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Ten Months of Sweet Baby Judson!

10 months of the sweetest most joy-filled days with our sweet baby Judson!

It is SUCH a sweet sweet gift that we have been able to have these past amazing ten months with our precious baby boy –

and man, people are right when they say that it truly does just get better and better!

The way Judson’s eyes and smile light up when his daddy or I walk in the room is our favorite thing ever

and his sweet clapping, high-fiving, and waving at us is just the cutest thing, too!

He brings joy and light everywhere he goes and loves making new friends with everyone he meets!

He loves to crawl all over the house and play all kinds of games with his puppy-dog bestie, Red!

You are talking all the time and love to say “mama,” “dada,” “baba,” “hey,” and “bye” –

and we know you are working on the word “Red,” too, hehe!

Your bright blue eyes melt this momma’s heart daily, and strangers always stop and comment on them whenever people see you!

You are one precious, handsome, and LOVED baby boy, sweet Judson

and it is such a dream come true getting to be your parents!

We adore you to pieces and love watching you grow into who God has shaped and created you to be!

This month has been another super special one – as you had a wonderful report at your big 9-month doctor’s check-up, you got to go on your very first visit to the zoo (and particularly loved seeing “Mr. Giraffe” hehe), you got to celebrate your first St. Patrick’s Day, got to see one of our sweet college ministry girls get baptized at church, as well as tag along with mommy and daddy on our *early* anniversary trip to the beach (our anniversary is this coming Wednesday – but we decided to celebrate the weekend before)!

You are such a beach baby and love the waves of the ocean and sea breeze air just as much as your parents – and not to mention, you are the best little traveler, too!

We have been SO unbelievably blessed by what an easygoing, chill, sweet, and go-with-the-flow little baby bear you are!

And having you here with us now for all of these fun adventures just makes everything way more fun!

To start off this past month, our sweet baby Judson had his 9-month check-up, and we are so thankful for a wonderful report!!

The doctor said baby J is growing and developing so well - and that we have been blessed with an extremely happy, easygoing, good temperament, and smiley baby - who smiles at everything haha - to which we said, yes, he sure is!!

Oh, how we love you, sweet baby bear - our strong, happy, healthy, cuddly, and growing baby boy!!

Watching you grow so big and strong (and loved!!) is such a gift to be celebrated - and never to be taken for granted!

And then, when I took Judson to ship out some EMC lettering art orders at the post office right after our appt, he just kept on smiling and smiling up so sweetly at the post office worker (who we’ve become close with over the months) from his little car seat. And she started crying and telling me how much she “needed to see that smile today.” Long story short, she was dealing with something really hard in her personal life and Judson’s smile “brought her more joy than she could even begin to describe.”

And he just kept on smiling and smiling. And we ended up getting to pray over her and the whole situation - and God was so present with us. Baby Judson really is something special and I know God has given him such a special and bright light about him - especially with those “pierce your soul” eyes and precious smile! It really was like “he knew” she needed that smile today.

Anyhoo, just a sweet memory I don’t want to forget and can’t wait to tell him about one day! Being his mommy is the greatest gift and calling!!

One of the sweetest memories this month was baby Judson’s first trip to the zoo!!

It was like his “real life Mr. Giraffe” (“Mr. Giraffe” is a giant stuffed giraffe in Judson’s safari-themed nursery next to his crib that he is obsessed with hehe)!

And then the two lions fell asleep right on top of the same rock – lying in the sun – and it was so neat to see!

The sweetest baby!

Thankful for such a sweet and fun-filled day at the Greenville Zoo with my boys –

and we have a feeling Judson is going to be an animal lover just like his daddy!!

Forever thanking Jesus for this precious gift of life with my sweet, sweet boys!

And we have been loving having the sun stay out longer now that spring is here!!

Praise praise praise for all the sunshine, afternoon picnics, and time outdoors!

Bring on allll the spring weather!!

And baby Judson (our little *lucky charm* hehe) got to celebrate his very first St. Patrick’s Day!

I sure did *strike gold* and am the *luckiest* to be loved by my sweet boys!

There are not enough words to capture the joy in our hearts last weekend as Wes got to baptize one of our dear college ministry students, neighbors, and best friends – Sarah!

We both teared up multiple times and are so unbelievably proud of her and love seeing the Lord’s continued faithfulness in and throughout her life! And it was so special that baby Judson got to be there (with a “front row seat” hehe) as she took this big step of faith!! So thankful to get to do college/young adults ministry right alongside my husband and that Judson will get to grow up seeing so many amazing young adults come to know, love, follow, and serve Jesus! What a gift!

Every single year, the azealeas start to bloom in our yard and neighborhood right before our wedding anniversary (it was the first thing Wes and I came home to at our little fixer upper after our honeymoon almost 3 years ago) - and it is always the sweetest memory for me!! And now that baby Judson is here, it is even more special!! Such a sweet reminder on our walk this morning of the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness to our little family! I sure do love this time of year!!

And lastly, we had the absolute sweetest time getting to celebrate our 3-year wedding anniversary (a couple of days early!) this weekend down at the beach house – and truly could not be more thankful for this sweet and restful time away with my boys!

Such a sweet weekend making fun springtime beach memories with our favorite little beach bum!

If you can’t tell, the beach is most definitely my “happy place,” and I always treasure getting to be back down there!!

We had the absolute dreamiest day down in Southport our first day of the trip (ending with a little snooze in the baby carrier for sweet baby J while we strolled around town) -

and the azaleas popping up all over downtown were such a “god-wink” for our upcoming anniversary, too!!

Thank you Jesus for this sweet life with my boys and special special memories like today!

We witnessed the most breathtaking sunset over the marsh that Wes and I have ever seen - and truly, pictures just don’t do it justice.

“How deep the Father's love for us, How vast beyond all measure…”

This picture of my boys cuddling up on the dock (baby J in his jammies all ready to go night-night) and looking out over God’s beautiful creation is such a picture of the Lord’s goodness, loving kindness, and faithfulness -

and I will never stop praising Him for all of my days!

And then we ended our little anniversary beach getaway with the most beautiful sunrise our last morning, some time walking out on the beach,

baby J “waving bye-bye” out over the marsh (so cute!!),

and then stopping by Southport again on our way out of town to walk around,

& views!

Thank you, Lord, for your love, for (almost) three years of marriage to the love of my life, for our precious baby boy, and for letting us see glimpses of your glory all around us! #anniversarytripweekend

And y’all… it is so hard to believe that, in addition to our three-year wedding anniversary in just a couple days, my THREE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of this sweet lettering art business over here at EMC is coming up next month!! Y’all truly blow me away with your love and support of this sweet small business and I am so thankful beyond words for all that the Lord has done in and though these past (almost) three years of both marriage to by best friend and following the call to pursue this small business after coming home from our honeymoon! And I am so thankful for ALL of you (over 12 thousand followers now over on Instagram… which is INSANE!) who have encouraged, supported, and cheered me on in this dream along the way – especially now as we have our sweet baby boy here with us, too!

This business has blessed our family as we have pursued graduate degrees, calls to ministry (for Wes), and more!

And I am so teary-eyed grateful!

But really, it truly is the absolute greatest gift - and dream come true, honestly - that I get to run this sweet sweet small business from home while getting to take care of our sweet angel baby boy!! This business has been such a sweet blessing from Jesus (that I truly never saw coming, if you know the whole story!!) and man, all glory to God who is always working behind the scenes to work all things together for our good and His glory!! Thank you ALL for believing in this small business of mine, spreading the word to your loved ones, and ordering so many unique prints, custom designs, and notecards to share! I pray that my EMC page will continue to be a place of beauty, light, and joy that points us all back to the goodness and faithfulness of God!

And boy oh boy, it is such a gift to have sweet baby Judson here as my little helper as we print, pack, and ship out lots and lots of EMC orders together!

And with spring and graduation season upon us, I am so grateful that so many of you are placing your orders for EMC City/Town/School/Place and Bible Verse/Encouraging Art prints as perfect gifts and stationery to share with friends, family, and loved ones this exciting time of year!

And for those of you who are new around here to the EMC Blog, you can also find me and “shop with me” over on the app. So if you haven’t already, make sure to download the app and “follow” me there (I put instructions over on my story highlight over on my personal Instagram page @emilyjoannemabry) - where I’m sharing all my favorite lifestyle products, baby items (and cute clothes, of course!), mommy items, and finds!!

You can download the app and follow me here:

I have also added “links” in the captions below (and throughout this blog post!) where you can click and it will take you to be able to “shop” that specific photo & what you see!!

Now onto some more sweet photo memories over this past month with our sweet baby Judson… precious memories and moments that I hope and pray I will always remember

Bedtime snuggles with my little love! Oh, how mommy loves you so!!

Reading our favorite - the Jesus Storybook Bible!

And some giggles and snuggles with "Dada," ofcourse!

Grabbing dinner with one of our awesome college ministry students!!

Started off the month of March with the first signs of spring on our morning jog! Bring on Spring!!

"Double trouble" over here "helping" mama unload the dishwasher!

One of my favorite things each month is filling out Judson's baby books and journals!!

Walking with one of our sweet college ministry girls (and neighbors!), Sarah!

Cutie pie did so well at his 9-month doctor's check-up!

Always so thankful for a wonderful report for our strong and healthy baby boy!

Someone has been loving the warmer days we have had this month! No shoes, no problem haha!

Picnic outside when "Dada" got home from work! The best!

This orangutan kept coming up to us and making the craziest faces!!

The giraffe was definitely Judson's favorite animal! Always and forever!

Such a beautiful day at the zoo with my boys!

Loved looking at all of the monkeys playing, too!

And the alligator exhibit was pretty neat, too!

As Wes said, mama's spaghetti was "finger-licking good" haha!

A spaghetti-lover for life, just like his mama!!

Walking the trails with my boys!

The sweetest visit from Judson's "Nana" and "Papaw" (my parents)!

Enjoying the beautiful spring weather!

Beautiful sunset on our walk one evening!

Happy boy in this weather!!

First signs of spring on our morning walk!

Loved looking at and touching the flower petals!

Judson has been LOVING his walker toy these days!

And it's the sweetest thing seeing him explore all over the house in it!

Sweetest little face to wake up to!

He brings joy everywhere he goes!

Belly-laughing at dinner! He is truly the happiest baby!! Click here to watch the cutest video EVER!

We love going on family walks on Fridays!

Love being outside and exploring new walking trails!

Love these two so much!

Red takes his role as big brother verrryyy seriously around here. It's so adorable how he always falls asleep right in front of Judson's crib while he is napping!

Flashing me the sweetest smile on a morning walk!

And baby J loved going to look at the fountains downtown after dinner, too!

Baby Judson loved getting to celebrate his very first St. Patrick's Day!

Mommy and Daddy's little lucky charm!!

Sleeping little angel on our way to visit my parents in Charlotte last weekend!

Having so much fun with Nana!

Walking in Charlotte - home sweet home!

We got to see the most gorgeous sunset while we were home!

And did a little consignment shopping with Nana while we were home, too! Baby J snoozed away while we found lots of cute outfits for him!

We ended the shopping trip with a stop at Jeni's icecream - the BEST!!

Yay for spring weather and yay for icecream!!

I'm the luckiest girl in the world to be loved by my boys!

"Rung in spring" with the first sonic slushees of the season!

Storytime with Dada is our favorite!!

Someone was having so much fun splashing water puddles on his high chair tray! We are all about the #tinyjoys on rainy days!

All dressed in his sailboat jammies (beach theme, ofcourse!) to head down to the beach for our anniversary trip beach weekend!

Snug as a bug in a rug! We are thankful for our good little traveler!

Nothing sweeter than slow mornings down at the beach!

The most stunning sunrise on our last morning down at the beach - glory to God!

And finally…Judson’s ten-month-old photo! Such a gift that we have been given the past 10 amazing months to love on you and watch you grow!

It just keeps on getting better and better with you, sweet baby boy, and we are so blessed by your joyful, chill, cuddly, curious, happy (so so happy), tender, and loving personality!

You bring light, joy, and laughter everywhere you go, our sweet blue-eyed angel baby boy!

Thank you, Jesus, for blessing us with another month filled with so much laughter, fun, and joy with our sweet baby Judson!

I am so grateful for these precious days, moments, and memories – and never taking a single one for granted!

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