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9 Months Carrying You, Sweet Baby Judson

As of yesterday, I have been carrying sweet baby Judson in my belly for 9 whole months… and am officially #39weekspregnant! Wes and I both can’t wait for our sweet baby boy to join us in God’s perfect timing and are truly soaking in this last little bit of time together before Judson is here!

We had SO much fun finishing up his sweet little nursery and it is officially all ready to go!

It was so special getting to see it all come together just how I pictured and imagined it – and I know so many special “first” memories will be made in this precious room!

We have prayed over these walls and the little life of our sweet baby boy so so much – and are getting so excited to meet him!

“For this child we have prayed and the Lord has granted us the desires of our hearts.” // 1 Samuel 1:27

This sweet nursery is filled with so many special gifts and items from our friends, family, and loved ones – and I think of each of you whenever I see them.

I still can’t get over the little mustard seeds that one of the sweetest girls in our church college ministry, Rachel, sewed into the hand-made baby mobile she created for Judson – sooo precious!

Thank you ALL for praying and loving little Judson before he is even born, and I can’t wait for all of you to meet him soon!

We have been praying for Judson since the day we first found out about him, and it’s hard to believe we are on the very final stretch now!

I have loved getting to pray Judson’s life verse over him throughout my pregnancy (and even have it framed on display in his nursery, too):

“…He who created you… He who formed you… fear not for I have redeemed you, I have called you by name, you are mine… for I am the Lord your God… because you are precious in my eyes and honored, and I love you.” // Isaiah 43: 1, 3, 4

These past couple of weeks (aka “baby month” as we’ve been calling it), we have been making sure to get all the things ready before our baby makes his arrival and have definitely entered “nesting mode!”

Wes and I have installed the car seat, sterilized bottles/pacis/etc., started some baby laundry, and even put together a little “nursing cart” that a friend told me about (that can hold all of the important things).

My sweet friend, Emily McClean (and fellow boy-mama-to-be… due just 10 days after me!), and I even made the cutest little “hospital baskets” for our labor and delivery nurses to show them our love and appreciation – as they will be the ones bringing our sweet baby boys into the world - and I finally got my hospital bags packed and ready to go, too!

And just two weekends ago, we got to celebrate Mother’s Day – which took on an entirely new meaning for me this year. I am so grateful for all of the wonderful and selfless mothers in my life who have shaped and helped me become who I am today – and hope and pray to be half the wonderful mothers they have been to me! I am thankful for my mom, who is my very best friend in the entire world – and who reflects the love, grace, joy, and patience of Christ in the most beautiful way!

And I am also so thankful for my wonderful mother-in-love – who raised Wes (the man of my dreams) to be who he is today and loves us both so well!

It was so precious how Wes sought out to make me feel so special this Mother’s Day, too, and even surprised me with the most precious necklace with gold “E,” “W,” and “J” (for Judson) charms (Mother’s Day slash “push present”)

… in addition to the most adorable little outfits for Judson and some beautiful flowers.

This sweet man sure knows how to love and celebrate this 9-months-pregnant mama and I do not deserve him! This Mother’s Day made me praise Jesus in a whole new way for the gift of motherhood and all of the wonderful mothers that raise us to one day raise up the next generation, too!

And last weekend, we were so humbled when our precious church staff family (where Wes is the college pastor now) threw a baby shower for us on Sunday after church. We are so grateful for their kindness and generosity, and most importantly, for all of the love, prayers, and support! We have been covered in so much love throughout this pregnancy and will never have enough words to express our immense gratitude and appreciation.

This past week, my sweet mom (future “nana”-to-be) came up to visit for the day and we had the best time! We enjoyed some sweet time together before baby boy gets here – and even did some more baby laundry (and “oohing and ahhing” over all the cute baby outfits)!

I can’t explain to y’all how much joy it brought me to see all of his teeny tiny little clothes hanging up in the nursery closet – it just made me even more excited for him to finally be here!!

With Judson’s due date being just a week away now, I truly have been cherishing every kick these days with him still inside my belly. Watching and feeling him grow every single day is truly the most amazing miracle and has taught me to see just how beautiful of a gift life really is. It is crazy to think that I’m going to see his little face so soon and be able to finally hold him in my arms!

But in the meantime, Wes and I are just cherishing the last little bit of this exciting season of anticipation and these last sweet moments “just us two” before we become parents!

We have been spending lots of time outside, going on lots of walks, and soaking in these last few “date nights” while we can! We know our lives are about to change forever (in the very best way) when our little boy arrives – really anytime now!!

And onto a quick EMC side note… y’all… I have been absolutely blown away by all of the love, orders, and small business support this graduation/spring season!

It truly was the BEST feeling getting to ship out my last *custom orders* yesterday afternoon to my sweet EMC customers before baby Judson gets here! While I’m obviously not taking any more custom orders before my baby arrives, I have already been receiving lots and lots of unique custom orders for my “post-maternity-leave” custom orders list, so let me know if you would like to grab a spot on that list today!

And for those of you who have been messaging me and in need of some last-minute graduation/spring/summertime gift ideas and wall art, I AM still taking prints and notecard orders (for all of my popular designs I currently already have “in stock”) for the time being – but make sure to get those last-minute orders in ASAP so I can go head and get those sent out to you now!

I can never ever thank y’all ENOUGH for all of the love and support for this sweet small business of mine – that has blessed our growing family more than you will ever know! Y’all have truly made my dream a reality and I love what I get to do (and what I believe God has called me to do) help others see beauty and joy in creation in a way that points us all back to the true Creator, God!

I can hardly believe that there is just one week (from yesterday) left until Judson’s due date and I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by! Sweet baby boy is going to be here in God’s perfect timing and I can’t wait to be a mommy (and watch Wes be the sweetest daddy) so so soon!!

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