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5 Months Pregnant with Sweet Baby Mabry #2!

And just like that… I am officially 5 months pregnant, y’all!! This pregnancy is truly flying by, and we are going to have another sweet country baby boy in our arms to love and snuggle before we even know it!

As I’ve shared over the past week or so, the “word” the Lord gave me for the year 2024 is “abundant,” and boy oh boy,

what an abundant season of life we are currently living in… and I am truly soaking it all up!!

Judson is at the sweetest little 2.5 year old age (I am savoring these precious final months with just him, my sweet firstborn baby bear!!), we are loving living the simplest little country lifestyle these days with our chickens (and dreaming out on our land – the best is yet to come!)

and expecting baby BOY #2 (our sweet baby Levi Rhett) on the way and coming in May!

I know I keep saying this again and again, but I am truly living the days I’ve always dreamed and prayed for… and am so grateful to Jesus for his kindness, faithfulness, and goodness to our growing family!

He has continued to bless us abundantly more than we could’ve ever began to ask, dream, or imagine as we have walked in step with Him – and we have seen time and time again that His plans for our lives are for our good and HIS glory! Forever and ever amen!


“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.” // Ephesians 3:20-21


I have really grown to love and savor the winter months over the years – especially since becoming a mama! And being pregnant during these cozy cuddly winter months is a whole different kind of sweetness!

I am so grateful for this season of getting to truly rest in the Lord’s goodness

and savor these moments with my firstborn son while waiting in wonder, joy, and expectancy for our sweet baby Levi Rhett coming in May – such a beautiful picture of the purpose of these slower sacred winter months as we anticipate the beauty of new life coming so soon!!

My heart is so immensely full of awe and gratitude to the Lord for this gift of new life growing inside of me, and (being #22weekspregnant as of tomorrow) I am filled with so much joy getting to feel little baby kicks and movements in my belly throughout my days… what a gift from above!!

I have always wanted nothing more than to be a wifey and mommy to all the babies the Lord blessed me with, and I feel so grateful for this special and sacred season of life! To God be all the glory! I am in my “carrying and raising babies era,” and I am soaking up every single bit of this abundant and FULL life God has called us to!!


“… I have come that they may have life, and have it to the FULL.” // John 10:10


… And now here are more special memories since my last blog post –

a month full of joy upon JOY from our sweetest most magical Christmas season yet

(sooo many special holiday traditions with Judson at the most precious age!),

a wonderful 20-week anatomy scan appointment for baby #2 (thank you, Jesus!),

and ringing in the new year with a sparkling grape juice* cheers with my sweet country boys!! Cheers to 2024, y’all!!


To start off my recap of this past month…

I will never get over the pure sweetness of Judson running into Santa’s arms for a hug this Christmas season - a magical memory I will cherish and hold onto forever!! #santavisit2023 #santasweetness #santamemory


Click here to watch the sweetest little video of Judson right up into Santa’s arms this year – be still my heart!!


There’s no place like home for the holidays!! Snuggles and naptime with a cuddly little one in footie pajamas by the twinkly tree is what Christmas season dreams are made of! I cherished and savored every bit of this last Christmas season with my firstborn Santa baby, before baby #2 is here next year!! #thebest #savortheseason #christmascozy #christmassnuggles #christmasmemories #christmaswithmybabies


Click here to see the sweetest Christmas season snuggles with my lil’ guy!!


Spent the coziest December evening baking yummy Christmas sugar cookies

for our little local Bible study (Judson’s nursery class) Christmas party the next day -

and then we headed out to go see some Christmas lights!!

Tis’ the season, y’all!!


We took Judson back to another one of our favorite holiday traditions – Hollywild Preserve

- to see alllll the pretty lights and feed the animals, too!! #hollywildlights #christmastraditions


Click here to see our fun night at the Hollywild lights – such a fun memory!!


I sure do love this time of year, but man, let’s be real - it feels like Christmas all year long with my sweet country boys hehe - who always keep me smiling and laughing!!

Love making alllll the country Christmas memories with these country cuties of mine - and it really WILL feel like Christmas all year long, with the excitement of having another tiny little newborn in Sweet Baby Levi Rhett coming in the new year ahead!! #christmasallyearlong #christmasinthecountry


We had SUCH a fun Christmas-time playdate

at the Kidsenses children’s museum with friends Nicole, Ella, and baby Maggie!!  

These cuties are adorable and I can’t handle their sweetness together!!


My heart was oh so full and thankful, and here’s a pic of me #18weekspregnant with sweet baby Levi Rhett, too!! Thank you, Jesus, for the sweetest Christmas gift this year in baby Mabry #2 (Judson’s little brother) “on the way!”


It was such a sweet December week -

with a visit to “The Magic of Lights” to see all the Christmas lights and feed the animals,

Christmas goodies for our little local Christmas Bible study party,

alllll the naptime snuggles by the Christmas tree,

Christmas-time storytime

(we highlyyy recommend the Jesus Storybook Bible advent collection for telling the Christmas story to littles),

shipping out our very last EMC Christmas orders, and all the fun holiday cheer and memories this time of year!!


This cutie little Santa’s elf sure was busy “making toys for Santa Claus!!” when Christmas was just 10 days away!! #santasworkshop #santaself


Click here to see Judson hard at work in “Santa’s workshop,” hehe! Too cute!


There’s nothing like seeing the magic of Christmas through your baby’s eyes!! We loved getting to do another one of our favorite holiday traditions - driving through to see all the pretty lights at the Christmas House in Inman!! #christmaslights #christmastradition #christmashouseinmansc


Click here to see all of the beautiful Christmas lights and the pure joy in Judson’s eyes – nothing like it!!


“Rockin’ around the Christmas tree” getting to celebrate the wedding of one of my longest childhood family friends back home in Charlotte!!

Our families basically all grew up together and have had an annual Christmas party for as long as I can remember…

so it was really special getting to celebrate this year with a wedding!!

And such a joy getting to be with all three of my sisters -

and know all the babies between us now had a blast with their babysitters!!

We couldn’t be happier for you, Anna and Stephen!!

What a beautiful and magical holiday night - cheers to years of love, joy, and happiness!!


PS. It sure was fun having another chance to wear my sparkly wedding shoes hehe - and lol that sweet Wes offered to fasten this pregnant mama’s shoes – I was #18weekspregnant at the time, but this man was already spoiling me rotten!!  I sure do love being pregnant at Christmas time!!


There’s no place like home for the holidays

and nothing quite like the nostalgia of seeing your baby loving and riding the very same pony you rode as a child in the very same house you grew up in, too!! #growingupraisingyou #christmasnostalgia


Click here to see the cutest little home video of Judson riding the horsie!!


And just like that, Christmas was just ONE WEEK away,

and goodness what a sweet and special Christmas season it had been already!!

I can’t get over how thoughtful and precious this gift was from my big sis, Laura -

she knows our family’s love for red trucks at Christmastime and she even had Levi’s name added on it, too!!


We loved spending that weekend watching Christmas movies,

going to admire all the pretty Christmas lights at the Christmas House (another one of our favorite traditions!),

and spending sweet time back home in Charlotte with my family and sisters

(and alllll the babies between us now) in town!!  #homefortheholidays


And we spent the following Monday bringing alllll the food and goodies over to visit my bestie Kristen and her sweet newborn angel baby boy, Capers!!

There is just nothing like a snuggly “Santa baby” at Christmastime,

and Judson and I had such a fun time meeting our newest little friend -

and can’t believe we will be adding ANOTHER sweet baby boy to our “boy mom gang” this May!!

I love walking through motherhood with you, Kristen!! #boymamabesties #allthebabyboys


Walked around our sweet little Hallmark town to admire all of the pretty Christmas decorations

and stop by the playground

before going by to bring Christmas goodies to my sweet Uncle Edgar

(who had all kinds of neat old-timey Christmas decorations out for Judson to see)!!  

I love spreading alllll the Christmas cheer with my “little Saint Nick” around town during the most wonderful time of the year!!


Click here to see our sweet little day around town!!


Nothing quite says “Christmas in the South” like an indoor snowball fight hehe!! Happy 1st official day of winter from our growing family!! Stay cozy out there, y’all!!

Hip Hip Hooray for “Christmas Vacation” and the countdown to Christmas was officially on!!! #happyfirstdayofwinter #4daystillchristmas #christmasvacation #indoorsnowballfun


Click here to see our little “indoor snowball fun,” hehe!


Celebrating all the things this first official day of winter - #19weekspregnant that day and just 4 more days until Christmas!! We are oh so grateful for this little life growing in my womb - best gift ever right at Christmas time!! As I was rocking Judson to sleep one night, Sweet Baby Levi Rhett started kicking and moving around like crazy in my belly - and it just felt like such a sacred God moment! I love being pregnant and feeling these little kicks - most heavenly feeling in the world!!!

God has been so abundantly good to us in this season, and truly all we can say is “Thank you, Lord!” #christmaskicks


We have loved getting to walk around the cutest little hallmark downtown here at Christmastime,

soak in the magic of all the Christmas lights at night,

enjoy a fun little Christmas evening over at “RaRa & Papa Jack’s” house

(decorated so beautifully for Christmas),

spread all the Christmas cheer, and savor this last Christmas season with little Judson before he becomes a big brother in just a few months!!

Tis the season!!


We had a country little picnic for this country little Christmas out on our little slice of heaven and 15 acre farm sweet farm!! #countrylittlechristmas #picniconthefarm #christmaspicnic #christmasonourfarm


Now for a little “storytime” hehe: Around this time last year, we had just started really seriously praying and dreaming about the “farm” dream God had laid on our hearts (really for as long as we can remember)!! Just two “twenty somethings” feeling God calling us to sell our first little fixer upper and move to my great grandparents’ old farmhouse up in this sweet new town (TOTAL leap of faith) - and at the beginning of the new year, we did just that…. And just a couple months later… we closed on our dream 15 acre farm that Jesus literally LAID in our laps (we knew as soon as we saw it that it was “the one” we were gonna raise our family on) and shortly after that, got pregnant with sweet baby #2!!!

Man…. WHAT A YEAR of “leaps of faiths” and adventures 2023 has been… and it has been so beautiful and humbling to see God continue to blow our minds and reveal HIS plan!!! Abundantly and immeasurably more than we could ever ask, think, or imagine!!! And sweet Wes has been out working hard bush-hogging on our land and Judson and I got to go and bring him some lunch for a little picnic - just all GOD!!! We couldn’t be more grateful for this season of life - lots of land and about to be lots of babies hehe!!!! I already have all that I want for Christmas this year!! #alliwantforchristmas


Click here to see our fun little Christmas time picnic out on the farm!!


So thankful for our “Country Little Christmas” this year!! Wes has been working so hard all day out on our farm sweet farm this Friday before Christmas, and Judson and I loved getting to come out and surprise him with a little picnic lunch (and let our little country boy ride around a few times on the tractor with “Dada,” hehe)!!

Nothing like a little “Christmas in the Country” with these sweet boys of mine (and another on the way) and the beautiful country scenery this time of year (that always puts Judson right to sleep in the car)!!#christmasinthecountry #countrylittlechristmas #christmaspicnic #christmasonthefarm #themabryfarm #giftsfromgod


Merry “Country Little Christmas” from our growing family to yours!! #countrylittlechristmas #themabryfarm


I already have all that I wanted for Christmas this year in these sweet country boys of mine (and another on the way and kicking in my belly - and this piece of land that feels like such a gift from God!! I have always dreamed of raising my family out in the country with a yard full of babies - all I want for Christmas is right before my eyes, and I feel so beyond blessed!

Closing on our 15 acre farm sweet farm and now pregnant with sweet baby Mabry #2… what a year it has been!! Thank you, Jesus, for these sweet gifts and answered prayers that can only come from you!! #farmsweetfarm #landandbabies #babynumbertwo #christmasblessings #giftsfromgod


We loved driving around our adorable little hallmark town in our Christmas jammies to admire all of the lights!!

Between the tractor hayrides to the Christmas music blasting on speakers to hot chocolate on the street corners to carriage rides… Wes and I kept saying it truly felt like we were living in a Christmas hallmark movie!! What a gift from the Lord to live in a place that loves Christmas as much as we do!!

Pure Christmas magic and JOY!! #christmaseveeve


Click here to see the gorgeous lights all downtown!


Happy Christmas Eve-Eve from our Christmas country cutie!!

Just 2️ more sleeps until Santa Claus is coming to town!! #christmaseveeve


Sweetest lil’ Christmas Eve Eve around town -

brunch at our favorite spot and then playing out in the yard -

the sweetest sight seeing all of my boys (and another in my belly, now) with Wes’ old red truck and the chickens (we sure do love our sweet girls)!!

Simple, sweet days like this with my country boys make my heart sing!! #christmasinthecountry


Our dear friend Columbus came by to pick up his Christmas goodies and visit yesterday!!  Judson loves him soo much and he has already said he is going to be “Grandpa Columbus” to little Levi Rhett on the way!!

He was so close with my “Papaw” (the best of friends) when he was still here, and it feels like such a gift from Jesus that he now gets to be in my babies’ lives - it’s like “Papaw” is here with us in spirit! Hard to explain, but such a God thing!!! He really is like family to us now!!


And rocked my sweet firstborn baby boy down for his nap that afternoon (with baby #2 kicking in my belly), and I’m convinced there’s no better feeling in the world than that! Thank you, Jesus, for growing our family and giving me all that I want for Christmas this year!!

Ended the evening driving to look at Christmas lights and then…

soaking in our dreamy view of the tree with some classic Christmas movies on and writing some last Christmas cards! Merry Christmas Eve Eve, y’all!!


Nothing I love more than giving & receiving Christmas Cards from loved ones this time of year! Merry Christmas Eve from our growing family - wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas full of peace, love, blessings, and joy!! #christmascard2023


“And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great JOY that will be for all the people.” // Luke 2:10


“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” // Isaiah 9:6


It has been such a special Christmas season getting to share the story of Jesus’ birth with sweet Judson, while also experiencing the wonder and joy of Christmas through his precious little eyes! There is nothing like experiencing this wonder-filled time of year through the eyes of a child, and it has been the sweetest Christmas yet with our baby boy at such a precious little age, while also now expecting Sweet Baby Mabry #2 on the way (and, at the time, we were just about halfway to meeting him- our little Levi Rhett)!! Thank you, Jesus, for your blessings upon blessings, and for coming to give us abounding peace, love, joy, and ABUNDANT LIFE to the full!! #christmasblessings


Merry Christmas Eve, baby!!  Merry mail, baking some Christmas goodies (“hugs” - our Christmas Eve tradition - so yummy, easy & perfect for littles…

and we hear Santa loves them too hehe), and snuggles by the Christmas tree watching some Christmas movies!!

My favorite way to spend Christmas Eve morning before heading to church and time with family later that afternoon and evening!! #merrychristmaseve

And right before his naptime that day, we were watching “The Grinch” and it’s the little baby hand on the belly for me - no one prepared me for just how sweet and magical that would be - being pregnant at Christmas time with my second baby was the sweetest gift! So very thankful for both of my babies this Christmas season (and love having one still in my belly and with me all the time)!! This will forever be a “Christmas to Remember!” #bestgiftever #christmastoremember


Click here to see a video of our little Christmas Eve morning fun!!

‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; the stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there...


Merriest Christmas Eve from my growing family to yours!! And Happy Birthday Eve, Jesus!! So so thankful to God for all of my sweet sweet boys!! What a special Christmas this was - anticipating in JOY the arrival of Jesus while anticipating in WONDER and AWE the arrival of our sweet baby Levi Rhett in the new year!!


“The true light, which gives light to everyone, was coming into the world. He was in the world, and the world was made through him…” // John 1:9-10

Christmas Eve holds one of my favorite traditions - the Christmas Eve candlelight service at church with my boys!! Nothing like praising our Savior and Light of the World with a sanctuary full of candles!!

During the service, the pastor asked everyone to thank Jesus - and Judson piped up and said (loud enough for the whole sanctuary to hear haha!) “Thank You, Jesus” three times - and my heart melted!!

This boy loves Jesus so much - and he even (totally on his own) started singing “Jesus Loves Me” on the way from church to Nana & Papa Jack’s house for our Christmas family get together tonight!! It’s moments like this I pray I never forget!!! Thank you, Jesus, for my angel firstborn baby boy!!!


After a sweet Christmas Eve night spent with family, we came home and fed the reindeer -

something I always did as a child and love getting to do now with Judson!!

We then set out “Santa’s Magic Key” to let him into the house

(a gift from Wes’ Nana - so precious!!),

put out yummy Christmas cookies (& “hugs”) and milk for Santa,

read Christmas stories by the tree,

and even got footage of “mama kissing Santa Claus” under the mistletoe after little Judson went to sleep hehe!!

We were so excited to see the JOY on his face when he woke up the next morning to see what Santa brought!!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!


“Joy to the world! The Lord is come

Let earth receive her King!

Let every heart prepare Him room

And heaven and nature sing

And heaven and nature sing

And heaven, and heaven and nature sing...”


“But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of great joy which will be for all the people; for today in the city of David there has been born for you a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.” // Luke 2:10-11


“Shout joyfully to the Lord, all the earth; Break forth and sing for joy and sing praises. Sing praises to the Lord with the lyre, with the lyre and the sound of melody. With trumpets and the sound of the horn shout joyfully before the King, the Lord.” // Psalm 98:4-6


True JOY has come to the world, sweet friends. And He will come again!! Merry merry Christmas from our growing family to yours!! It has been so special experiencing the joy, awe, and wonder of this time of year through our sweet firstborn baby boy’s eyes this Christmas, while also anticipating in wonder and JOY the arrival of our sweet baby boy #2 - Levi Rhett - coming in the new year!! Glory be to God!! Merry Merry Christmas!! #joytotheworld


“Country Little Christmas” JOY!! Our sweet little country boy had SO much fun getting to see what Santa Claus came down the chimney to bring him!!

There is nothing sweeter than experiencing the magic of Christmas through the eyes of our precious firstborn baby boy on Christmas morning!!! #christmasmorningjoy


Between his tractor, fishing rod, farm books,

country boy book bag, and new furniture for his upcoming “big boy room slash play room” to come,

I know this will be a Christmas he (and we!!) will always remember  -

celebrating closing on our farm sweet farm this year and savoring every bit of this last Christmas season with just Judson before he gets the BEST gift of all in his baby brother - Levi Rhett - come May!! The gift that keeps on giving!! #babybrotherforchristmas


We have had the sweetest Christmas morning - opening presents

(“Dada” even got “Mama” some diamond earrings

AND surprised me with the cutest monogrammed swaddle and name plate for Levi Rhett on the way - Wes, you are the best hubby ever!!),

playing with all of Judson’s new toys (took his new tractor out to ride and see the chickens just in time before the rain started!!),

ate a yummy Christmas brunch,

and then we headed “home for the holidays” to spend Christmas evening and the next few days with my sweet family back in Charlotte!!


Thank you, Jesus, for the sweetest little Christmas morning with our little Judson (and another on the way) - my heart is just so full!! Merry Merry Christmas, from our growing family to yours!! #christmasmorning #christmastoremember


Without a doubt, the most special Christmas yet and one I will forever cherish and remember!! It’s been so magical soaking in this last Christmas season with just Judson at the most precious little age (the wonder and joy has been unmatched) while expecting another baby boy on the way (so our Christmas will just keep going all year long)!!

Jesus, you are just too good and give the very BEST gifts of all!! Merry merry Christmas from our growing family - our last year as a family of three before becoming a family of four in just a few months!! #achristmastoremember


Click here to see a recap video of our magical Christmas season – my favorite one yet!!


The “Day after Christmas” may just be one of my very favorite days of the whole year!!

We opened presents (for the little cousins -

Judson got his very own bicycle) and enjoyed a slow, cozy rainy morning

before heading out for a brunch at Myers Park Country Club with my mom & sisters!!

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year -

and I love getting to spend the week after Christmas back “home for the holidays” -

with nowhere to go and nowhere to be!!


Also, my two older sisters got me the most HEAVENLY maternity pajamas and I’m in love!!

Sooo buttery soft & nursing friendly, too, for when Levi Rhett gets here in May!! This has been the best Christmas ever… with the gift that keeps on giving coming in just a few more months - so much to look forward to ahead!! Thank you, Jesus!! #thegiftthatkeepsongiving


Click here to see a sweet little video of my “day after Christmas” bump by the Christmas tree hehe!


“There’s no place like home for the holidays…”  


I sure do love the slow, simple days back “home for the holidays” after Christmas and before New Years… slow cozy mornings in pajamas, watching my little one playing with his cousins, and enjoying having nowhere to go and no place to be!!


It may have been raining and wet outside,

but Judson was having oh so much fun riding his new bicycle (from “Nana & Papaw”),