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7 Months Pregnant with Sweet Baby Mabry #2

7 months pregnant (as of yesterday!!) with Sweet Baby Mabry #2 and getting oh so close to meeting you, little Levi Rhett!!

We truly can’t believe that we are already in the “final countdown” of this pregnancy – since we are already officially past the #30weeks mark (eek!!)

and are excited for all that these last two months will hold as we prepare and await Judson’s baby brother bestie to arrive!!

Wes and I have been having so much fun getting things together for both Judson’s “big boy” room as well as for Levi Rhett’s cutie little farm-themed nursery, and some of my best girlies are throwing the cutest little shower for this sweet baby later this month (so stinking sweet)!!

It has been such a gift getting to dream up these special spaces for our baby boys, and I can’t wait to show y’all once we get them all together!!


I have said this before, but pregnancy with your second child is so special because not only are you so excited to meet your baby at the end of those 9 months…

but you are also watching the Lord prepare your firstborn to grow into the wonderful older sibling He has created him to be!!

I have watched Judson learn so much these past few months, and I love seeing the love and compassion he already has for his baby brother (even if he doesn’t fully understand it yet haha) through all of the daily hugs and kisses to mama’s belly and praying for “Baby Levi Rhetttttttt” every single night!

I just know my heart is going to MELT on the daily when Levi Rhett is here, and I get to see him and Judson together!! I still can’t believe the Lord has blessed me with TWO baby boys – what a dream come true and special gift! I love the boy mama life, and love raising up these arrows for God’s great glory – and letting them see the most wonderful role model in their amazing father!!

I saw a quote the other day that resonated so much with me – “You didn’t just pick a great husband. You also picked an amazing dad for your kids.”

And I couldn’t agree with this more!! Not only did the Lord bless me with an amazing husband in Wes, but he blessed me with the most patient, loving, selfless, hardworking, and hands-on father for my babies!!


I am truly living the days I have always dreamed and prayed for and am so grateful to Jesus for how He has continued to bless and lead our family in this season as we are walking in obedience to Him!!

Leading us to our farm sweet farm, exciting things ahead, and growing our family for His great glory! We truly owe it all to Him, and I have nothing but a heart overflowing with immense joy and gratitude for all that He has done and all that He is doing!! The best is yet to come!


… And now here are more special memories since my last blog post –

the sweetest Valentines Weekend beach getaway with my boys,

some “Valentines Eve” baking with Judson,

our sweetest Valentine’s Day yet,

entering third trimester with this sweet baby in my belly (now I’m #30weekspregnant as of this past Thursday!!),

drives out to our land (how we love to spend our weekends),

sweet pregnancy moments with Levi Rhett in my belly and Judson cuddling on the outside (be still my heart!!),

some exciting things for our family (God is SO good and faithful),

the sweetest baby gift in the mail from a dear friend (a cross for Levi Rhett that matches the one in Judson’s nursery… how special!),

getting out all of the spring décor for the “start to March,”

picnics out on our farm sweet farm,

being a bridesmaid in my college roomie/bestie’s wedding this past weekend, and so much more!!


To start off my recap of this past month…


I was born to love you, my sweet valentine boys!!!


Our hearts were so full after the sweetest valentines weekend beach getaway with my favorite people!!  

I am so thankful for this beautiful life with my boys and our newest tiny baby valentine on the way and coming in May!!

God has been so good to our growing family and it’s been such a special tradition and gift getting to celebrate valentines weekend back down in our favorite place - by the sea!!

Nothing sweeter than watching Wes be the best daddy ever to our little Judson while holding my #26weeks (at the time!) baby bump with my toes in the sand - what a special special view!!  

I sure do love all of my sweet valentine boys!!! #valentinesweekend #lovemyvalentines #anothervalentineontheway


Click here to see the sweetest little recap video of our Valentine’s Weekend Beach Getaway this year!


I sure do love my cutie valentines - happy “love week,” yall!! #loveweek #myvalentines #loadsoflove


So thankful we got to celebrate valentines early as a family down at the beach (our happy place) the weekend before - and we came back with hearts so full and feeling oh thankful for our many blessings this time of year - the best is yet to come!!

Grateful for Super Bowl Sunday fun,

morning barre workouts with my tiny bestie,

fresh blooms in our yard on a rainy day,

and soaking in allllll the love, baby kicks in my belly,

and kisses from both of my baby boys (and my hubby) this “love week” hehe!!


Sweetest little time doing some “valentines eve” baking with my loves!!

Judson was so excited allll day to make coooooookieeeesss to bring to all of our Bible study friends that next day!!


Click here to see our Valentine’s Eve baking in action!


Thank you, Jesus, for my forever Valentine in sweet Wes - the most amazing husband, wonderful hands-on “dada,” and my very best friend in the whole wide world!! I sure do love getting to raise babies with you and can’t believe we are just one day (eek!!!) away from entering third trimester with our newest tiny Valentine on the way!!

I pray every day that little Judson (& Levi Rhett on the way) will grow up to be just like their “Dada” one day!! Being loved by these boys truly is the best thing that ever happened to me!!

I sure do love allllll of my sweet boys and this wonderful little life we are building together while chasing dreams out on our farm sweet farm - all glory to God!! #happyvalentinesday #lovemyvalentines #forevervalentine #anothervalentineontheway


So grateful that we got to spend Valentine’s Weekend down at the beach one last time as a family of three before becoming a family of four in just a couple more months - such a sweet and special getaway with both of my valentines boys!!

These truly are the days!! I am soaking up every bit of this sweet sweet life with BOTH of my valentines (and another tiny valentine growing in my belly and feeling those heavenly tiny little kicks as we speak hehe), and can’t wait for all of that God has in store ahead for our growing family out on our piece of land and little slice of heaven!!  Blessed beyond measure!!


Happy Happy Valentine’s Day!


My heart was so very full and grateful this Valentine’s Day with my valentine boys  - the sweetest yet with another tiny valentine on the way!!! #sweetestvalentinesyet


Our Valentine’s Day was full of yummy valentine cookie baking

(that we got to share with our little local Bible study group that morning),

valentines morning sweetness from my sweet valentine boys -

cards from both Wes and Judson, heart-shaped Chick-fil-A biscuits, red roses, a big red balloon (Judson’s favorite), and lots of goodies -

a little Valentine’s Day post-office run to mail out lots of EMC (& Valentine’s Day) happy mail,

naptime snuggles (feeling extra special this Valentine’s Day with both of my baby boys - one on the outside to cuddle and the other growing and kicking around in my belly- so blessed to be loved by all these boys!!),

thanking the Lord for this sweet growing baby bump of mine,

and then ended the evening continuing on with our annual Waffle House valentines dinner tradition (#iykyk)!!

We’ve been doing this for Valentine’s Day since we got married,

and it’s always such a fun little time!!


And on “Valentine’s Eve,” Judson woke up from his nap and ran off with my “mommy devotional” -

and came back saying “I made you something mama” and had written a little “love note” to me hahah  - pretty sweet and honestly pretty fitting for my motherhood devotional!

Thank you for my “love note,” baby!

And speaking of our “galentines,” our chicken ladies sure have been busy! They have been laying soooo many eggs this week! Wes thinks one of them layed a quadruple egg lol - it’s the size of a goose egg!!!

Like my mom pointed out, they sure are some “happy chickens” and must be producing even more now in anticipation of needing to supply our growing family haha!!


What a sweet and happy little valentine’s day and I love how Valentine’s Day always seems to be the start to feeling spring & new life on the way!! Happy Happy Valentine’s Day from our growing family to yours - we love you!!


And just like that… two weeks ago marked the start of my THIRD TRIMESTER with you, sweet baby Levi Rhett!! I sure do love watching you grow and can’t believe how close we are getting to meeting you!!  #hellothirdtrimester #babynumbertwo #lovegrows #homestretchofpregnancy


My baby bump has reallyyyy grown since Christmas, and it is mind blowing to see God’s new life being knit together in my womb - a miracle I will never get over!! It has been a beautiful wonderful pregnancy and my heart is so full of gratitude! Happy “love week” from our growing family and our tiny little love growing and kicking in my belly hehe!! We feel so very blessed this valentines season and can’t wait to meet our tiniest love so very soon!! #growbabygrow #lovegrowshere


Click here to see a little video reel I put together of some recent bump photos in honor of starting my third trimester this past month!!


“Signed, sealed, delivered…. I’m yours… ooooh baby, you’ve got the future in your hands!!” #sweetestvalentinesyet


Hands-down, the sweetest Valentine’s Day yet for our growing family!!! It was full of alllll the lovin’ - with our annual vday weekend trip down to the beach, “love notes” from my boys hehe, lots and lots of eggs from our “galentines” (aka our chickens), heart cookie baking, valentines morning sweetness, our annual Waffle House valentines evening dinner, flowers just starting to bloom in our yard, soaking in this last valentines season with just our little firstborn, and entering third trimester and getting oh so close to meeting our tiniest valentine coming soon!!!


Click here to see a video recap of our Valentine’s Season this year!!


Did a little drivin’ out on our property the other weekend - man, I can’t wait to raise all of our babies here making all kind of memories and adventures in the pastures, woods, and creeks out on our 15 acre slice of heaven!!! These truly are the days - I love chasing and building our God-sized dreams together, Wes, and what a joy it always is spending time out on our farm sweet farm!!!

Andddd we also picked out new furniture for Judson’s future big boy room slash playroom!! We’ve been eyeing it for a while, and finally made the trip out to get it!! Getting closer & closer to baby #2’s arrival… so it’s all starting to feel so real!! #farmsweetfarm #chasingdreams #buildingsdreams #daysontheproperty #babynumbertwoprepping #buildalifeyoulove #alifeworthliving #themabryfarm


Click here to see a video of our fun time driving out on the property and seeing all of the horses that day!


Goodness I love having your babies, Wes!! Baby giggles have to be the most heavenly sound in the world!!

Also, we saw our first daffodils of the season at my parents’ house!!!

Spring is coming y’all!!! #daffodilseason #springiscoming


The sweetest highlight of this particular weekend was during Sunday afternoon storytime and as he was falling asleep for nap, Judson was rubbing my belly and Levi Rhett started kicking!!

Judson looked at me with the cutest little expression and could feel them for the first time!! It was so sweet - my heart was not ready for that!!! Brother besties in the making! #judsonandlevirhett


We started off the weekend with a little day trip back home -

and both mama AND baby boy got haircuts hehe!!

Such a fun little Charlotte tradition of ours!!

And then lunch and playground time at SouthPark Mall -

I love these handsome boys so stinkin’ much!!!


And like I mentioned above, once we got back into town, we bought some new furniture for Judson’s future “big boy” room (baby #2 preppin’ is really getting real y’all) and did some driving out on our property - there is nothing like the beauty and simplicity of the pastures, creeks, and woods out on our little slice of heaven!! We are so thankful for these 15 acres the Lord has blessed us with and can’t wait to see what all the future holds for our family there!! I love our growing family and this life we are building together!! #buildingourdreams #themabryfarm #thebestisyettocome #buildingsdreams #daysontheproperty


My Promised Land Is You


It hit me when I posted my “weekend photodump” the other day with the photo of Wes throwing Judson up into the air, that almost EXACTLY this time last year, we were selling our first little upper home and in the process of moving up to my great grandparents’ old farmhouse (see the first pic in my little reel above hehe)!! And how CRAZY that in BOTH pics… Wes is throwing little Judson up in the air!!! I dunno, but it was a full circle moment for me haha!!! What a leap of faith it was to make that move, and then the Lord to so clearly lead us to our 15 acre dream farm sweet farm just a couple months after… He is in the details y’all!! And life with Him is such an adventure!! Dreaming with Jesus and your spouse is a gift and makes life oh so sweet!!! The best is yet to come!!! Who would’ve thought in that first photo, that this time next year, we would be spending our weekends out on our dream farm and also be just a couple of months from welcoming another tiny love to our fam!! Gods perfect plan all along!! #themabryfarm #ourstory


And okay you CANNOT make this stuff up lol…. But just like the photos I took of Judson picking daffodils this past weekend lol…. ALSO around this exact same time last year… I got pics of Judson picking daffodils in the yard at my great grandparents’ old farmhouse the VERY weekend we started moving, painting & prepping the home for us to move into!!! How neat!! a LOT can happen in just one year y’all…. Just wow lol. God is in the details and i love when the Holy Spirit prompts us to notice the “little things” like this! #thelittlethings #fullcirclemoment #godstory


Click here to see the sweetest reel I put together of our family’s story this past year!


Had my 28-week appt a couple of weeks back and the doctor said everything looked perfect!! Baby’s heartbeat was 147 and he was measuring right at 28 weeks - so right on track!!

So grateful to God for this healthy growing baby boy in my womb and feeling so very blessed!!! We are getting oh so close to meeting you, sweet Levi Rhett!! #28weekspregnant #28weekappointment #babynumbertwo #babynumbertwocomingsoon


And so grateful to my wonderful father-in-love (& his coworkers) who watched Judson that morning during my appt - and have for lots of my appointments this pregnancy!!

Judson sure does loveeeee his Papa Jack!!! He’s the best of the best!

And Wes’ Aunt Janice stopped by Jack’s office today with the sweetest gift for baby #2 on the way - she handmade the most beautiful blanket, octopus stuffed animal, and hat for baby Levi Rhett! So sweet of you, Janice! This baby is oh so loved already!!! #sweetbabylevirhett #ohsoloved


Being pregnant with baby #2 truly has been the sweetest season of my life - cherishing having my first baby boy on the outside to love while feeling all the heavenly kicks and wonder of having another sweet baby growing in my belly!!

Thank you, Jesus, for our growing family and this special special season of life - I am soaking it allll up!!!

We are truly blessed beyond measure and see your goodness all around us - in the mountain sunsets on our evening walks,

the blooming flowers on the bush right off our porch (spring and new life is almost here, y’all),

bubbles outside in the sun,

our happy chickens laying soo many eggs (go ladies go!!),

my local weekly Bible study group that has been such a blessing to my life this year,

and so much more!!!


I can’t even tell y’all how much I smiled the other morning when I opened up my “mommy devo” to see and be reminded of this coloring “love note” from my sweet Judson - that he so sweetly colored for me the other day hehe!


Click here to see Judson’s little “love note” to me in my mommy devo – cutest thing ever!!


The moments no one can prepare you for… #babynumbertwoontheway #iloveyou #mybabies #brotherlove #brothers


These truly are the days rocking my firstborn to sleep and feeling baby boy #2 in my belly kicking right where his little hand lays - these are the moments I will cherish forever and ever!! #thesearethedays #thesearethemoments #magicalmotherhood


Click here to see the sweetest snuggles with my baby boys – one on the outside, and one on the inside!


I sure do love you and this life we are building together with little Judson and baby Levi Rhett on the way!! I am so proud of you, Wes, and God is justttt getting started, baby!! Let’s keep on bringing HIM all the glory, honor, and praise!! The best is yet to come!!


You are the most servant-hearted, humble leader and strongest man of God I know - and I love watching God use you mightily for His Kingdom purposes!! God continues to open doors and bless your faithful obedience and I just can’t wait to see what all He has in store ahead for you and our growing family as you use your gifts, talents, and abilities to lead others closer to the Father and bring Him praise!! I love following you wherever and to whatever God calls and serving Jesus right by your side!! And can’t wait to see what He has in store ahead!!


“What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived the things God has prepared for those who love him.” // 1 Corinthians 2:9


Nothing I love more than a sweet and simple little February weekend with these handsome boys of mine!!

It really is the little things in life that bring the very most joy!! #weekendmemories


A Friday morning trip to the local children’s museum

(our favorite - especially for rainy days!!),

a Friday night sunset picnic by the lake,

lots of sourdough baking

(& delivering some yummy food and goodies to my bestie who just had her baby boy),

snuggling both of my babies (one cuddling on the outside and the other kicking in my belly),

and some fun little projects around the house!!

Can’t believe we are approaching all things spring (& new life!!!)  just around the corner!! #lovethislittlelifeofmine #springisintheair


Truly just speechless… The sweetest package came in the mail this month from my dear friend, Alexandra - and she sent Levi Rhett a monogrammed cross (that matches the one she had made for Judson when I was pregnant with him) for his nursery!! The blue and white gingham, the verses written all around the edge… I just can’t take it! You made my whole day (you have no idea!!) and this sweet baby boy is so very loved!!! Thank you for caring for and loving our family so well - there are no words!! Can’t wait to hang this beautiful cross as the focal point of HIS little farm-themed nursery, just like Judson’s!! What a special and thoughtful gift!! We love you, friend!!


“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” // Psalm 139:13-14


Click here to see the beautiful painted cross Alexandra sent for Levi Rhett!


Rounded out “love month” on the very last day of February feeling oh so grateful for this sweet little life with my boys and all the joy this month brought!!

Now, bring on springtime and all the new life - flowers, sunshine, and baby on the way - ahead!! #lovemonthmemories #februarymemories #bringonspring #springintheair


#29weekspregnant (in this photo) and feeling little Levi kicking and moving all the time these days - I can hardly believe we will have a tiny sunshine newborn baby joining our family before we know it!! Soaking up every bit of this special season awaiting you, sweet baby boy!! We sure can’t wait to meet you!! #29weeks #babynumbertwo

This week was full of lots of walks out in the sunshine,

a sweet little muffin date with my tiny bestie,

giggles with “Dada” (the best),

homemade playdough fun (our favorite rainy day activity),

family dinners,

and all of the ordinary everyday moments that make life so beautiful!!


Hellooooo March!! Can you feel it?! Spring is in the air, y’all!! With all of the daffodils & camellias blooming all around our home sweet home, it is such a special time of year as we anticipate and look forward to spring and lots of exciting things (& new life !!!) ahead for our growing family!! #hellomarch


“Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?” // Isaiah 43:19


“LORD, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago.” // Isaiah 25:1


There is just something about that “spring is in the air” feeling… and I am loving spending so much time with my boys out in God’s beautiful Creation when we get that “feels like spring” weather and sunshine!!

God’s beauty and joy is alllll around us sweet friends - it truly is the little things in life that, I believe, He really wants us to take the time to notice and enjoy!! Reminders of his love, goodness, and faithfulness - right before our very eyes… if we choose to look for it!! #thelittlethingsinlife #springisintheair #marchishere #doinganewthing #welcomespring


Click here to see a fun little video clip I put together for the “start to March!”


“Hoppy” March, y’all!! Spring is in the air and just like that,

all of our Spring/Easter decor is out just in time for the start to the season!!

March is always such a happy “hoppy” month for our growing family - as it is Wes and I’s anniversary month!! I am oh so grateful for this sweet little life we are building together with our sweet baby boy, Judson, and another on the way and coming in May (just 2ish months from now, y’all)!! #happymarch #anniversarymonth #springisintheair


Linked all that I could for y’all over on my LTKit shop (link is at the bottom of this blog post)! Happy March and Happy “Spring is in the Air” feeling!!

And if you haven’t already, make sure to go follow me over on the LTKit app to follow along with all things spring, lifestyle, and family/pregnancy this spring season!! #springdecor #springdecorating #springdecorations