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February Blog Post - 21 Months of Sweet Judson!

Today marks 21 months with our sweet little Judson and boy oh boy,

have we been blessed with the happiest baby boy!!

Especially after just returning home from Disney World this past weekend… this month has been nothing short of *magical*!!!

Judson simply and truly just LOVES LIFE

and brings so much fun, joy, and laughter into our lives with his silly, giggly,

and loving little personality!

We are truly soaking in and savoring these precious simple days with our little love at such a sweet age!!

We know that these are the “good ol’ days” -

that we are always going to look back on and remember

Judson is such a country boy -

truly, he would spend all day every day outside playing with the sticks and mud!

We love to spend our days “exploring” out in nature,

and it is such a joy getting to experience the wonder of God’s beautiful Creation through his little eyes!

And with all of the daffodils just starting to bloom all around our home sweet home,

it is such a special time of year as we anticipate and look forward to spring just around the corner and lots of exciting things ahead for our little family!!

“LORD, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago.” // Isaiah 25:1

This “love month” has been, hands down, the sweetest yet and soo much fun with our tiny little valentine –

full of park dates,

a trip to Disney World this past weekend,

We started off the month with a trip to the dentist (for Judson’s 18-month check-up – a tad late haha),

working on lots and lots of house projects around the house

(stay tuned for some exciting updates on that front!!),

lots of hugs and kisses hehe,

afternoon hangouts with our best friends,

backyard shenanigans with my boys,

the sweetest valentine’s weekend getaway down to the beach condo (one of our very favorite traditions each year!),

Judson really loving giving mama a “kiss kiss” while we were down at the beach,

celebrated our sweetest valentine’s day yet, a big new haircut for our little Judson,

taking Judson to Disney World for the very first time (memories of a lifetime) with Wes’ brother’s family

(we truly had the most MAGICAL time!),

and all of the precious memories in between!!

…Now onto a little more detail on this past month and some sweet memories we have been soaking in and that I want to bottle up and remember forever!!

Our sweet little buddy got a perfect report at his 18-month old (a little late) dentist appointment earlier this month!! Go buddy go - he loves brushing his teefies!!

So we celebrated with a little pizza date at the yummiest spot – Merrells of Greer !! Judson lovesssss him some pizza!!!

And then we stopped by and checked out the SUPER FUN Century Park in Greer -

it is sooo neat!

Click here to see a little video from such a happy happy day with my favorite people!!

It just simply doesn’t get better than this - I love raising our baby boy with you, Wes! Family is our number one (& most important) ministry, and days like this are just so sacred and special - thank you Jesus!!

That same weekend, we worked on all kinds of house projects (the sweetest moment everrrrr when Judson went right into his “Dada’s” arms - as he was putting out new mulch in the yard - to give him a big ol’ hug - my heart literally was a puddle !!),

Wes had the honor of baptizing one of our precious BSFBC College/Young Adult ministry students - John,

and we loved getting to celebrate him afterwards at the big college ministry luncheon!

Judson got to go to his very first swim meet to cheer on another one our sweet college ministry friends, Sarah,

and lots of outside play!!

Forever thankful for this little life we get to live and love - thank you Lord for continually showing us more of your goodness all around us!

Celebrated February 1st with kisses from mommy’s little valentine!!

I could kiss those little cheeks all day long!!! #hellofebruary #happylovemonth #mylittlelove #mommyslittlevalentine

I sure do love doing this sweet little life with my favorite boys in the whole wide world,

and love chasing after Jesus with my very best friend, and the dreams He has laid on our hearts!!

His plans are good and it is such a blessing to raise our sweet baby boy together – and so excited for what God has in store ahead!!

Thank you, Lord, for such tangible examples of your love, kindness, and goodness to our little family in this precious home sweet home this month!!

Truly, some memories I pray we never forget!!

“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” // Joshua 24:15

We had beautiful weather for a play date to the playground down the street and all the backyard fun with our very best friends –

Kristen and Brewer!

These are the memories and these are the days!!

Judson and Brewer sure do love their mamas and are destined to be besties for life,

just like their mamas!!!

These are the days, these are the days, these are the DAYS!!!

I know we are going to look back and miss these days, so doing my very very best to slow down and savor these precious, simple days with our baby boy in our little fixer upper home!!

Thanking Jesus today and everyday that I am getting to live out the life of my dreams with these two cuties -

all I ever wanted and more!!!

My heart is so full to the brim with love for my cutie Valentine boys!!

We got to go back down to our happy place for a fun little Valentine’s weekend beach getaway -

(one of our very favorite traditions since we got married)!! #valentinesweekendgetaway

It truly just does NOT get better than this right here -

our forever beach baby in his happy place (just like his “mama and dada”) with sand between his toes and running towards the water -

We have so much to thank the Lord for this “love month,” and boy oh boy, Jesus has been so good to us!!

“From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the LORD is to be praised.” // Psalm 113:3

Judson’s newest favorite thing is to give mama a “kiss kiss” and my heart is officially a PUDDLE y’all! #mamasboy #mylittlevalentine #babykisses #kissesformommy #boymomlife #mamasvalentineforever

Click here to see a little video of him giving “kiss kisses” to mama down on the beach – sooo stinkin’ sweet!!

Happy Valentine’s Weekend from my little family down by the coast!!

This is one of my very favorite weekends (& traditions) of the year!! Thank you Lord for these sweet sweet memories with my valentine boys - lots of playing on the beach,

snuggles and post-nursing session cuddles from our tiny valentine,

fun in the indoor pool,

“How sweet it is to be loved by you…” #ourlittlevalentine

Click here to see a video recap of some of the sweetest beach memories over Valentine’s Weekend with our little Valentine -

and I couldn’t possibly love these sweet boys of mine any more!! Thankful for beautiful weather on our trip and for allll the love and kisses from BOTH of my valentines this year!! #valentinesweekendgetaway

Thank you Jesus for my forever Valentine in sweet Wes and all that he means to me!!

You are an incredible husband, “dada,” and best friend!!

And I sure do love getting to raise our tiny Valentine together now, too -

I pray Judson grows up to be just like his “Dada” one day!! I sure do love my boys and this sweet little life we are building! #happyvalentinesday #lovemyvalentines

These truly are the days!! I love doing this sweet sweet life with BOTH of my valentines,

and can’t wait for all of the exciting adventures God has in store ahead!!

It was the sweetest Valentine’s Day YET with both of my cutie valentines -

starting with a morning full of happy cards (from both boys),

heart shaped Chick-fil-A biscuits,

frosted coffee, Valentines goodies, red roses and gifts from my honey - #sweetestvalentinesdayyet !

Our day was full of all things love & simple sweetness -

opening vday presents and cards (the biggest hit was the balloon, ofcourse!),

nap time snuggles with my little cuddle bug,

stealing kisses and shipping EMC orders with my little helper,

these are the memories I pray I will always remember!!

Everything is more fun with our little Valentine baby boy -

Forever and ever falling more and more in love with my sweet valentines -

grateful this valentines season and every day of the year!!

Judson is obsessed with "choo choo" trains these days -

and the book, "The Little Engine That Could" - which was one of my very favorite books as a child, too! So sweet!!

Took our handsome football-lovin’ baby boy to get a big haircut and,

boy oh boy, does he look handsome!

Our tiny sous chef and little future heart breaker!!

Daffodil season at our house is so sweet,

and is the very early “start of spring” around here -

and my heart is filled to the brim!! #daffodilseason

“Behold, I am doing a new thing…” // Isaiah 43:19

And my sweet mama’s boy loves to bring mama flowers these days -

and my heart is officially a puddle!

I love being a boy mama!!!

Friends, it truly is the “little things” in life -

Nothing better than experiencing the magic and wonder of ALL the seasons through your eyes, sweet baby boy!!

Oh how we love you so!!

This past week's beautiful weather called for a trip to our favorite local spot to watch the sunset!! I love them so much it actually hurts - they truly make my whole world go round!!!

Click here to see a sweet little video from that evening!

Just overwhelmed by the love of Jesus through them and so excited for the adventures He has in store ahead for our little fam!!

“A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you're fast asleep…”

A certain bright blue-eyed baby boy was sooooooooo excited to go to Disney world -

and meet Mickey Mouse in person!!!

We made it down to Disney Thursday afternoon and were so excited for a ✨ magical ✨ day ahead with family (our Christmas gift from the grandparents) -

soaking in the magic of the happiest place on earth!!

We checked into our hotel and then explored Disney Springs with Trey, Meghan & Henry!!

The cousin besties lovedddd the rainforest cafe -

which was one of MY very favorite places as a little girl, too!

We had THE most magical time at Disney World -

and truly soaked in every moment!!

Click here to watch a sweet little video recap of our magical trip!!

Nothing more precious than experiencing the magic of Disney through your baby’s eyes -

I will never ever forget this day

We truly had the most magical time at Disney World with Trey, Meghan & little Henry!!

Such a sweet Christmas gift from Wes & Trey’s precious parents, and man,

what a sweet memory for all of the years to come -

getting to take these bestie cousin baby boys to the happiest place on earth at such a fun little age!!!

Forever and ever stealin’ kisses from my tiny prince charming

We will forever be reliving the most magical day of our lives in the happiest place on earth!!

A dream truly IS a wish your heart makes!!

Disney world with our baby boy was everything I dreamed it would be

and then more!!

From going on the sweetest little rides with the boys,

getting to see the Mickey parade,

lots of little shows,

nursing and napping my little love out by the water,

meeting lots of special Disney characters,

getting the most precious silhouette painting done of Judson,

seeing the castle and whole park sparkle as it got dark,

and getting to end the night watching fireworks over the castle -

it was such a full and magical day!!!

Truly couldn’t have asked for a better trip!!

The Mabry Boys take Disney!!

Can’t wait for these sweet baby boy cousins to get to grow up best friends,

Cousin lovin’ and Mickey Mouse waffles this morning -

the very best things in life!!

Click here to watch the sweetest little video to relive the most magical time we had at Disney World this weekend!!

It truly was everything I dreamed of since I was a little girl and MORE -

and absolutely melted my heart getting to experience all of the wonder and magic through my baby boy’s eyes as he experienced Disney world for the very first time!!

“When you wish upon a star

Your dreams come true”

Truly felt like dream come true - getting to take our very own baby boy to Disney World for the first time!!

Thankful for my sweet little family and the “dream come true” they are to me every single day!

And onto a small business note, I’ve had lots and lots of orders coming in the past couple of weeks during “love month,” and would love to send some EMC city/town/school prints and encouraging art prints (and notecard sets) your way, too!!

So thankful for all of your small business love and support and cannot wait to hear from you and, as always, message me to order today and get ahead on all of your spring and graduation season shopping!!

So grateful for all of y’all who follow along and support this dream of a business of mine - it means more than you know to our little family!

And for those of y’all who may be new around here, make sure to head on over to @emilymabrycreative over on Instagram to see all the fun lettering art things I’ve been up to and my personal page @emilyjoannemabry to keep up with our little family! I’d love to have you following along there, too!!

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Now onto some more sweet photo memories over this past month with our sweet Judson… precious memories and moments that I hope and pray I will always remember!

Judson eating his Chickfila is a *VIBE* haha - macaroni and chicken nuggets = a good good day!

Judson loved getting to celebrate one of our college ministry students, John, on his baptism day!!

And he especially loved the chips and queso haha!

Sweet sleepy boy on the drive home from church!

Always playing outside with his puppy bestie, Red!

Sweetest little tummy sleeper!

Judson loves to wash and eat blueberries in his learning tower!

Dinner with my boys!

Afternoon walks with my loves!

Fun fun fun on the slide!

Post-Sunday nap sweetness!

These two loveeee looking out the front glass doorr whenever it rains!

Coffee and a happy baby - my kind of view!

One little monkey jumping on the bed haha!