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Four Months of Sweet Baby Judson!

Our sweet baby Judson is 4 months old today and life just continues to grow sweeter and sweeter as the days go by! I thank Jesus every day for blessing us with his joyful little spirit and I still can't believe we get to be his parents!!

“You are my sunshine” has recently become Judson’s favorite little song for me to sing to him before naps and bedtime, and he just smiles at me as he’s falling to sleep and boy – these are the memories I don’t ever want to forget!!

I say this all the time, but these truly are the days and I am soaking in every single second of this simple and sweet life with all of my boys. Especially now, as we are starting fall and the holiday season coming up soon, I am just so excited to cherish so many sweet memories with all of Judson’s “first” holidays!

While we were down at the beach earlier this month, there was one morning as we were watching the sun rise over the marsh that I just looked at Wes holding our precious baby boy and was so overcome with gratitude for my two answered prayers right before my eyes –

Thank you Jesus, you have been so good to us!!

As I’ve told so many family and friends, this has been my favorite month YET (and I’m sure I’ll be saying this every month) – but truly, this stage has been full of so much joy as Judson’s little personality is coming out more and more and he is getting so playful!

He truly is our little ray of sunshine and lights up the whole room with his bright blue eyes, joyful smile, and sunshiny spirit.

Judson really found his laugh this month (actually, while we were down at the beach a couple of weeks ago) and now hearing his precious little giggle will forever be the highlight of my days!

You truly are something special, sweet baby Judson, and have our wholeeee heart!!

This past month, we got to take Judson back down to the beach house in Oak Island, NC with my parents for two weeks– and had the very best time!

Judson is such a happy little beach bum and loved feeling the sand between his toes and the ocean waves crashing over his little feet – and it was the cutest thing!

We took so many sweet walks up and down the dock, celebrated Labor Day Weekend, watched countless beautiful sunrises and sunsets, took Judson on his very first boat ride down the Intracoastal Waterway (he looked SO adorable in his little infant life jacket!), and spent lots of time snuggling in the rocking chairs on the porch looking over the marsh.

And, most of all, he lovedddd to take lots and lots of naps on mommy and daddy on the beach because, let’s be real, the ocean truly is the best sound machine haha!!

As soon as we returned home from the beach, I took Judson to church (for the whole service!) for the very first time and it was the sweetest thing as he fell asleep in my arms during the final worship songs.

I loved getting to introduce him to so many of the girls in our college ministry at church and see how much they all already loved and adored him!

Later that same night, our sweet little man got to stay up wayyy past his bedtime to hear his daddy preach for the very first time at our BSFBC College & Young Adults Worship Night, and boy, it was something special! Judson and I were both so proud of Wes and will always be his biggest cheerleaders! It is so neat getting to see God use Wes for his glory in his new full-time role as the college pastor at our church and fun watching the ministry continue to grow!

(Side note: if you or our any of your friends and loved ones are looking for a college/young adult church ministry to get plugged in to, message me and I’d love to help get you connected!!)

After returning home from the beach, I was officially in the “fall mood,” and went ahead and decorated our house with all the cozy fall things.

And as we were pulling out all our fall decor, I really noticed (for the first time) the beautiful words on this precious fall decorative plate on display in our kitchen – “May the Bounty of the Season fill your Heart and Home.”

When I bought this little decorative plate this time last year, I had just become pregnant with sweet baby Judson and remember so looking forward to this year when my baby boy would be with us – to make so many sweet fall and holiday memories with him! And now that it’s HERE, let me tell you, it has been even SWEETER than I could have dreamed or prayed for.

Our home is truly filled with a love and joy that I never knew was possible – as we get to raise our sweet baby boy in the love of Christ and are so humbled by this precious gift from God!

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…” // Ecclesiastes 3:1

This time a year ago (on September 17th to be exact!), I felt a nudge from the Lord to take a pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant with our little pumpkin – and used this same adorable little pumpkin outfit to surprise Wes with the news when he got home from work!!

Soooo stinkin’ sweet getting to now dress Judson in this same little outfit a whole year later!! My oh my what a difference a year can make – thank you Jesus for answering our prayers in our healthy and growing baby boy! We love our little pumpkin more than we could ever imagine and life with him is sweeter than we could’ve ever dreamed of!

Also, to ring in the fall season, we took our little love apple picking up at Skytop Orchard – one of our very favorite places and traditions this time of year!

It was such a fun and memorable trip with my sweet boys!

And this past Sunday after church, we spent the day baking apple pie with the cutest little sous chef!!

Lastly, Judson and I had the most adorable fall play date earlier this week with my dear friends, Kristen and Emily, and their precious baby boys – Brewer and Tucker!

I am so thankful God gave us one another in this new season to raise our baby boys right alongside one another!

These boys had so much fun and such a big ol’ time that Tucker and Judson literally both fell asleep in their momma’s arms at the exact same time – such sweet sleepy boys!!

As this new season of Fall is officially here, I am so looking forward to all the sweet memories we will get to make as a little family and my heart is truly overflowing with gratitude – gratitude for my healthy growing baby and for this sweet small business that allows me to be home with him while also helping provide for those I love!

On that note, I wanted to take the chance to thank all of you for following along (over on Instagram) with both my creative lettering art and little updates on life with our sweet baby Judson now – I am so so happy you are part of the community over here at EMC – as always, you are more than welcome here!! Your lettering art orders, kind words, and encouragement mean more than you will ever know!

Happy four months of life to our sweet baby Judson, and happy happy fall, y’all!! Can’t wait to keep sharing happy lettering art with you and your loved ones this holiday season and keep y’all updated on things over here in the Mabry household!

Also, for those of you who are new around here to the EMC Blog, you can now find me and “shop with me” over on the app. So if you haven’t already, make sure to download the app and “follow” me there (I put instructions over on my story highlight over on my personal Instagram page @emilyjoannemabry) - where I’m sharing all things baby (like Judson's adorable fall outfit above!), lifestyle, family, home, and mommy finds!!

You can download the app and follow me here:

I have also added “links” throughout this blog where you can click and it will take you to be able to “shop” specific photos & what you see!!

Now onto some more sweet photo memories over this past month with our sweet baby Judson… precious memories and moments that I hope and pray I will always remember!

All smiles before story time and bedtime!

Treated to a chickfila breakfast by the sweetest friend!

All smiles in our adorable jungle book outfit!

All eyes and ears getting to hear his daddy doing announcements on the livestream church service!

Giving daddy all the loving before we headed down to the beach with my mom (Judson’s “Nana”)! Wes got to come join us at the end of the week!

The cutest little beach baby all dressed & ready for the sun!

All the snuggles with Nana!

So happy to be back down at the beach!!

Taking a little snooze out by the pool!

Going for a dip in the pool with mommy!

Bathtime with mommy in the “big boy” tub!

Having so much fun in the sun with my little love!

Nothing better than beach house porch snuggles with my baby!

The most gorgeous sunset over the marsh – our favorite time of the day!

Bright-blue eyed beach baby!

We sure do love “Nana!”

Little toes and pretty sunsets!

We were sooo happy to see Wes when he finally got to come join us!

Happy happy happy!

Judson all dressed up in his new Labor Day Weekend outfit!

Another breathtaking sunset!

Judson sure does love Dada!

The most beautiful view of my two answered prayers!

Judson got to meet our friend Kelley while we were down at Oak Island!

My boys!

My whole world.

Nothing sweeter than back porch rocking while watching the sun go down!

The sweetest sleepy beach babe!

Labor Day Weekend vibes!

Happy happy baby Judson!!

We loved our beach set-up with Judson!

(linked this baby tent and everything else over for y’all on the LTKit app!)

Little icecream date night while “Nana and Papaw” watched the baby!

A Labor Day well-spent with my loves!

Nothing better than a sleeping smiley babe and Italian ice on the beach!

Having so much fun singing songs with “Nana!”

Beach life with a baby means waking up to see every sunrise hehe!

Having so much fun with Nana and Papaw!

Judson really “found” his laugh while we were down at the beach – my FAVORITE memory yet!!!

Thank you, Lord, for the most incredible husband and daddy to Judson!

Mom took this photo of Judson while Wes and I were out on a little “date night,” and I just can’t get over the cuteness!!!

Yet another gorgeous sunrise!

Judson’s first boat ride down the Intracoastal Waterway!

He just looked SO adorable in his infant life vest!

Enjoying our last full day down at the beach house down by the dock!

Honoring all of our American heroes on September 11th!

Back home and unpacked from the beach – Red was so happy to see us again and be reunited with his baby brother, Judson!

Fell asleep in my arms during worship – sooo sweet!

Goodness gracious he is so stinkin’ cute!! Wearing his hand-embroidered onesie from one of our sweet college ministry girls - Rachel!

Dinner with Judson’s “Rara” and “Papa Jack!”

And a quick little nap on Papa Jack, too!

Helping mommy pack and ship lots of EMC orders!!

Always so happy in his bouncy seat (linked it on the LTKit app!)

My little EMC helper going on lots of errands with me!

Apple picking with the “apple of our eye!”

He loved being carried in our baby carrier around the apple orchard!

Little stroll around downtown Sparkle City!

Happy boy after taking a 2.5-hour nap for mommy!

Snuggling on mommy!

Blue-eyed cutie sure does loveeee bath time!!

Red and Judson… the best of friends! Double trouble!!

Coffee date with our dear neighbor & college ministry girlie, Sarah!

Judson gets to stay up wayyyy past his bedtime for college ministry small group and events to go and support daddy – and its 100% worth it to bring him along as we serve Jesus!!

Tummy time fun with these soft books that Judson LOVES!

Loving these cooler fall temps on our morning walks!!

Just oh so thankful for this simple and sweet life with my boys! Nothing fancy but MAN we sure are living for the simple family moments these days!

This past weekend, we got to go home to Charlotte to visit my parents and went on the most lovely walk around the neighborhood - absolutely LOVING the dreamy fall weather we had!

And finally…Judson’s four-month-old photos! We have been so blessed by your joyful and content little personality these past 4 months, sweet baby J, and we love you more than you will ever know!

Thank you, Jesus, for blessing us with another month filled with so much joy and laughter with our sweet baby Judson! I am so grateful for these precious days, moments, and memories – and never taking any of it for granted!

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