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October Blog Post – 17 Months of Sweet Judson!

Sweet Judson is 17 months old today, and truly at such a precious and magical little sweet-spot age!!

He is SO much fun these days and is always wanting to be

outside exploring in the backyard

(always wanting to play with sticks and in the mud

or out on the nature trails with all of the gorgeous falling leaves this time of year!

like feeding Red his dog treats haha, putting his clothes in the laundry hamper, opening the door, holding mama’s keys, helping mama load the laundry,

put everyone’s shoes “where they are supposed to go” (it’s adorable haha), putting trash in the trashcan, and more!

I really do feel like Judson is my little baby bestie, and I love getting to spend my days with him – full of lots and lots of giggles, dance parties, and cozy fall snuggles!!

Judson was recently gifted some old vintage construction site tonka trucks (by some precious neighbors who are about to move), and he has been super into all things trucks and construction these days… he is all boy and I love it!!

He LOVES to “read his stories” to us, and I just love watching his face light up as he points to different illustrations in the books and tells us all about what he sees!

Wes and I have been SO blessed by his happy, joyful, curious, and loving little spirit – and we just can’t get enough of him! Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with 17 whole months of abundant life with our baby boy who brings us so much joy and laughter every single day!

“May the bounty of the season fill your heart and home…”

Thanking Jesus for all of our many many blessings this beautiful fall season! These sweet country boys mean so much to me and make me feel like the luckiest mama in the whole wide world!!

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights…” // James 1:17

And we are so grateful for precious Olivia Toney (from our church) who so beautifully captured these precious fall photos for us! Judson sure did love getting to play with the “cow cows” and all the leaves out on the farm!

This age with our sweet, happy, outdoors-lovin’ baby boy is truly so special and we are soaking it all in!! These are just a few of our favorites from the session and we can’t wait to share even more of these precious fall and Christmas photos in the days and weeks to come!

This past month has been extra sweet as we have celebrated all things fall and harvest time with our sweet boy –

from multiple trips to Strawberry Hill USA (the cutest local farm and pumpkin patch in our town),

Judson’s very first football game (at Boiling Springs High School for Wes’ High School Reunion),

lots of pumpkin baking, chilly fall morning/evening walks and cozy day snuggles in footie pajamas,

a fun day at the Denver Downs Corn Maze

(back near Clemson and super nostalgic because that is where Wes and I went on one of our very first dates!),

a fall picnic on the lake,

a trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway to see all of the beautiful changing leaves, and so much more!!

I am one blessed wifey and mama and will forever be “falling” for my sweet boys!!

“Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.” // Psalm 34:8

I have been loving reading the book “Fight to Flourish” by Jennie Lusko and read the most beautiful words in it the other morning, that I wanted to share with y’all:

“Second Corinthians 2:15 says, “For we are to God the fragrance of Christ…” - We are meant to be God’s perfume (a good one!) to a hurting world. We don’t gather in church to belong to a club. We are meant to scatter and be lights in the world. We are the welcome mat to Jesus to those who don’t know Him. We are light to those who are in darkness. When we sweeten our words with HOPE and JOY and KINDNESS, God can use us to reach someone at the gym, in the office, on an airplane, or in our own family. We react and respond to others with purpose. Through our words and winsomeness (a picture of the sweetness of a soul pouring out into a world in desperate need of a touch from God), we can create room at the table for people to come, taste, and see that the Lord is GOOD (Psalm 34:8). That’s what I want to fight for.”

…Now onto a little more detail on this past month and some sweet memories we have been soaking in and that I want to bottle up and remember forever!!

I always dreamed of being a #boymama - and boy oh boy, have you changed my whole world, sweet Judson Carpenter Mabry!!

So thankful for my tiny boyfriend and that he has the very best “Dada” in Wes to look up to!! I love you forever, sweet boy!

Judson got to go to his very first football game (at his Dada's alma mater) for Wes' 10 year high school reunion!! #gobulldogs

Feeling so blessed this harvest time of year for God’s many blessings in the changing of seasons - and just His goodness!!!

“The land yields its harvest; God, our God, blessed us.” // Psalm 67:6

So thankful for a slow weekend at the beginning of the month full of lots of reading and baking time!!

And so fitting because the book I’m currently reading (“Fight to Flourish” by Jennie Lusko) is talking all about embracing each beautiful season we are in - because we never get them back!!

“This is such a beautiful season… keeping that perspective in mind each day reminds us to IMMERSE ourselves in the season we’re in right now, so we can enjoy the season we will be in then… when we embrace the present moment, we will FLOURISH! We can live and love in the small moments of our everyday lives, knowing that there’s an eternal significance to whatever God has called us to do! SAVOR where you are right now… we have the OPPORTUNITY each new day to walk in the little moments God has for us RIGHT NOW!” // Jennie Lusko (in the book, “Fight to Flourish”)

So if you need me,

I’ll be over here embracing and cherishing every pumpkin baking session with our tiny sous chef,

nursing session/snuggle time with my angel baby boy,

walks with these beautiful changing fall leaves, having fun making homemade pumpkin spice lattes,

and just loving life and laughter with my boys -

because man, God’s blessings are right before my eyes!

Seek him, friends, and ENJOY this beautiful season of fall we are in!!

And boy, I sure am thankful for all of the sweet October memories we are getting to make in our well-lived and well-loved little fixer-upper home with our happy baby boy - who is loving all of the pumpkin baking and changing fall leaves this time of year!!

We had the absolute BEST fall family day spent down at Denver Downs farm -

and Judson had the time of his life with all of the farm animals, corn maze fun,

and farm play (and so did mom & dad hehe)!!

Ps. Fun fact… Denver Downs was a special place during my college days down at Clemson and was actually one of my first (and favorite) dates with sweet Wes early on,

so we were so excited to get to come back 5 years later with our little bundle of love and joy!!

Here’s a picture of “mom and dad” back then hehe!! I sure was head over heels for sweet Wes then, and even more so now -

and love getting to build our little life together with our family now!! #memories #itjustkeepsongettingbetter

Sweet Judson had himself a ball at the corn maze -

we sure do love our little blue-eyed, outdoor-lovin’ country boy!!!

And after our fun time at the farm, we took Judson to one of my favorite college spots -

Smoking Pig BBQ- for dinner - and he was a big fan!!!

The sweetest way to end a fun fam day back in the Clemson area -

So very thankful for this simple and sweet life with BOTH of my sweet country boys now!!

Sweetest little fall evening out at the lakefront park -

nothing better than a picnic by the ducks

and chasing the sunset with our little cutie pie!!

That sweet, slow sunday vibe - a post-church Sunday lunch dance party (Click here to watch, hehe!),

sand box play in this beautiful fall weather,

snuggles with mama, and got to visit with some friends by bringing dinner to celebrate their new little one!

Feeling all kinds of grateful for life with our happy and cuddly baby boy, and the memories I never want to forget at his precious little sweet spot age!

Click here to watch a little collection of recent moments that I want to remember forever of this precious age and stage - full of all the exploring, fun, and giggles!

There is NOTHING sweeter than this baby boy’s love for the outdoors and experiencing the magic of the seasons through his eyes!!

The simplest little things make him SO happy and he is just such a JOY! Truly happiest with sticks and in the mud - I’m telling ya!! This outdoors lovin’ country baby just melts me - daily! I sure do love being a boy mama!! #letthembelittle #letthembewild

Just the happiest little fella and I just can’t handle his cute little self!!!!

He’s always making up his own little games and entertaining himself and it’s adorable!

This age is SO STINKING SWEET! I just want to bottle it all up!

We spent the other weekend exploring the beautiful NC mountains over the Blue Ridge Parkway! The changing leaves and colors this time of year are absolutely breathtaking!!

Forever “falling” for these sweet boys of mine!!

Nothing more magical and peaceful than the colorful and vibrant leaves changing up in the mountains this time of year and getting to experience it all with our little love

(who also took some good naps along the ride through the Blue Ridge Parkway hehe)!! These are the memories I want to always remember!

The sweetest fall days with the people I love the most!

Thanking the Lord for all of the blessings this time of year -

the wagon rides/walks/runs with the gorgeous changing leaves ,

one last boat ride of the season with Wes’ sweet parents

play dates with our besties Kristen & Brewer

(Judson and Brewer play so sweetly together and the hugs are melting our hearts these days),

packing up and shipping out lots of EMC art orders as we gear up for the busy holiday season (yay!),

cozy post-nursing session snuggles (where I get to slow down and cherish praying over my sweet baby boy’s little soul and life),

and spending time in God’s word with my little angel boy -

who I pray will grow up to love the Lord with everything he’s got!!

Being a mama is the greatest calling and gift from the Lord, and I am filled with such gratitude for these sweet fall days that point us ever closer back to HIM!

Thank you, thank you Lord!

I got to leave my counseling internship early one evening to watch Wes preach at our church’s youth gathering - and I couldn’t be more proud of him and his heart for the Lord and seeing the next generation come alive in Christ!! Especially being back at the very church he grew up and met the Lord in!

We are SO proud of you, Wes, and love watching you walk in your calling to ministry!! God is SO good and so faithful - and He’s just getting started!!

“Just country boys and girls gettin’ down on the farm…”

We had the very best time this past Friday down at Strawberry Hill USA with our little country-lovin’ baby boy!!

Thankful for sweet fall memories that truly make the season!!

From the hayride,

to getting to pet all of the farm animals,

to the big ol’ slide,

sandbox, and more -

it sure was a fun time!!

Forever falling for you, sweet baby boy - you truly are a fall dream!! God was really showing off the other night - between the sunset and the beautiful trees in our neighborhood this time of year!

These sure are some sweet fall days!

Now onto an EMC Note… between running this sweet small business, finishing my grad degree (can’t believe I will be graduating in December, y’all – all glory to God!), and being a wife and mommy to our little sweetie pie - it sure has been a busy season around here! But man, God has been so good to us and I’m just so grateful!!! We had another happy mail day this past week and I am thanking Jesus for our many blessings!!

I will never take for granted what a sweet gift it is getting to run this sweet small business from home with my little pumpkin! Thank all of YOU for your orders coming in already for the holidays - they truly mean the WORLD to our family!! I sure do love what I get to do and love getting to create & share all kinds of happy art with y’all - especially this happy and festive time of year!!!

As y’all know, this time of year gets so so crazy around here at EMC - so if you’re wanting to place a Christmas order, please make sure to get those orders in as soon as you can so that I get working on them and can guarantee Christmas delivery! It truly is such a JOY to get to help spread a little more light, beauty, and joy through my special designs to both you and your loved ones this time of year! And a blessing that I definitely do not take for granted!!

Every order is such a blessing and something I thank the Lord for - because this business has allowed me to be home with sweet Judson, (almost!!) finish up my grad school degree and help support sweet Wes in his call to full-time college ministry at the church!!

I love y’all and pray that my little EMC Instagram page continues to be a place full of happy art and uplifting, encouraging words - in a world that needs more beauty, light, peace, and joy than ever before! And as always, message me to order any of your favorite designs and share EMC with all of YOUR loved ones, too! I love watching this little community grow and all glory to God who is the one behind and through it all - today and every day!

My custom orders list for Christmas gifts is filling up super quick, so if you are wanting to place a custom order, please go ahead and get your orders in ASAP so I can guarantee Christmas delivery! And message me to order any and all of your favorite EMC City/Town/School/Bible Verse prints, too - which make such fun, easy, and unique gifts for all of your loved ones!! Love y’all and can’t wait to hear from you!!

And for those of y’all who may be new around here, make sure to head on over to @emilymabrycreative over on Instagram to see all the fun lettering art things I’ve been up to and my personal page @emilyjoannemabry to keep up with our little family! I’d love to have you following along, too!! And make sure to message me today to go ahead and get your EMC Christmas orders in, too!!

And for those of you who are new around here to the EMC Blog, you can also find me and “shop with me” over on the app. So, if you haven’t already, make sure to download the app and “follow” me there (I put instructions over on my story highlight over on my personal Instagram page @emilyjoannemabry) - where I’m sharing all my favorite lifestyle products, baby/kids’ items (and cute clothes, of course!), mommy items, and finds!!

You can download the app and follow me here:

I have also added “links” in the captions below (and throughout this blog post!) where you can click, and it will take you to be able to “shop” that specific photo & what you see!!

Now onto some more sweet photo memories over this past month with our sweet Judson… precious memories and moments that I hope and pray I will always remember!

Sweet little backyard lunch date with my little love!

We love our cool fall morning jogs! And getting cozy with Judson's blankie this time of year!!

Playground fun with these cuties!

Our little gigglebox!!

My little Target shopping date!

He loved when the kind Target employee gave him stickers on our way out the door!

Dinner out on the backporch when the power went out during the crazy storms earlier this month!

We had so much fun at my best friend's little girl's birthday party earlier this month!

When "Dada" uses Mr. Giraffe to wake you up from your nap hehe - it was the cutest thing ever seeing his surprised little face!!

Pumpkin bread baking fun!!

Someone was excited to try his pumpkin chocolate chip muffin the very next morning!!

Judson sure does love his "Dada!"

Happy, happy boy!!

Judson LOVES this particular page of the book - so sweet!

Drivin' around town in his little blue car!

You're just too cute, Judson!!

Afternoon adventure to one of our favorite local spots - Glendale Shoals!

Looking out over the water!

Judson loves pushing the wagon around the back yard!

And loves his little blue car, too!

Beep beep, coming through!!

Bathtime sweetness!

And bedtime giggle sesh!!

On our way to Denver Downs for some farm fun!

And little man fell asleep as we did a drive-through Clemson (my alma mater) on the way, too!

Judson loved the corn maze!!

The "cow train" haha!

Raise your hand if you love pumpkins!!

Picnic at the lake waterfront park!

Afternoon snuggles with "Dada!"

Having so much fun with "Nana" while mama is at her grad school internship!

All dressed up for our Christmas Card Photos out on the farm!

And passed out in his carseat as soon as we were done haha!

Last boatride of the season with Judson's Papa Jack and RaRa!

These boys have my whole heart!

Playdate fun with Brewer!

The little baby boy hugs melt my heart!!

Judson loved seeing the real-life construction equipment in our neighbors' yard!

He loves to play outside with the broom - haha!

Hayride fun at Strawberry Hill!!

Having so much fun with our happy fall-lovin' baby boy!!

The nostalgic "boo buckets" are back at McDonald's this week!!

Judson got a new dump truck while on our trip to Tractor Supply! Happy boy!!

Judson loves all things construction and truck these days - so cute!

Thank you, Jesus, for blessing us with another month full of your love and blessings!

Being parents to our baby boy truly is such a gift beyond words, and we know that all good things come from you!!

We are praising you for the past 17 months of our sweet little Judson’s life, and are expectant for all the great things you have in store ahead for our little family, too – as we seek to love, serve, and follow you!

So thankful for this beautiful “harvest time” of year with my boys and are having so much fun making all kinds of fall memories!! Looking forward to all of the fun holidays ahead and getting to make even more special memories as a little fam!!

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