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Summertime Reflections

Something God has really been laying on my heart since starting this lettering art business, but especially recently, is that He gives us unique dreams for a reason…so don’t be afraid to follow them, sweet friends!

I remember being told by a trusted mentor years ago to “Find that ‘thing’ that makes your soul come alive... and do a lot of that!

For me, as you can probably tell from all of my photos, I absolutely love being outside and taking in God’s beautiful creation - sunrises, sunsets, mountain air, the waves of the ocean, the smell of fresh flowers, the feeling of grass underneath my bare name it!

It really doesn’t take much to make me happy...just honestly being outside and noticing the little things that show off God’s intricate creation and attention to details just continues to blow my mind. And that was my whole heart behind starting this lettering art business in the first place– to create special and unique designs that capture the beauty and joy of God’s Creation and your most favorite places, words, and memories.

This summer, with everything going on in the world, Wes and I have gotten to spend a lot of time together just “being.” The slower pace of life has really shown us to appreciate the little things.

We got to go on a short little trip to the mountains earlier this month before heading to the beach for a week with some of my family.

We had so much fun hiking in the Dupont Forest with our little pup, Red, and seeing lots of pretty waterfalls, too!

And then we headed to the beach (Oak Island - where my family has been going since I was a little girl) and, for anyone who knows me at all, you know that the beach is my happy place (always has been and always will be!) and also a place where I (like probably all of you) feel so very close to God. I love standing in the ocean as the waves crash and break over my feet and just looking out at the vastness of the big blue sea – and remembering what a beautiful world God has created. So simple, mysterious, and beautiful beyond words.

While at the beach, we got to spend a lot of quality time with my parents and my little sister, as well as read lots of good books on the beach and kayak on the marsh.

Those few days of soaking my feet in the warm sand, swimming in the ocean, and watching beautiful sunrises and sunsets over the ocean and marsh were absolutely heavenly – and I already want to go back!

We even saw the most beautiful double rainbow stretch across the marsh all the way to the beach front after a big summer rainstorm, and it absolutely took our breath away! And was such a beautiful reminder of God's love and faithfulness - always.

Shortly after returning home from the beach, we got asked to model for a little mountain top session by some sweet local photographer friends (hence the dreamy mountaintop photos throughout this post!) - and had so much fun getting to take such fun photos with such a beautiful view on top of Sassafras Mountain!

These precious photos that Kaitlin and Kilee captured of us up on this gorgeous overlook have been so fun to look through and I know we will cherish them forever. They so beautifully capture our sweet love story and will definitely be framed and hanging in our home very very soon!

All of this time away and out in God’s creation was so so good for my soul and reminded me of just how big God is, and how little we are. And that is such a beautiful, beautiful thing!

I have also had so much time this summer to simply reflect and see the goodness of God in how He has provided for our little family through this sweet lettering art business. And have constantly just been in absolute awe by the amount of love, support, and encouragement from all of my sweet customers during these times and have felt so blessed to be able to create lettering art that hopefully sparks and spreads a little more beauty, joy, love, and light into the lives of you and your loved ones.

I have also seen so clearly how God gives us unique dreams and passions for a reason, and that I truly believe He calls us to use and develop them for His glory! And this blooming lettering art business has been such a tangible reminder to me of what God can do with a little faith, courage, and a whole lot of hard work and dedication!

It has been busy busy over here at EMC these past few weeks and I have been receiving so many new orders and getting to send out lots of happy and colorful designs to so many of y’all - and I am just beyond grateful for what I get to do! This sweet lettering art business truly is the sweetest gift from God - that I truly never saw coming! I can never thank all of you enough for following along and supporting this dream of a business of mine as I seek to spread light, beauty, love, peace, and joy through special designs for all of your most precious memories, words, and places!

And I have to give a shoutout to my amazing husband, Wes, who took this photo a couple weeks back - when we were both just amazed at how many city/town designs I have now created since the very start of EMC! It truly is so crazy to tangibly see how much God has grown and developed this sweet little business of mine - and all glory to Him and Him alone!

As I say a lot, I am so thankful for an incredibly encouraging and supportive husband who pushes me closer to Jesus and who is always my biggest cheerleader in encouraging me to follow the unique dreams God has placed inside my heart! None of this would be possible without his constant love and support!

And this one picture they got during the mountaintop modeling shoot of Wes picking me up and spinning me around is probably my very favorite, simply because I feel like it shows what it feels like being married to sweet John Wesley big giant HUG. He’s the kind of man that to know him is to love him.

I truly thank Jesus every single day for giving me such a kind, amazing, encouraging, and thoughtful husband in him. He has been such a picture of Jesus to me in my own story, and always encourages me to be who God has uniquely created me to be, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

“But to be fully known and truly loved is, well, a lot like being loved by God.” - Timothy Keller

And to close this short little July recap/blog post, I wanted to share these powerful words that I read in my Jesus Calling devotional the other morning that really spoke to me and reminded me of just how beautifully God loves to lead us on the unique path He has for us...when honestly, like in my case with this sweet lettering art business He has given me, we truly could have never even dreamed of or imagined:

“Do not be afraid to be different from other people. The path I have called you to travel is exquisitely right for you. The more closely you follow My leading, the more fully I can develop your gifts. To follow Me wholeheartedly, you must relinquish your desire to please other people. However, your closeness to Me will bless others by enabling you to shine brightly in this dark world. - Jesus Calling

You are so very loved and known by your Heavenly Father and were born to shine, sweet friends. Most importantly, always remember who you are and whose you are. Hold onto hope during these times and continue to spread and shine your light that comes from above!

“You will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the Word of life.” // Philippians 2:15-16

“Those who look to him are radiant...” // Psalm 34:5

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