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It’s Officially BABY MONTH for Sweet Baby Mabry #2!!!

It’s officially due date month… aka BABY MONTH, y’all!! I truly can’t believe it’s already MAY and we are so so close to meeting our Sweet Baby Mabry #2 – little Levi Rhett – whose “due date” is just 2 weeks from tomorrow!! Eek!

And not to mention, May is also my sweet firstborn Judson’s birthday month, too!!

His birthday isn’t until the very end of the month, but we wanted to go ahead and celebrate him with all of his close friends and family at his sweet little backyard farm-themed birthday party this past weekend (a whole month early!) before baby brother arrived – and boy oh boy, did we have fun!!

May is my very favorite month of the year, and I think it is so special (and just a “god wink!”) that the Lord has now blessed our family with TWO sweet Mabry May babies!!! We serve a God of the abundantly more!


Our hospital bags are packed,

the nursery is ready,

and at this point… our sweet baby boy can really come whenever he is ready!!

I am feeling great and have truly loved this season of being pregnant…and am soaking in these final weeks (or days… whenever the Lord decides it’s time for Levi Rhett to come!) as a family of three before becoming a family of four in God’s perfect timing!! I don’t feel any “rush” to meet him, but honestly, just savoring this sweet sweet time of anticipation, joy, and excitement!!


“For this child we have prayed, and the Lord has granted us the desires of our hearts.” // 1 Samuel 1:27


It feels like just yesterday I was running out the backdoor to the yard in total joy and shock to show Wes and Judson the positive pregnancy test… and it’s hard to believe we are on the very very final stretch now to meeting you!!

Judson is SO excited to be a big brother, and we can’t wait to have a tiny little newborn in our arms just in time for summer – our family’s favorite season of all (maybe that’s why the Lord is giving me another May baby haha)! Babies are such miracles from the Lord, and it has been such a joy carrying sweet little baby Levi Rhett in my belly these past (almost!!) nine months!! And we know it’s about to get even more special when you are here to join us soon!


I have loved getting to pray these life verse over you throughout my pregnancy (and have the first one framed on display in your nursery, too):


“Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.” // Ephesians 3:20-21


“You are worthy, O Lord our God, to receive glory and honor and power. For you created all things, and they exist because you created what you pleased.” // Revelation 4:11


We have been praying for you since the day we found out about you, and we truly can’t wait to meet you!! The Lord is so good, and HIS plans and timing are perfect!! We are living in so many answered prayers right now, and the Lord gets ALL the praise, honor, and glory… forever and ever, amen!!! Happy happy BABY MONTH!!


I usually only blog post once a month… but since Sweet Baby Mabry #2 is due so soon (really any day now!), I wanted to go ahead and get a blog post up to recap all of the happy things since my last blog post –

the 5-Year (!!!) Anniversary of EMC,

planting our spring/summer garden,

Master’s Sunday sweetness,

finishing up Levi Rhett’s farm-themed nursery,

decorating Judson’s future safari-themed “big boy” room (toddler room!)

slash play room,

watering all of the garden and flowers in the yard,

the sweetest little baby shower my CBS Bible Study group threw for Sweet Baby Levi Rhett and me,

putting together “hospital goodie baskets” for the nurses/doctor/hospital workers who will deliver baby boy into the world,

one last visit home to see my parents in Charlotte (before bebe #2 is with us next time!),

Judson’s first musical performance at our weekly Bible Study group (cutest thing ever!),

packing our hospital bags, party prepping for Judson’s (early) birthday party,

the most adorable farm/tractor-themed party

for our (almost) 3-year-old,

oh so much fun playing with all of Judson’s new birthday presents,

a trip to Strawberry Hill for strawberries and ice cream to celebrate a wonderful baby appointment this past week (baby can really come any day now… eek!!),

and soooo many sweet little everyday moments

that have made this precious and exciting season of life one I will always cherish and remember!!


To start off my recap of these past couple of weeks since my last blog post…


I was #35weekspregnant in this particular “bump date” photo and just feeling so so grateful for this little pineapple 🍍(baby’s size according to my “The Bump” app) under my dress hehe!! This was a particularly rainy and cozy week around here, and with baby #2 being due in May… all I kept thinking is - April showers bring May flowers (had to)!! #aprilshowersbringmayflowers #maybaby


That week we also did a little prepping for our weekend plans in the yard (garden & flowers time!) - we sure do love spring around here and all the “new life” it brings!!


And speaking of new life… our 35-Week Appointment that week went great!! Baby’s heartbeat was 135 and he’s still measuring right on track!!! We are so grateful to God for this precious perfectly healthy growing baby boy!! #babywatchseason


We are getting sooo close to meeting our sweet baby Levi Rhett and truly cherishing these last weeks of him with me all the time - and all the precious kicks in my belly!!

Final countdown to baby, here we come!!


It was such a sweet week -

taking care of our chickens

(lotsss of eggs to fetch!!),

my high school bestie and her baby boy up to visit and play one day 🫶🏽 

(I love getting to raise babies together in this season of life, Annie),

Wes and I’s little “date night” that week was going through and sorting through/organizing all of Judson’s  clothes/hammy-downs to get ready for Levi Rhett (what a blessing to be having ANOTHER May baby… so the seasons perfectly align for all of the clothes and sizes!!! Thank you, Jesus - another surprise gift for sure!!!),

a super fun night out for dinner with friends,

and then Judson helped mama & daddy finish organizing his old clothes into bins (by size!) for little Levi Rhett!!

Eek nesting is hereeeeee y’all!!

I love this time of year with my boys and am so excited for all the Lord has ahead for our growing family in the coming weeks - can’t believe we will have another tiny newborn baby boy in our arms so very soon!!


My kind of Spring Friday night - starting with a trip to our favorite local greenhouse to get some plants for our vegetable garden this spring/summer!! #springfridaynight #springgarden #gardeningfun


We spent the rest of the evening planting our garden in our raised beds!!

Our little cowboy  boot wearing country boy had sooooo much fun raking/digging up dirt (he even looked over at me and said “this is so fun” while we were raking together… and it melted my heart - swipe over to see the video!), planting his vegetables, and using his little blue watering can to water them all!!! 

I am suchhhhh a spring/summer girlie through and through -


and planting our little vegetable garden right before baby #2 gets here just filled my heart so much and felt so fitting for this season of so much “new life” ahead!!

We even got all of our new flowers planted for the spring season,

and I truly cannot even tell y’all how much JOY all of these vibrant colors are bringing me next to our little white old family farmhouse!!!

Gardening and planting are the best kind of nesting in my opinion hehe!!


Nothing says “hello spring” like a freshly planted garden,

new blooms in the flower beds,

and another sweet lil’ babe on the way (& due in May)!!

I sure do love this little life we are building together and the childhood we are giving sweet Judson and baby Levi Rhett on the way!!

Here’s to raising country baby boys with my very best friend!

Click here to see a little video clip I put together of us planting our spring/summer garden - such a sweet memory!!


Happy “almost baby time” from our growing fam…

can’t believe it’s just a tiny bit longer until our littlest Mabry cowboy will be here to wear his tiny baby boots, too!! Hehe all the fam’s cowboy boots next to our “mama & Judson” watering cans made for the sweetest lil’ view!!

We have been in full-blown “nesting mode” here at the Mabry old family farmhouse - between planting our garden and flower beds and working on Levi Rhett’s adorable little farm-themed nursery (& switching over Judson’s precious safari nursery to his future “big boy room”) - and it’s making us oh so excited for what May holds ahead!! Thanking Jesus for this sweet sweet season of life with all of my boys!!


Happy Master’s Sunday from our growing fam to yours!!


My handsome boys wore their matching Master’s polos for church that morning and it was the cutest ever!!

And little Levi Rhett was kicking and moving around in mama’s 35.5 week pregnant belly allllll service long - he loves God’s word just like his mama & daddy!!  


And after working allll weekend long… we finally finished up Judson’s safari-themed “big boy room” - and it looks so stinking cute!!

Anddddd Sweet Baby Levi Rhett’s precious little farm-themed nursery is officially DONE now, too!! Y’all… I am dying… it’s so adorable!!! I’ll share photos of both finished rooms below!!


Between our planted spring/summer garden, fresh flower blooms in the yard, Master’s on as we worked, packing up lots of EMC orders for the week ahead, and finishing up our newly decorated rooms for both baby boys,

and enjoying our first dinner

out on our new back deck…

it sure was one happy lil’ weekend in the Mabry household!!


Judson’s safari-themed “big boy room” slash playroom is officially done - and we absolutely couldn’t be happier with how it all came together and turned out!!!


“Take a good look at God’s wonders— they’ll take your breath away.” // Psalm 66:5


It was so special getting to use all of his precious safari items from his nursery to make his new toddler room and playroom come to life!! All of the bright colors, animals, books, and Noah’s Ark touches bring us all so much JOY!!

My “vision” for this room turned out even better than I imagined… and it makes me smile every time I walk in this precious space for my angel firstborn baby boy!!


I am so in love with this happy new space we got to create for our sweet little Judson just in time for his little brother to be here soon!!

Judson is going to be the best big brother and we wanted to make this space feel so special for him… and I know it will be where we spend lots of time snuggling and playing in the days to come!!


Also, for any of you who know my story… I was overseas serving the Lord in Uganda during my engagement season to sweet Wes, so the safari theme for Judson has always held such a special place in my heart for a part of the world that I will forever hold dear!!

Between my time living there to my forever childhood love for the movie Lion King, I can’t even put into words how special all of these little details are!!

How neat to see how the Lord has blessed and grown our family since that season of life (it’s the “circle of life”), and I love getting to raise our babies (can’t believe we are about to have number 2!!) to love Jesus and love this beautiful world that our Heavenly Father so wonderfully created!!


Goodness gracious… we sure do love our little “lion cub” and his brand new “toddler room slash playroom” oh so stinkin’ much!! All of the safari theme and Noah’s Ark touches came together absolutely perfectly for our little outdoors and animal-loving 2-year old!!

We can’t wait to see him be the very BEST big brother to sweet baby Levi Rhett on the way so soon and know this room will be such a special happy place full of alllllll the love, cuddles, and play for us in this exciting new season ahead as our family continues to grow!!

Click here to see a "walk through" video of Judson's new "big boy" room - I just love how it all came together!!


PS. For those of you asking… yes!! I have linked this entire room and all of the details over on my LTKit shop



 so make sure to go follow along and “shop with me” there as I share all things motherhood, pregnancy, baby, toddlers, family, lifestyle, home and more!!


April 16th marked ONE MONTH until Sweet Baby Levi Rhett’s due date and his sweet little farm-themed nursery was officially all ready to go!!  


This sweet nursery is filled with so many special little farm decor pieces (all linked on my LTKit shop!) that are so fitting for this season of life - as we closed on our dream 15 acre “farm sweet farm” shortly before finding out we were pregnant with our littlest cowboy in sweet baby #2 - total God story!!


“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever, Amen.” // Ephesians 3:20-21


It has been so fun seeing it all come together and I know so many special “first” memories will be made in this precious room!! We have prayed over these walls and you so so much, sweet little Levi Rhett Mabry - and are so excited to meet you!!

Judson may be the most excited of all to be a “big brother” (as much as he can understand) and you sure are going to be loved and adored!! Every little kick, jump, and wiggle in my belly is the sweetest little reminder that you are going to be here soon and we can’t wait to hold you in our arms!!


“Nesting mode” officially sank in and the boys and I have loved finishing up Judson’s “big boy room slash playroom” and Levi Rhett’s farm-themed nursery and allll the baby things! Next on my “nesting list” was to prepare big/little bro gifts for the boys, put together “hospital baskets” for our nurses/doctor to show them our love and appreciation, and to start packing my hospital bags soon, too!!


And just like that… we are at the ONE MONTH COUNTDOWN to meeting our Sweet Baby Mabry #2!!!


Sweet and simple springtime nights like this out in our yard make my heart oh so happy!!!

And flowers from my firstborn baby boy will always make my heart swoon!!

Can’t believe I’m about to have TWO baby boys - feeling like such a blessed blessed mama!!


Between watering our garden, blooms springing up all over our sweet colorful yard, and our ladies laying like crazy… this spring-loving mama is in her happy place and it sure does feel like a good time to have a baby soon hehe!!

Click here to see a sweet little video of how we spent our "one month until due date" night out in the yard hehe!


The sweetest farm-themed nursery for the sweetest little cowboy on the way in our sweet little Levi Rhett!! We sure can’t wait to meet you!!


There is so much beauty and meaning behind this farm theme for Levi Rhett’s nursery, as we found out we were pregnant with him so soon after closing on our farm sweet farm - where we can’t wait to raise all of our babies up in the wide open spaces of pastures, creeks, and woods!!

All glory to God in how He has so beautifully orchestrated every bit of our story in this season of life for our growing family - and we continue to see His hand in every little detail as we continue walking in step with Him!!


Just feeling so blessed and grateful for this special space for our baby boy #2 coming SO soon, and for all of the Lord’s many many blessings to our growing family!!

We couldn’t be more grateful or excited to add Sweet Little Baby Levi Rhett to our family in the coming weeks, and for all of the JOY ahead of finally getting to meet him face to face!!

Click here to see a "walk-through" video of Levi Rhett's adorable farm-themed nursery - I am just SO in love with this precious space!!


Mercy!! These are the DAYS!!! And goodness we can’t wait to add another baby boy to this country crew!!


Here’s to all the spring/summer nights ahead

full of cotton candy sunset skies, happy chickens, sweet red, green popping up everywhere,

and just feeling so stinkin’ grateful for this season of life!

Click here to see a precious memory of my boys running through the yard - Judson riding on "Dada's" shoulders and just having the time of his life! Core memory for sure!!


Andddd just like that… I was #36weekspregnant (in this photo) and getting so stinkin’ excited to meet our sweet baby Levi Rhett!!

My 36-Week Appt went great!! The baby’s heartbeat was 139 and the doctor said he is already head down and getting ready - yay!!

We are just so thankful and it was so sweet letting Judson get to come hear baby’s heartbeat today - he was amazed and I think he’s getting really excited now, too!!!


And the sweet ladies at my weekly CBS Bible Study (& nursery class for Judson) threw the most precious little baby shower for baby Levi Rhett and I that afternoon after our meeting, and I am just feeling so much love and gratitude for this all of the love, prayers, and community that the Lord has blessed us with in this beautiful season of life!!

My Bible study leader pointed out that I have been pregnant our entire time together (as she was one of the first people I told, after we had JUST found out the very week I started there - in September!!) -

and what a gift it has been to be lifted up in prayer by such prayer warriors from the moment I found out I was pregnant, right up until these final weeks of carrying our little baby #2 and gift from God!!


These precious ladies showered Levi Rhett and I with so many sweet baby gifts! Judson is one proud future big brother!! It was a special day I will always remember - and we feel so blessed by so many prayers and people  who love this baby!!!!


One of the precious older ladies in my CBS group (which is women of ALL ages and walks of life… and truly has changed my life this year) named Peggy hand-knitted the most beautiful blanket for Levi Rhett - and she said she has been working on it since the moment she found out about himand has been praying for Wes and I, Judson, and this baby with every stitch - and called it a “prayer shawl” - and yes, I bawled my eyes out when she told me this!! Seeing the love and kindness of God through people like Peggy just moves me in ways I can’t quite explain… but this is a special special blanket I will truly cherish forever!!


Sweet baby boy is happy as can be in there and the constant little kicks and movements make my heart sing!! Love this season of him in my belly but know it’s only going to get even SWEETER with him here in my arms soon!! Babies are truly the greatest gift from God and such miracles from above that I will never get over!!


Between getting both boys’ rooms ready,

alllll the “nesting” around here,

playdates with friends

and cousins,

picnics on our deck,

beautiful sunshine weather to water our garden and flowers,

packing and shipping out lots of EMC art orders,

and just soaking up these final weeks with just Judson…

this has been such a precious season of life

and are hearts are so full of joy and excitement!!


Our favorite way to spend a sweet lil’ spring Friday night!!


So much love for both of my baby boys - one in my belly (just a little bit longer - grow baby grow!!)) and one on the outside!!

Soaking in these precious nights with you, our sweet little Judson, before you become the best big brother so so soon!!

Click here to see another sweet little video reel of a simple and sweet spring Friday night spent out in the yard - these truly are the days!!


A little sunshine for a rainy Sunday afternoon we had the other week -

fresh blooms from the yard and making hospital goodie baskets for the nurses/doctor who will deliver our sweet baby #2 on the way!!


Sweet Sunday morning puddle jumping after church

and then a grocery store trip to buy allllll the goodies for the hospital baskets I’m making for the nurses/doctor who deliver Levi Rhett!! As promised… I wanted to show y’all once I put them all together!!  


That Sunday afternoon’s naptime project was to to go ahead and get these baskets ready for the sweet humans who will be bringing our sweet baby Levi Rhett into the world (in just a couple more weeks… depending on when he decides to come)!! I did the same thing when I was pregnant with Judson - and it was the sweetest way to bless our nurses and doctor for all that they do!!


It was so much fun putting these little “goodie baskets” together (my love language) - and Wes thinks it’s so fitting of my personality that ofcourse I got these “hospital baskets” ready for the nurses/doctors before I had even gotten my own hospital bag packed lol!!

Click here to see a video of what I put in these "hospital goodie baskets" - such a fun way to prep for baby's delivery so soon!


I linked all of these little goodies (& adorable baskets) that I found over on my LTKit page - so you can go check them out there!! It truly is the “little things” in life that mean the most to the people God places in our lives around us - and it’s always a joy getting to help spread a little more love in this world!!


That was a sweet spring weekend around here…

and we sure are soaking up these precious memories as a family of 3 (plus our “fur”stborn, Red) before becoming a family of 4 (!!!) so very soon!!


To start the weekend, Judson and I made a little trip home sweet home

to visit my parents in Charlotte (one more time before bebe gets here!!) -

and we had fun playing outside with our little red wagon (from my childhood days!!),

going out to lunch by Papaw’s office,

and even finding some adorable little puppy dog lovies that I got monogrammed for Judson and Levi Rhett to give each other as the sweetest big bro/little bro gifts in the hospital when they first meet… be still my heart!!


And once we came back home, we spent the weekend enjoying playing out in the yard (Wes “flying Judson to the moon” on the swing - core memory), savoring these final weeks carrying Judson in my arms & Levi Rhett in my belly,

enjoying all of the beautiful and colorful fresh blooms popping up all over our yard,

putting together hospital baskets for the nurses and doctor who will deliver Levi Rhett into the world soon (so special to make),

Wes finished up some more projects around the house

(repainting the new door

and even figured out how to rebuild/rescreen the old screen door, too - looks so good),

a baby shower for Wes’ cousin Allie (we can’t wait to meet this precious baby boy!!),

celebrated Wes’ Nana’s 88th birthday with lots of family,

and some puddle jumping on our rainy Sunday!!


So grateful for simple and sweet little weekends like this - full of time spent with those we love!! Can’t believe how close we are getting to meeting our sweet baby Mabry #2

and goodness we sure do love this time of year while we are in “baby watch season!”


Let your little light shine, my sweet baby boy!! Goodness, I love you so, my little Judson!!


Judson got to do his very first “music performance” with his CBS nursery class last week - in front of the whole group!!

He was the star of the show and his teachers all love him so much!! He had fun up there alright!!! So cute!!

And afterwards, they had a pizza picnic at the park and Judson really enjoyed that too!!

Click here to see the sweetest video of Judson having the time of his life singing/dancing with his little nursery class up on stage - be still my HEART!!


We’re Ready For You, Sweet Baby Levi Rhett!!! #almostbabytime


Car Seats Installed,

Scripture Verses to Pray Over Labor/Delivery,

andddd Hospital Bags Are Officially PACKED!!!


Judson loved getting to “help” - and is so excited to meet his sweet baby brother so soon!!


Come pack my hospital bag with me!!!

Lamb lovie & wooden name plates,

Levi Rhett’s monogrammed coming home outfit & matching blanket (so tiny & adorable),

his matching “little brother” outfit to match his big brother,

Precious swaddle blankets,

Baby books (to have the nurses stamp his sweet whittle handprints & footprints in - highly recommend),

Our favorite book to have the nurses & doctor (who deliver him)

sign with sweet little notes,

A folder to hold all important baby documents & keepsakes,

Newborn footies, socks & mittens (be still my heart),

Extra newborn outfits for bebe (again… so tiny & CUTE),

newborn pacis,

Some muslin baby blankets, burp cloths, & swaddles,

A few newborn diapers & wipes (although I prefer to use the hospitals first!),

Breastfeeding pillow(s) (I love both the Boppy & the My Brest Friend),

Packed my breast pump just in case (even though I never used it last time),

Blankets & pillows for both Wes and I (it’s nice having your own),

My travel Bible,

Some comfy slippers,

Shower shoes, makeup wipes, & toiletries,

Some postpartum healing items (although again, I prefer to use what the hospital gives me first and ask for extra to take home) & lavender oil,

Some breastfeeding items I like to have on hand,