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Six Months of Sweet Baby Judson!

Today marks six whole months of the most joyful days of our lives with our sweet baby Judson and goodness gracious, every single day and month gets sweeter and SWEETER!

We have been overwhelmed with praise and thankfulness for this precious gift and miracle of life that the Lord has blessed us with this past half year – and have learned so much about the love of our Heavenly Father through being parents to our sweet baby boy.

It’s hard to believe that it has already been 6 whole months, but at the same time, it’s even harder to imagine life without his joyful and happy little self!

Judson truly lights up the whole room with his bright blue eyes and adorable little giggle and smile and melts your heart in every which way!

He truly makes every day a good day because he is such a fun little cuddle bug, and I am honestly so excited to see him every morning when he wakes up - nothing in the whole wide world like that early morning smile from Judson as he reaches up his arms for me to pick him up.

These truly are the days… the very best days. And I am doing my very very best to soak up every single one of them!

The past six months have been the very best of my entire life – and I truly believe I was made to be a mommy… something I have always dreamed about since I was a little girl!

Since the day I found out I was pregnant, I knew that this baby boy was going to be something special and rock my whole world – but never knew that my heart could love so deeply.

Every single day, I am praying for little baby Judson’s life and that he would rest in the love, provision, grace, and care of Jesus for all of his days – because there truly is no better place to be.

More than anything, I pray that he grows up strong in the love of the Lord and knows how adored and cherished he is – because that is where I pray his true identity will come from!

And I pray that he will grow up to be just like his daddy, Wes, who is the most amazing husband, father, and pastor – and a true man of God in all that he says and does.

This has been such a fun past month with our baby boy – as we got to do so many fall activities like going to his very first corn maze and carving pumpkins!

This happy little pumpkin sure does love to be outside – just like his mommy and daddy!

He also got to sit in a carved-out pumpkin and both Wes and I could not even handle the cuteness of those memories!!

Cutest little pumpkin I ever did see!!

And especially fun as he got to celebrate his very first Halloween (we dressed up as characters from the Wizard of Oz – Dorothy, Lion, and Scarecrow)!

There’s truly “no place like home” with my sweet boys!

“Somewhere over the rainbow” with my little blue-eyed lion cub love!

And of course, Judson was the most adorable little lion cub in the whole wide world!

Judson had a big ol’ time trick or treating (and napping in his stroller)!

These truly are the sweetest memories that I never want to forget!

We have truly been soaking in all the seasons with our joyful little buddy – and having the time of our lives!

November is always a month of giving thanks – and boy, do I have a lot to be thankful for!

Grateful for a sweet little day trip to Charlotte a couple weeks ago to see my parents,

this wonderful husband of mine,

for our amazing college ministry students who love on our sweet baby week in and week out,

and for all the baby Judson snuggles, giggles, and lovin’ these days!

It’s so crazy that, this time a year ago, I had just had my 12-week ultrasound appointment and got to hear Judson’s heartbeat for the first time! And we announced that we were pregnant… but gosh, nothing compares to having Judson HERE with us now – he is even sweeter and more precious than we could’ve ever prayed, imagined, or dreamed for!

Another exciting thing this month was that Judson got to try baby oatmeal for the first time!

Go baby Judson go!

And the second Sunday of every month, there is nothing like getting to watch Wes preach at church (with little baby bear Judson in my lap) to our college students/young adults at our worship service night! Wes spoke, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, on the importance of cultivating a heart of gratitude that will last beyond the holiday season and it was probably my favorite message I’ve ever heard him do! So proud of this preacher man hubby of mime and how God is using him for His glory!

Everyone said that Judson would be at such a fun age for the holidays, and they were right – it has been so special getting to see his playful, giggly, and sweet little personality coming out more and more as the days go by and such an amazing experience getting to experience the joys of the fall season and Thanksgiving through his eyes – and now Christmas!

He is already so in love with the Christmas lights we have on our dining room tree and hanging up around the outside of the house.

There truly is nothing like experiencing the magic of this time of year through his precious little eyes!

He truly is my very own Christmas love!!

Right before Thanksgiving, we got to take a quick little weekend trip down to North Myrtle Beach, SC – and there truly is nothing better than fall at the beach with this cuddly little love!

We had the sweetest time as a family and we are so thankful for how good of a traveler baby Judson is – he is just along for the ride, and we are so grateful!!

It still feels like a dream that our sweet baby Judson is here with us for his very first Thanksgiving and Christmas this year - and we are so grateful beyond words for the blessing of peace, love, and joy that this little miracle has been to us over the past 6 months!

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.” // Psalm 100:4

I am so thankful for this time of year spent in fellowship with loved ones, yummy food, and reflecting on God’s many many blessings.

***And onto an EMC sidenote…***

It is definitely "busy season" over here at EMC and my little family is so beyond grateful that so many of you choose to order EMC prints and cards to share with loved ones this Christmas Season! And I have been so humbled by all of the orders for this brand new Nativity design, too! I'm so thankful y'all love it - because it was so special to make... especially now that baby Judson is here and Christmas has taken on a whole new meaning this year!

Wes took this photo the other week and this truly is what EMC looks like most days - Wes and baby Judson cheering me on as I create, pack, and ship out lots of happy EMC art orders! My sweet family that the Lord has blessed me with truly is my "why" behind everything that I do over here at EMC!

I am SO beyond grateful especially for my amazing little community over here at EMC (Emily Mabry Creative) and have been blown away by how many of y’all have already taken advantage of my EMC Black Friday BOGO Sale going on this weekend (for all of my popular city/town/place/bible verse prints)! I have had so many customers telling me how grateful they are for this sale and how it is helping them go ahead and knock out lots of special Christmas gifts for an awesome deal!!

So make sure to place your order soon before the prints are gone, and the BOGO sale ends this Sunday at midnight! Enjoy enjoy! I wanted to bless y’all after how abundantly Y’ALL have blessed me with supporting this sweet small business this past year! I truly love y’all and can never ever thank you enough for your encouragement, orders, and for spreading the word about EMC!

And we are so grateful for our dear friend, Hannah Obremskey, who took our lovely Christmas Card photos (I have shared throughout this post) for us in this sweet new season! We had so much fun going up to Campbell’s Covered Bridge up in Landrum, SC to capture some Christmas Card photos as well as memories for half a year with our precious baby boy!

This holiday season, my heart is overflowing with love and gratitude for my sweet boys, aka, my whole world – couldn’t love them more if I tried!! Thank you, Jesus, for blessings, grace, and joy upon joy that can only come from above! We know that all good things come from your mighty hand – and these two sweet gifts are daily reminders to me of your love, faithfulness, and goodness. We will praise you for all of our days!

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” // James 1:17

Also, for those of you who are new around here to the EMC Blog, you can now find me and “shop with me” over on the app. So if you haven’t already, make sure to download the app and “follow” me there (I put instructions over on my story highlight over on my personal Instagram page @emilyjoannemabry) - where I’m sharing all my favorite lifestyle products, baby items (and cute clothes, of course!), mommy items, and finds!!

You can download the app and follow me here:

I have also added “links” in the captions below where you can click and it will take you to be able to “shop” that specific photo & what you see!!

Now onto some more sweet photo memories over this past month with our sweet baby Judson… precious memories and moments that I hope and pray I will always remember!

Bath time is always baby Judson’s favorite time of the day!

And gosh he is so stinkin’ adorable!!

Always having so much fun with his puppy dog, Red!

Showing his grandparents (Wes’ parents) his adorable Halloween costume!

We love a good morning chat after waking up!!

Looking so adorable in his new outfit for the corn maze!!

He loved sitting on Dada’s shoulders and looking down at all the red dirt!

We had the best time taking Judson to his very first corn maze!

Visiting “Papa Jack” at his office and looking at all the fishies!

Hanging out and walking with one of our awesome college ministry students, Wade!

Cutest little pumpkin I ever did see!

Cuteness overload!

Happy happy boy dressed for church on Halloween morning!

Sleepy boy resting up before his first Halloween!

Having so much fun with his grandparents ("Nana" and "Papaw") in his Halloween costume!

Rightttt before he fell asleep! Look at those eyes!!

Sleepy lion while trick or treating, haha!

Happy little lion love!

Reunited with his best doggie! The best of friends!

Wes got me Starbucks so I could crank out a bunch of EMC Christmas commission orders – and Judson was veryyy interested in my latte haha!

My very favorite time of every day – reading out of the Jesus Storybook bible to Judson!

Looking too adorable in his blue outfit and koala bear slippers!

It’s the little bear on the bottom for me hehe.

Enjoying getting all bundled up for our walks!

Always having so much fun giggling with daddy!

Too cute for words in his baseball mocassins –

Goooo Braves!

Had such a fun playdate with my friend Olivia and her sweet boys – Baker and Maverick!

All bundled up for a chilly family walk – with our first Red cups of the season! Christmas time is here!!

These are the days I will always remember!

Snuggly and sleepy little baby bear!

All dressed up in his “little turkey” pjs to go to his very first “friendsgiving” with some of our dear friends!

And sticking his tongue out is one of his new favorite things haha!

And brother Red – always right by his side ofcourse!

Sweet baby boy slept all the way through church for mommy – and it was such a beautiful image for me of resting in the Father’s love – one I will never forget!

My sweet friend Anna came to visit and Judson loved getting to meet her!

Daddy’s hair is always a good distraction when trying to cut his fingernails!

Soaking in all the baby snuggles with this cuddly little bear!

Cuddly Judson bear!

Loving seeing all the leaves changing colors around us!

Always giggling at Red! The CUTEST thing!

So grateful for all the college ministry students who love on Judson every week!

Morning cuddling with baby boy!!

It’s the fox footies for me…

Always having so much fun playing with “Dada!”

Helping daddy do some “sermon prep!”

So much fun hanging with another one of our sweet college ministry girlies – Kinslee!

Trying baby oatmeal for the first time!!

College ministry worship night!

We had a play date with my best friend, Emily – and it is sooo adorable how much Judson and Ava love each other!!

The dreamiest fall walk as the leaves were at their peak color!

Judson loved watching daddy put up the Christmas lights outside!

Hanging with daddy in the living room with all the Christmas décor – this makes me happy!

We loved getting our Christmas Card Photos (slash Judson’s 6-Month Photos) done with our friend, Hannah! Will share more of the “Christmas-y” themed ones in next month’s blog post!!

Weekend beach trip with my boys!

Beachin’ with my boys!

Nothing better than fall at the beach with this cuddly little love!

Such sweet, sweet memories!

Wes took me out for a date night at my favorite restaurant down at the beach – he is just the best!

Judson in this adorable hat Wes got him is a whole new level of cuteness!

We just love you so much, baby Judson!

And his new favorite thing is bouncing in his jumper seat – the happiest baby y’all!

And a sweet friend, Alexandra, sent us the sweetest package in the mail with the most precious outfits for Judson!

Afternoon snuggles on mommy – nothing better in the world!

I sure do love my little cuddle bug! Soaking in all the cuddles these days!

Big boy ate all of his oatmeal and was such a hungry little turkey!

All bundled up for a sunset stroll around the neighborhood!

Looking so adorable (with Red, too) in his precious new monogrammed thanksgiving shirts from our friend, Alexandra!

Of course we did a photoshoot haha!

Happy Thanksgiving from our happy little turkey!

Reading his thanksgiving book with "Dada!"

So special getting to eat an early Thanksgiving dinner at the Piedmont Club with all three of my sisters - with new additions baby Hannah, baby Judson, and Laura's baby girl due in early January!!

Our little turkey had the very best first thanksgiving!

And the best part was that Judson got to meet his "birthday twin" cousin, baby Henry - born just 4 hours after him!! What are the chances y'all??

And Judson got to spend some sweet time playing with cousin Hannah, too!

"Nana" (my wonderful mother) with both of her grand-babies!

And finally…Judson’s six-month-old photo! We have continued to be so blessed by your joyful and content little personality these past 6 months, sweet baby J, and we love you more than you will ever know!

Thank you, Jesus, for blessing us with another month filled with so much joy and laughter with our sweet baby Judson! I am so grateful for these precious days, moments, and memories – and never taking any of it for granted!

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