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8 Months Pregnant with Sweet Baby Mabry #2

And just like that… I am officially 8 months pregnant (eek!!) and truly in the final countdown now to meeting Sweet Baby Mabry #2 – our little Levi Rhett!!

This has been such a sweet and special season of our lives – cherishing these last weeks of just “Mama, Dada & Judson”

before welcoming our tiny bundle of joy in just another month (or whenever God decides to bring him to us hehe – it’s His plan and not ours)!

I will be #35weekspregnant as of tomorrow, and it is such a beautiful and wonderful feeling to know that baby is growing healthy and strong in there, and really can come anytime now that the Lord sees fit!

We are so grateful to God for this precious little life He has knit together in my womb,

and we absolutely cannot wait to meet him and see Judson be the very best big brother!!

Between the daily “belly kisses” from Judson and him constantly asking “when is baby coming, mama?” – my heart is just constantly a puddle!!

He loves to rest his little head and hand on mama’s belly and feel baby “kick kick,” and no one can ever prepare you for how sweet that is!!

I was telling my high school bestie the other day, but I think my second pregnancy has been even MORE magical than the first because I am getting to experience it from a totally different lens… and understand the total miracle that babies are while also getting to watch Judson take it all in, too.

No matter what we are doing, he always brings up his baby brother and how he is going to help him with “this or that,” and that he can’t wait for him to be here!

Judson is at the most precious 2-year-old age, and I think he is starting to understand more and more what is going on (as he is observing my belly grow bigger and bigger haha),

and I know my heart will just grow double in size when I get to see him step into this new “big brother” role so soon!


After our super sweet baby moon slash anniversary “night away” to Asheville

and our one last beach getaway (over Easter!)

before bebe the other weekend…

I have officially entered “nesting mode”

and prepping our hearts and home for baby to get here!!

Between all of the tiny newborn outfits and clothes, old hammy downs from Judson that we are pulling out and sorting through, and just all things “baby” on our horizon…

I am truly getting so giddy and excited to have our second baby boy in our arms!!

Our only plans for this weekend ahead are to work on getting the nursery (and Judson’s big boy room!) put together – and I am so excited!

Yay for being #8monthspregnant and in the very final countdown to meeting little baby Levi Rhett…

we truly just feel so blessed, grateful, and excited!!

Thank you, Jesus, for your good, good gifts from above to our growing family!


… And now here are more special memories since my last blog post –

welcoming in the warm, springtime weather and longer days (thanks to daylight savings!!),

receiving some precious spring/easter clothes from a wonderful children’s clothing company we adore

(who asked me to be an “ambassador” for them… so neat!),

St. Patrick’s day sweetness with my “lucky charms,”

going to meet the Easter Bunny,

welcoming in the official first day of spring,

getting some maternity pictures done out on our land (can’t wait to share once I get them back!!),

the sweetest farm-themed baby shower my friends threw for Levi Rhett on the way,

our “baby moon” trip up to Asheville (and first time leaving Judson overnight!),

celebrated our "engagement-versary" (my best yes!)

as well as our 5-year anniversary (to my prince charming!!),

our last family beach getaway before baby

over Easter weekend,

Judson’s first official Easter egg hunt down at the beach,

dying easter eggs,

an incredible Easter Sunrise Service at Fort Caswell,

a visit from the Easter bunny

on our sweetest Easter yet,

celebrated Wes' 30th birthday

(we sure do love him!!),

all of Levi Rhett’s tiny coming home/newborn outfits came in the mail,

lots of yard work prep before baby,

welcoming in the start Master’s Week,

and so much more!!


To start off my recap of this past month…


That “spring is in the air” feeling - when the days are longer and the sunshine is here to stay!! Makes for a happy happy “baby watch” season for this pregnant mama hehe! #springisintheair #happydays


I’ve always been such a sunshine/spring/summer girlie (maybe that’s why God keeps giving me May babies) and my heart is oh so happy!! 🤍 Yay for 70 degree weather and all things SPRING ahead!!! #sunshinedays #bringonspring


Click here to see a fun little video of us welcoming in the longer days full of more and more sunshine – yay!!


Goodness gracious I sure do love this cutie pie little Easter bunny of ours!!!


Friends!!! I have just recently been asked to be a Rufflebutts/Ruggedbutts ambassador (which is one of our absolute FAVORITE baby clothing brands… eek!!)

and they sent the CUTEST Easter outfits for our little Judson - and even sent some little items for Levi Rhett on the way, too!!

We are huge fans of this company and the high hand-me-down quality that all of their clothing is!! #rufflebutts #ruggedbutts #rufflebuttsambassador


All of these adorable pieces would make perfect Easter basket ideas, Easter Sunday outfits, or would even be great for some upcoming Easter egg hunts or Easter events!! I have linked all of these outfits for y’all over on my LTKit shop! Y’all should totally check out their Easter clothing lines and find the cutest little outfits for your littles this spring season - you won’t regret it!! #rufflebuttsbaby #ruggedbuttsclothing #easteroutfitideas


Click here to see a precious video in Judson in all of the adorable spring outfits gifted to us by Ruggedbutts!!


Spring is in the air,

and we are loving every bit of this gorgeous 70 degrees sunshine weather around here!!! #springisintheair


I can’t get over how stinkin’ adorable our little Easter bunny Judson looks in his new outfits from our friends over at Rufflebutts/Ruggedbutts and

just am so loving this sweet, sweet season of life

spending such precious days with my firstborn while expecting another on the way!! #babywatchseason


And as y’all know, every “Friday Eve” means another baby #bumpdate hehe!! In this particular photo, I was officially #31weekspregnant (eek!!!) and love having this tiny little “lucky charm” with me 24/7 - kicking and moving around!! Feeling so blessed and “lucky” to be mama to these precious baby boys of mine!!

We love you so much already, Levi Rhett, and are so thankful that you are due in May and are going to be another sweet late spring/summer sunshine season baby, just like the rest of the fam!! #springpregnancy #sunshineseason #babywatchtime


Luckiest mama in the world to be loved by all these sweet boys & “lucky charms” of mine!!

And getting so excited about our second tiny lucky charm baby boy on the way and coming oh so soon!!


Click here to see a sweet little video of us getting in the “St. Patrick’s Day Spirit!”


Some” bunny” sure did love “hoppin on by” to see the Easter Bunny at sweet Hobo Hollar Farms!! What a perfect way and beautiful day to ring in the Spring and Easter Season with our happy little bunny (& another on the way and coming in May)!!

Such a special and exciting Easter Season this is for our growing family as we joyfully await in wonder the arrival of “new life” (growing in my belly) in our sweet baby Levi Rhett coming so soon!!

Thank you, Jesus!! We are so very grateful!!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day from our little lucky charm and another on the way!!!

I truly did strike gold and feel like the luckiest mama and wifey in the whole wide world to get to love and chase after dreams with all of these sweet lucky charms boys of mine!! #happystpatricksday #stpatricksday #mommysluckycharms #myluckycharms #growingfamily #luckycharmontheway


Our growing family is oh so excited for all that this spring season holds ahead!!

We have had such a fun weekend getting to ring in the “spring season” -

going to see the Easter bunny,

sweet drives

(& a car nap for Judson hehe)

out our on our land (where the beautiful pastures are starting to come back to life

& the peach trees around our property are in full bloom!!),

St. Patrick’s day sweetness,

picking flowers in the yard

and new sand for Judson’s sandbox,

lots of eggs from our ladies (Judson’s favorite “chore” these days!),

starting to work on putting together (Judson lovessss to be “Dada’s” little helper hehe) all the things for Judson’s new room

(so we could get working on Levi Rhett’s nursery soon!!),

getting mulch for our flower beds & gravel to go under our new back deck

(yay for warm weather and spending all our nights outside!!),

riding “Papa’s” tractor around the yard,

and praising Jesus at church with a happy, movin’ & groovin’ lil’ baby in my 31.5 week belly (at the time!) that made me oh so happy!!

Happy Spring, y’all!!

Happy Official First Day of Spring from our little two year old bunny (& another on the way)!! What a special special Easter season this is for our growing family - full of “new life” and God’s goodness all around!! Helloooooo Spring & all things new!!!! We sure do love this exciting time of year!!


Click here to see Judson’s visit to the Easter Bunny this year… cuteness overload!!


A couple weeks ago, we got all “dappered up” to take some family maternity photos out on our farm - and this cutie’s outfit was just too cute!!! The suspenders, the bow tie, tractor in hand…. I can’t get enough of him!!! #cutenessoverload


I mean…. are you kidding me?!?!? You are truly the cutest little thing and goodness I love you so much, my bright blue-eyed firstborn baby boy!!!

Can’t wait to see you be a big brother to little Levi Rhett so very soon!! #bigbrotherjudson


We could not have asked for a more gorgeous night for our fam maternity photos

(can’t wait to see them) out on our land -

and my heart is just so full for this sweet little country life with my growing family!!


And speaking of… my 32-Week Appt went great (and here’s a pic of my #32weeks bump above)!! Baby’s heartbeat was 134 and he was measuring right on track!!

We are very thankful and absolutely can’t wait to meet you, sweet baby Levi Rhett!! #32weekspregnant


I truly can’t believe how close we are getting to baby time… eek!!!! And just in time for my very favorite time of the year!! Sooo excited for what’s ahead and soaking up every bit of these final weeks with my firstborn (& Levi Rhett in my belly) these days!! What a precious and full season of life this is!


These sweet friends made this mama and sweet baby Levi Rhett feel so so very loved

with the absolute most precious farm-themed shower for our little country baby boy (#2!!!) on the way!!


I feel so blessed by the sweetest friends and community

and am so beyond humbled by all of the love, excitement, and joy for baby #2 on the way!!

We sure can’t wait to meet you so soon, Levi Rhett!! You are beyond loved!!


Happy Palm Sunday!! Hosanna in the highest!! #palmsunday


Between the sweetest baby shower yesterday afternoon for little Levi Rhett on the way and then the most gorgeous Palm SUNday - it sure was a wonderful weekend!!

Feeling baby kickin’ all through church that Sunday (makes me oh so happy),

brunch at the yummiest spot,

& walking around downtown with Judson in his adorable “worthy is the lamb” outfit from our dear friend Alexandra made for such a special Palm Sunday as we stepped into Holy Week!! Praising Jesus for His goodness to our family in this season and for all of the sweet little everyday moments -

like making muffins with my little Judson,

snuggling with both of my boys (Judson on the outside and Levi Rhett in my belly),

and making special memories with our firstborn before baby #2 arrives!!


Feelin’ alllll the “baby love” for our sweet little country baby boy (#2!!!),

Levi Rhett, coming so soon!!


Click here to see a little video recap of the adorable farm-themed baby shower my friends threw for Levi Rhett and I the other weekend!!


I love this life and raising babies with you, Wesley Mabry!! What a story and adventure we have had -

knowing each other for only 7 months before getting engaged (at the same little white church where we met and later got married),

spending our engagement season on different continents (while I was overseas in Uganda!), fixing up our first little fixer upper home together, pursuing and completing seminary and masters degrees together,

starting EMC (Emily Mabry Creative) from the ground up,

having our first baby - sweet baby Judson,

selling our first home and moving up to my great grandparents’ old family farmhouse for a season,

closing on our 15 acre farm sweet farm,

and now just over a month away from meeting our sweet baby #2 - all for God’s glory!!

You will forever be my always and we belong together!!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY WEEK BABE!! Seems so fitting that our 5-year anniversary falls on this Easter Weekend - all part of God’s perfect timing!! (Almost!!) 5 years down and forever to go - it just keeps on getting better and better!!! And as I’ve reflected on these last (almost) five years full of adventures, schooling, ministry, and babies… all the Holy Spirit keeps saying to me is… “I’m just NOW getting started with you two”!! I love this life with Jesus and my boys, and can’t wait to see what this next chapter holds ahead as our fire for HIM keeps burning brighter and brighter!!!

Click here to see a video reel of some of my favorite photos over the past 5 years of marriage – what an adventure and story God has written for us!!


Truly living the sweetest days of my life with these sweet boys and another little bunny on the way!!

It’s been such a sweet week full of chalk play outside,

all the simple little moments with our “chick chicks”

(& daily fetching our “real life easter eggs” hehe),

Palm branch sweetness

& Easter goodies at our weekly CBS Bible study group, and truly just soaking in every moment we can with little Judson before Levi Rhett is here to join all the fun!!


And just like that… I am officially #33weekspregnant (in this particular photo!) with our little bunny Levi Rhett on the way and we are all getting so excited to have a tiny newborn in our arms so soon!! Sweet Wes and I were headed out of town for our baby moon trip to celebrate this sweet babe on the way (and our 5-year anniversary that coming weekend hehe)

and feeling so grateful this Easter season as we are celebrating new life with our growing family!!

So, fitting!! Jesus is always doing a new thing in and through us as we walk with Him!! Happy Easter Weekend, y’all!!

Also… had a total God moment that I have to share! But get this… on this particular day, I was 33 weeks pregnant - and was on Easter. And the Holy Spirit prompted me as I was rocking Judson to sleep for his nap that afternoon that Jesus was 33 years old when he died on the cross and was raised to life for our sins - granting new life to us all who believe in HIM. I just don’t find that to be a coincidence!!

Total God wink moment for me realizing that!! The significance of even that number with this little baby #2 on the way!!!I feel like it’s just another representation of “new life” this Easter season!! Thank you, Jesus, for your goodness to our family and how you love us - and as a wise mentor said to me, the little “special Easter Eggs” (like this!) you give us to see your fingerprints all over our life journey!! #happyeasterweekend #godmoments #thankyoujesus

Babymoonin’ to celebrate sweet baby mabry #2 coming so soon and (almost) 5 whole years of marriage with my honey at the most beautiful place!! Goodness, I love this handsome man, this life we are building together, and raising all the babies with him!!

“I remember, taking you back to right where I first met you… I got down on one knee right there… and once again, I thought I loved you then… I can just see you, with a baby on the way…”

6 years ago, I got engaged and said my “very best yes” to the man of my dreams - the one I had been praying for since I was a little girl - on the same little white church steps where we met (at a church dance) and then got married exactly a year later (the next day was our 5-year wedding anniversary)!! And now, we are just over a month away from meeting our sweet baby #2!!! 

With that day being our “engagement-versary,” the next day our wedding anniversary, Easter that Sunday, and Wes’ birthday on Monday… it is always one special special week for us!! So, fitting and such a GIFT that we were away on our little baby moon up in Asheville to celebrate allllll the things (with baby #2 just about here!) & then headed to the beach later that evening for our Anniversary/Easter weekend!! So much fun and joy!!

God has been SO good to us since this day and continues to bless us beyond measure!! I will forever see you as my prince charming and knight in shining armor, sweet Wes!! So thankful I get to say “yes” to new adventures and life with you and our sweet little Judson (& Levi Rhett just about here!!) every single day - it truly is the greatest gift!! And I can’t wait to raise allll the babies with you out on our farm sweet farm - the best is yet to come!! I love our love story and the life and family we are building together!! May God continue to be glorified through our love, our marriage, and our family - He writes the best love stories of all!!

Hearts so full after the sweetest lil’ baby moon slash anniversary trip up to Asheville before sweet baby #2 arrives!!

We started out the baby moon trip with Wes surprising me with a prenatal massage (I mean… how sweet!),

did a little bee-boppin’ (aka waddling for me haha) around downtown Asheville,

checked into the most dreamy hotel

(called the Foundry Hotel - that again, Wes booked and totally surprised me with!),

and then we freshened up and headed out for our dinner reservation at the Biltmore Forest Country Club!

It was the most gorgeous night and we got to drink “mocktails”

by the fire while watching the most breathtaking sunset over the mountains

and then had the yummiest dinner!!

Then woke up to breakfast in bed from my honey

and soaked in such a beautiful day - and reminiscing on getting engaged 6 years ago on that day (and 5 years married the next)!! Our hearts are so full and thankful for all of God’s many blessings these (almost) 5 years of marriage!! I sure do love this man and can’t believe we are just over a month away from welcoming sweet baby #2 into the world - what sweet timing with our greatest anniversary gift of all in our sweet Levi Rhett on the way and coming oh so soon!!

And a huge shout out to my wonderful mama (Judson’s “Nana”) for coming up to watch Judson for the night!! It was our first full night away from him, and so perfect to do before baby #2 gets here soon!! We are so thankful for you, “Nana,” and Judson has had the best little time!!

Babymoonin’ bliss and celebrating 5 years of marriage in beautiful Asheville, NC - couldn’t have asked for a sweeter time away with my love getting to celebrate all of God’s goodness to us and baby #2 on the way (& due in May)!!

Click here to see a babymoon recap video – such a fun trip just Wes and I before baby #2 arrives!!


Five years down, 2 babies, and forever to go with the man of my dreams and best father to my babies!!

Happy Anniversary, baby!! #ourfifthanniversary

This has been such a special special year of for us - between moving to and fixing up my great grandparents’ old farmhouse, to closing on our 15 acre farm sweet farm, to getting pregnant and now just about 8 months pregnant with Sweet Baby Mabry #2 (our little Levi Rhett) -

it sure has been a year full of faith, love, and adventures chasin’ Jesus while chasin’ our dreams (all while chasin’ around our sweet little Judson with another on the way)!!!

I love this sweet little life and family we are building together,

and it truly does just keep on getting better and better!!

I am so thankful for the way you lead and love our family,

and most importantly,

how you love and follow our Lord, Jesus Christ!! It is my prayer every day that God will get much much glory through our love, our story, and our family!!

From pursuing me during our engagement season while I was serving the Lord overseas in Uganda, to loving and pursuing me every day since…

what a gift from above you are, Wesley Mabry, and forever will be!!

So thankful that we got to go on a little baby moon slash anniversary trip to Asheville and are now down at the beach this Easter weekend (so fitting) to celebrate five years of marriage and the many blessings and goodness of God to our family!!

Life with you and our babies is “immeasurably more” than I could have ever dreamed or imagined,

and I feel like the luckiest wifey and mama in the whole wide world - today and everyday - to be loved by you and our baby boys!!

And click here to see our official wedding video from our special day five years ago - always so special getting to rewatch this each anniversary and relive such a glory-filled day!!

Can’t think of a better way to spend our 5-year anniversary

than some “Easter Eve” sweetness with our little bunny (& another on the way) down at our very happiest place!!

Our day started with a flowers and latte delivery from my boys to start off a beautiful anniversary morning!!

I sure do love them and was so thankful to be down in our “happy place” one last time before baby #2 gets here soon (can’t believe we will have another tiny beach baby here with us the next time we come)!!

Then we headed off for Judson’s very first real Easter egg hunt!!

Our little bunny had SO much fun “hoppin” around to get all of his Easter eggs!!!

I did this same beach town Easter egg hunt every year as a little girl and it was so fun getting to let Judson experience it now, too!! So sentimental to me!!

We then spent some fun time out on the beach playing in the sand

before some sweet Easter books at naptime!