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August Blog Post – Late Summertime Sweetness!

August sure has been a joy-filled month around here, and full of oh so much late summertime sweetness!!

We have been savoring the very last days of summer and soaking up the sunshine!

And between all of our fun summertime memories living up here at my great grandparents’ old farmhouse (for this season) and closing on our dream 15 acre farm, this sure has been a summer to remember with our precious baby boy!

We feel blessed beyond measure and are thanking Jesus for all that He is doing in our lives and with our family!!

Forever praising Him for His goodness, kindness, and faithfulness to us – and we know the best is yet to come because life with Him just keeps on getting better and better!

Judson has been loving helping me bake all kinds of sourdough goodies in the kitchen this summer

(to share with so many of our loved ones!),

we have enjoyed lots of time out on the dreamy screened-in porch here

(with books and homemade lemonade of course!),

afternoon/evening drives out to check on our 15 acre farm

(still feels like a dream come true that the Lord led us to this longtime answered prayer of ours – what a GIFT for our family and such goodness in the years to come there!),

lots of evening walks from our little home to our “special spot”

with the most stunning mountain sunset views,

“chasing chickens”

(Judson’s favorite activity of all haha),

fun in the sun by the pool,

harvesting yummy garden veggies

(to both cook and share with our local friends here!),

a sweet little weekend back home sweet home to visit my parents in Charlotte,

and rounding out the month

with one last beach weekend getaway of the summer –

and are hearts are just so full!

And…. just like that, our little Judson is 27 months old (2 and a quarter!)

and we couldn’t be more in love with this sweet age and stage!!

He is talking ALL the time

and we are absolutely obsessed with his adorable little voice.

He is truly the happiest baby boy in the whole wide world

and brings us more joy that we can even describe!

We feel so blessed every single day to be his parents, and it is such a gift to watch him thrive

while growing into exactly who Jesus has called and created Him to be – the brightest light!!

…Now onto a little more detail on this past month and some sweet memories

we have been soaking in and that I want to bottle up and remember forever!!

Our first Friday fam day of this past month started off with some yummy homemade sourdough cinnamon rolls -

they approved the taste test from my boys (sooo delicious) and then we spent the rest of our morning/early afternoon visiting with Wes’ granny (one last precious time before she passed) at the nursing home!

She was so super thankful for those homemade cinnamon rolls!

And then Wes went and found his Papa Ronald’s old tractor that he’s hoping to restore one day for our land!

And man, I’m here for summer nights like this, forever and ever!

Nothing says sweet southern summertime like a rainy thunderstorm evening on the screened-in porch drinking homemade lemonade with my boys and ending the night watching a summer sunset over the mountains!

It was another sweet southern summer weekend down in the books –

full of fun by the pool with our water baby,

Wes getting some more fence line cleared out over on our farm

(and driving out to the land because it just makes me oh so happy),

summer thunderstorms on the screened-in porch with homemade lemonade,

lots of sweet family time (taking cinnamon rolls to visit Wes’ granny on Friday

and then my parents, aunt, uncle & Judson’s cousin came over to visit),

lots of sourdough bread baking

(homemade cinnamon rolls, sourdough, loaf bread, and more),

and some breathtaking summer sunsets over the mountains!!

My heart is so thankful for this sweet life we get to live –

it truly is a gift!!

He thought it was the funniest thing EVER trying to catch the chicken and put her back in the coop - man, his giggle just melts me!! #judsonandhischickadees #chasingchickens #raisingchickens

Then it was another sweet little week around home -

making a homemade birthday card painting and cookies for “RaRa,”

a great report at Judson’s dentist appointment

(he even got a “no cavity club” certificate),

chasing chickens on the loose with my giggly baby boy,

lots of coloring

and reading books,

snuggles with mama & dada,

sweet little lunch and walking dates on the trails,

picking (& cooking!!) our very first harvest of vegetables from our garden (!!!),

walking downtown and visiting with my dear Uncle Edgar (and always feeling my Mamaw & Papaw’s presence when I’m in that special special home),

lots of cooking and sourdough baking with my little sous chef hehe,

and a fun girls/mom’s night out with my sweet friend, Kristen!!

These are the days,

and my heart is truly so grateful -

wanting to savor every moment!!

Rainy and cloudy days (like we had the other weekend) call for allllll the baking around here in the Mabry household!!

My tiny sous chef and I spent the rainy day playing with tractors

and prepping bread dough - and we got to bake the yummiest most perfect sourdough loaf that evening (let me tell you, I was so stinking proud of this sourdough loaf, y’all -

she is beauty and she is grace!! - as my bestie said, she’s “Miss America” haha)

and some homemade sourdough banana bread for breakfast the next morning (Judson and Wes definitely approved)!!

I’m so thankful for sweet, slow, and simple Friday mornings with my boys!! #fridayvibes #homemadebread #sourdoughbaking

Holding my boys and family oh so tight

after seeing Wes’ sweet granny off to heaven earlier this month

and thanking Jesus that we get to chase our God-sized dreams together in this one beautiful life we are given to steward and live!

Man, I am one blessed mama - and I want to make the most of every single moment these days

(& not take a single one for granted, because we really aren’t promised tomorrow!!) -

raising our sweet baby boy & letting God build our dreams out on our land He so clearly led us to!!

And we know the best is yet to come!!!

Sweet memories made at his cousin Theo's birthday party!! Our little party animal!

Man, Wes - who would’ve ever thought that this would be our life - post-dinner sunset mountain view walks with the most perfect baby boy in the whole wide world!! #thankyoujesus #everydayisanadventurewithyou

Nothing like some homemade sourdough blueberry muffins for another Friday fam day morning -

this has become such a fun (& yummy!) little tradition for me!!

Judson was a big fan of mama’s muffins - he was eating it and said, “go mommy go!” #fridayfamday #sourdoughbaking #sourdoughblueberrymuffins #sourdoughclub

PS. Whenever I am in the kitchen cooking, baking, or cleaning… he will play with those little letters (in the picture above) and has so much fun with them!!! I shared these a couple weeks ago and they were a huge hit for y’all - so I shared again over on my LTKit page (click this link to shop)!!

Some of y’all may not know this… but I was a kindergarten and then 3K teacher before becoming a mommy -

so I loveeeee these little years and getting to teach my baby boy!!

Kiddos learn best by PLAY - play play play! Let THEM initiate - no need to rush any of it -

just let them EXPLORE and learn alongside you! #teachinglittles #learningathome

Just a little #lifelately with my sweet boys -

thankful for lots and lots of long walks

on the mountain trails these days,

playground adventures,

bath time shenanigans with Red (always!!),

slow summer morning snuggles,

cozy summer afternoon thunderstorms,

late summer fun in the sun,

and lotssss of sourdough baking

and yummy cooking with my tiny sous chef hehe!

These boys truly are the JOYS of my life!!

Absolutely soaking in these precious precious days

with our little joy-bomb Judson

at my favorite age yet -

full of lots of reading

with my little bookworm

and allll the time outside!!

Thanking Jesus for the sweetest little august weekend back home sweet home with family -

starting off by bringing my parents some fresh homemade bread,

full of evening walks,

playing the piano with Nana,

lots of time by the pool

with our little fish (!!!),

grilling out some yummy meals,

old-school Saturday cartoons and snuggling with Papaw

(brings me back to my childhood) -

and for all of His many many blessings

as we soak in in these last couple weeks of summertime!!

And here is our “Mr. Cool” who has been lovingggg his cutie little baby sunglasses hehe!! Now, someone’s ready for the beach! #cutiepie #myhandsomeboy #allsmiles

It’s been a sweet week over here with my best little buddy -

lots of playtime outside,

got to meet Judson’s new little teachers at his nursery class - one morning a week -

he will be in at my weekly Bible study group up here in town

(SO excited),

got to share some of our garden veggies with our local friends,

cooking some yummy summer meals,

loving seeing the leaves *just* beginning to change,

and lots of trail walks/runs -

and then we were all smiles as we headed to the coast for one last beach trip of the summer -

nothing like soaking up the sun with my beach boys before welcoming in the fall!!

We were OH so very grateful to be back down at our happy place

for one last summer beach weekend!!

We had a ball playing out by the sea,

building sandcastles,

splashing at the pool splash-pad

and lazy river,

looking for sharks teeth,

naptime snuggles,

and soaking up the sun!!

Thank you, Lord, for sweet, sweet late summertime

and joyful memories with my beach boys!!

Late summertime beach getaway with these cuties was simply the best!!

Nothing says “summer nights” like icecream by the beach with a ferris wheel in the background -

perfect ending to the most perfect beach evening!!!

And then the sweetest Saturday by the sea with my boys -

fun in the sun by the ocean,

cuddliest beach nap with our forever beach baby,

and ending the afternoon by the pool!

So so grateful for this life with my boys and the most perfect last beach getaway of the summer season!!

Thank you, Lord, for sunshine, wonderful weather,

and your most beautiful Creation!!

Truly heaven sent!!

And onto an EMC note… it has been a busy past week over here at EMC and I am so grateful for every single one of your special orders!

It brings me so much joy to see y’all receiving, sharing, and showcasing your special EMC City/Town/School designs and I absolutely love getting to celebrate so many of your important life milestones with you! Thank you ALL for believing in this small business of mine, spreading the word to your loved ones, and ordering so many unique prints, designs, and notecards for both you and your loved ones!! And I pray that this little EMC page continues to be a place of beauty, light, and joy that points us all back to the goodness and faithfulness of God!

Message me today to still get any more EMC Back-to-School orders in - while you still can - for all your favorite EMC “happy art” prints and card sets (like my customer-favorite EMC City/Town/School/Encouraging/Bible Verse designs) just in time for the brand new school year! Right now is the perfect time to order back-to-school season gifts and wall art/stationary ideas as well as getting ahead on your Christmas shopping (like many of y’all are already doing)! I am so thankful for this small business and can’t wait to hear from you!!

And for those of y’all who may be new around here, make sure to head on over to @emilymabrycreative over on Instagram to see all the fun lettering art things I’ve been up to and my personal page @emilyjoannemabry to keep up with our little family! I’d love to have you following along there, too!!

And for those of you who are new around here to the EMC Blog, you can also find me and “shop with me” over on the app. So, if you haven’t already, make sure to download the app and “follow” me there (I put instructions over on my story highlight over on my personal Instagram page @emilyjoannemabry) - where I’m always sharing all my favorite lifestyle products, baby/kids’ items (and cute clothes, of course!), mommy items, and finds!!

You can download the app and follow me here:

I am also constantly sharing “links” on my Instagram stories where you can click, and it will take you to be able to “shop” that specific photo & what you see!!

Thank you, Lord, for yet another wonderful month of life with my little family!!

We are so grateful for your blessings and are soaking up the very end of sweet summertime with our baby boy!!

Every single day is a gift to be cherished, and we are so thankful for this season of getting to soak in the small town life living in my great grandparents’ old home while chasing after dreams on our new 15 acre farm! We are blessed beyond measure, savoring this season, and know that the best is yet to come!!

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