the years!!

And I sure am thankful they made it here just in time for Mother’s Day andddd before baby #2 arrived (#nestingmama over here)!!

Thank you, Shutterfly - we are so in love with them!!!


And have been using Judson’s naptime this week to finish up him and Levi Rhett’s baby books - adding lots of the photos I had printed, too!!

There is just something special about actually printing photos in this day and age, and it has made me so happy while being such a fun little “nesting” project before baby!!


PS. And another mommy hack - the leftover photobook cardboard boxes make the best rainy day toys hehe!! 

Click here to see a little video run-through of the photobooks I created as well as lots of photos I have been adding to the boys' baby books - I love having photos actually in PRINT form... it is so important to me!!


I am soaking up every last bit of these heavenly snuggles with my firstborn Judson (while baby brother is still snug and cozy in mama’s belly) as we are officially just ONE WEEK (as of yesterday!!) away from Sweet Baby Levi Rhett’s due date

and this lil’ pumpkin (today’s size according to my “The Bump” app) is officially “full term” - I can definitely tell the baby has “dropped” and I’ve actually started to feel some light contractions today (eek!! I guess my body is starting to get ready!) and we are getting oh so excited to meet you, little one!!!


Loved getting to start this past week off with a great baby appointment and then a date “out on the town” with this cutie baby “Dada” of mine - featuring Groucho’s Deli (one of our fav spots always)

and icecream - this pregnant mama’s dream!!

And we ended our little “date night” driving out by our land by all the peach trees and cows

- and my heart is just so full!!

So thankful for God’s good good gifts of this land and our baby #2 -

and can’t wait for what the future holds ahead for our growing fam!!


We have been loving these slow, cozy rainy mornings around here -

with snuggles in mama’s bed,

playing with choo choo trains

and puzzles on the porch,

bubbles when “Dada” gets home from work,

the sweetest little park playdate with our dear friends from church,

grilling out dinner on the back deck,

some last few EMC post office runs,

sweet surprise gifts in the mail from my big sis

who just got back from a work trip in Japan (she’s the coolest ever!!),

finishing writing in my boys’ sweet baby books, and getting my beloved Shutterfly photobooks (a true labor of love) in the mail today!!

It’s been a happy happy week and we can’t believe how soon we are going to get to meet our tiniest little love -

and so giddy with excitement that we will have a tiny newborn to snuggle all summer long!!

Soaking in these final final days as a family of 3 before becoming a family of 4 - truly any day now!!


And onto a quick little EMC note…

In honor of Mother’s Day this weekend… I can’t help but sit here and reflect on how much of sweet blessing and GIFT it has been to run this small business from home while raising my sweet baby Judson -

and now, about to welcome sweet baby #2 (our little Levi Rhett) any day now!!

From before he was even born, Judson (in my belly) has been a part of all things EMC…

and these past (almost) three years of his life,

he has been my best little helper for all things packing and shipping here at EMC!!

What a privilege it is to let my sweet baby boy see his mama do what she loves while helping provide for our growing family,

and I love how much FUN he has on all of our weekly EMC errands, post office runs,

and just helping me prep orders to send out to so many of you!!

Here are some sweet “mommy and Judson” EMC memories over the years -

soooo special!!

Can’t wait for sweet baby Levi Rhett to be here to join all the EMC fun after our special maternity leave!!


It truly was the BEST feeling getting to ship out my very last custom orders this week to my sweet EMC customers before our sweet baby Levi Rhett gets here!!

While I’m obviously not taking any more custom orders before my baby arrives, I have already been receiving lots and lots of unique custom orders for my “post-maternity-leave” custom orders list, so let me know if you’d like to grab a spot on that today!!


And for those of you asking and in need of some last-minute gift ideas and wall art for this graduation and upcoming summer season, I AM still taking prints orders (for all of my popular city/town/school designs I currently still have “in stock”) for the time being (!!) - but make sure to get those last-minute graduation/summertime print orders in ASAP so I can go ahead and get those sent out to you now - before baby arrives haha - any day now!!


I can never ever thank y’all ENOUGH for all of the love and support for this sweet small business of mine - that has blessed our growing family more than you will ever know! Y’all have truly made my dream a reality and I love what I get to do (and what I believe God has called me to do) - help others see beauty and joy in creation in a way that points us all back to the true Creator, God!!


And for those of y’all who may be new around here, make sure to head on over to @emilymabrycreative over on Instagram to see all the fun lettering art things I’ve been up to and my personal page @emilyjoannemabry to keep up with our little family! I’d love to have you following along there, too!!


And for those of you who are new around here to the EMC Blog, you can also find me and “shop with me” over on the app. So, if you haven’t already, make sure to download the app and “follow” me there (I put instructions over on my story highlight over on my personal Instagram page @emilyjoannemabry) - where I’m always sharing all my favorite lifestyle products, baby/kids’ items (and cute clothes, of course!), mommy items, pregnancy items, and finds!!


You can download the app and follow me here:


I am also constantly sharing “links” on my Instagram stories where you can click, and it will take you to be able to “shop” that specific photo & what you see!!


We are so so grateful for this sweet season of life and cannot WAIT to add another tiny baby boy to our family… any day now!!

Soaking in these final days of the heavenly baby kicks and cherishing these last moments as a family of three before life gets even SWEETER once Judson’s baby brother is finally here!!

Love y’all and so thankful for each and every one of you who follow along with our growing family both over on our Instagram page and on this blog!! Hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend ahead!

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