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Eight Months of Sweet Baby Judson!

We get to celebrate eight months of sweet baby Judson today and boy oh boy –

we have had SUCH a fun month!!

It has been so special getting to ring in the new year with our little sweetie pie and we have already started off this very first month of 2022 with so much JOY (my word for the new year)!

From getting to spend lots of sweet time with family in Charlotte the week after Christmas, to “Dada” building a swing set for Judson’s new baby swing, to being such a good little eater (strawberries are his favorite!), to feeling like Christmas all over again for baby Judson’s first snow

it sure has been a special month to remember!!

It truly is the greatest gift getting to be this sweet boy’s parents –

There is nothing more special than getting to watch him grow and become the bright light that God has created him to be!

He is truly the happiest, most chill, and joyful baby and lights up the whole room with his bright blue eyes and “melt your heart” smile (with his two little teethies on the bottom hehe)! He loves to go on walks (especially through the “winter wonderland” when we had so much snow last week), giggle and babble all the time, sit up strong and play in his new “play space” we made for him, scoot around (and starting to "crawl" backwards - it's the cutest thing haha), stand with support, clap, play (and share all his food from his highchair haha) with his puppy bestie and brother (Red, ofcourse!), read lots of books, and cuddle with mommy!

Our little family has had the absolute best time getting to soak in all kinds of special winter memories this month (including baby Judson’s first snow) -

- and I have grown a whole new love and appreciation for these slow and cozy winter days

- full of rest and quality time with my sweet boys!

Having baby Judson with us truly makes all the seasons sweeter and just so much more fun!

My heart has just been filled with such gratitude that the Lord has blessed us with another month with our cuddly little baby bear

and last week’s snow was such a reminder of the Lord’s goodness through His beautiful Creation!

It’s crazy to think that baby Judson has only been with us for eight months –

I have never been more aware of what a GIFT each and every day is –

and I am cherishing and soaking in every single moment…

every giggle, every smile, and every snuggle with my cuddly little baby bear!

“You have filled my heart with greater joy!” // Psalm 4:7

As I mentioned above, the word the Lord gave me for the new year is “JOY”

because there is no better way to describe life with sweet baby Judson than that one word… joy!

Our angel baby boy has brought joy and light into our lives that I can’t even begin to explain! I look forward to seeing him every morning, hearing his giggles, seeing his gummy smile (with two little teeth now, too hehe), and just experiencing the JOY of life through his precious eyes!

Being his mommy has taught me a whole new kind and level of joy… the kind of joy that leads me ever more to the foot of the cross as I thank Jesus for answering my every prayer in this sweet angel baby boy!

“May the God of hope fill you with all JOY and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” // Romans 15:13

So my prayer for this new year of 2022 is to continue living in JOY and remembrance that every single moment and day with my little family is a gift from above – not to ever be taken for granted!

“This is the day that the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” // Psalm 118:24

To start off this past month, we got to spend the week after Christmas at home with my family in Charlotte, NC.

Being “home for the holidays” was such a gift and was spent with visits from my high school bestie, lots of lunch dates, family walks, and soaking in fun times with the people we love!

So so fun that my high school bestie, Annie, got to come and spend some more sweet time with baby Judson while we were home in Charlotte after Christmas!

We spent New Year’s Eve with some friends and then got to come home and “ring in the new year” with my sweet boys!!

Wes (aka the best “Dada” in the whole wide world!!) spend New Year’s Day building a wooden swing set (from scratch!!) to hang up baby Judson’s new swing he got for Christmas from Wes’ parents!

And sweet baby Judson sure did love it!

He was such a happy happy boy getting to swing in it that afternoon!!

The next day, Wes left to lead all of the college students and young adults (in his college ministry at church) to the Passion Conference in Atlanta, GA – and we loved getting to send him off and cheer him on!

It has been so special getting to see Wes thrive getting to serve as a full-time college pastor and do what God has called him to do! We are so proud of him!

I got a jogging stroller for Christmas, so it has been super fun getting to take Judson on lots of jogs through the neighborhood with mommy!!

And lots of fun weekend family jogs, too!

My amazing and thoughtful big sis, Laura, made the most beautiful Noah’s Ark cross-stitch for Judson for Christmas – and it looks so special up on the walls of his nursery now!

We will cherish it forever!

I had the best time getting new family photos up on the walls of our home -

– and love how our little family gallery wall turned out!

Baby Judson has been loving cruising around in his new little red wagon!

I mean... just the cutest thing I ever did see!

He had the best time strollin' around the neighborhood!

And last week, baby Judson woke up to a winter wonderland for his very first snow!!

Baby’s first snow and our very favorite memory yet!

We had never had snow like this at our house before, and it was so magical that baby Judson’s first snow was such a special one to remember for years upon years to come!

Baby Judson was a big fan of the snow and super intrigued by the mounds of white everywhere he looked.

It truly felt like Christmas all over again for sweet baby Judson’s very first snow!

As my mom pointed out, “Judson loves ALL forms of H20!!” Our little water baby sure did love the snow just like he did the water this summer!

and even more snow flurries to end baby Judson’s very first snow day!

The sweetest memories for Judson's first snow!

Snow day (round 2!) consisted of walking through a winter wonderland -

- (& snow naps for baby Judson),

yummy hot cocoa,

and all the snuggles with our cuddly baby bear!

Napping on mommy with the prettiest snow view outside the nursery window! Memories I never want to forget!

These truly are the days I always dreamed about and my cup runneth over!

And speaking of another answer to prayer, this sweet lettering art business over here at EMC has continued to be such a blessing to our family – and I appreciate all of your love, orders, and support more than I can ever begin to express!!

It is so special getting to have sweet baby Judson here as my little helper as we print, pack, and ship out lots and lots of EMC orders together!

And with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I am so grateful that so many of you are ordering your EMC Valentine’s Day Cards (as well as all of your favorite EMC City/Town/School/Place and Bible Verse/Encouraging Art prints) as perfect gifts and stationary to share with friends, family, and loved ones!

I hope and pray that lots and lots of love, light, and joy will be spread this upcoming Valentine’s day through EMC cards and designs – I truly LOVE this time of year!!

And for those of you who are new around here to the EMC Blog, you can also find me and “shop with me” over on the app. So if you haven’t already, make sure to download the app and “follow” me there (I put instructions over on my story highlight over on my personal Instagram page @emilyjoannemabry) - where I’m sharing all my favorite lifestyle products, baby items (and cute clothes, of course!), mommy items, and finds!!

You can download the app and follow me here:

I have also added “links” in the captions below (and throughout this blog post!) where you can click and it will take you to be able to “shop” that specific photo & what you see!!

Now onto some more sweet photo memories over this past month with our sweet baby Judson… precious memories and moments that I hope and pray I will always remember!

Rocking baby Judson to sleep in the old rocker at my parents’ house - #allthefeels !!

Baby J loves this old-timey silver rattle (from my Mamaw) that my mom always has out for him to play with at their house!

Lunch date to one of our favorite spots in Charlotte – Providence Road Sundries!

My little sweetie pie!

He sure does love his “Dada!”

My high school bestie, Annie, came to spend an afternoon with us while we were in town! And her sweet little sister, Gracie, came over to meet baby Judson, too!

So much joy!!!

And then Annie and I went on another little bagels and coffee date the next morning – because, why not?!

Always so good for the soul to be reunited with this forever bestie of mine! We have been through so many seasons together and it’s so special getting to see her love on baby Judson now, too!

Lovin’ on his “Dada!”

Too cute in Dada’s hat!!

Having so much fun playing with all of “Nana’s” toys!

One last lunch date before heading back home after the sweetest time home in Charlotte after Christmas!

Such a happy and chill baby boy - goes with us any and everywhere!

He sure does love his “Nana!”

Daddy was hard at work building a wooden play set – from scratch – for baby Judson’s new baby swing he got from Wes’ parents for Christmas!

Judson LOVED getting to swing in his new baby swing!

Judson’s first trip to Waffle House!

…our New Year’s tradition!

Blue-eyed cutie!

All the giggles these days!!

My real life baby bear!

Judson was so happy to see his Daddy when he got back in town after taking the college ministry kids to the Passion Conference!

My favorite little EMC helper while I pack up lots of orders!

Judson loves going on jogs in the new jogging stroller my sister gave me for Christmas.

My cuddly baby bear!

Coffee and walking “playdate” with our friends Linde and Autumn!

Judson loves strawberries - and is already counting down the days until Strawberry Hill strawberries season!

His little laugh absolutely melts me!

Family workout time at the track!

Loving his new “playspace” we made for him in the living room!

So sweet how Red always has to be by Judson’s side! Waiting for his buddy to wake up!

Finishing up a nap while I got to eat some yummy lunch that Wes surprised me with!!

All bundled up for a winter evening walk!

Loving playing with all of his fun toys!

Judson loved eating scrambled eggs (& Red is always ready for droppings haha)!

Sleepy sleepy on a day full of errands while preparing for the snow!

Judson in his little red wagon is the CUTEST thing!!

Playing with Dada!

Fun downtown lunch date before the snow came in that evening!

Baby Judson woke up to the prettiest snow the next morning!

“Mom and Dad” did some sledding while the baby was napping!

So much fun!

Such a special snow for baby Judson’s very first snow!!

Sweet sweet snow day memories.

My sweet snow boys!

That evening, baby Judson got to join in on the sledding fun!

Walked to get publix subs for lunch the next day –

- since the roads were so icy!

So many deer tracks in front of our house from the night before – so neat!

Little cutie playing with the prettiest snow view out the window behind him!

The most stunning morning coffee view!

Snow walks are the best kind of walks!

And baby Judson agrees!

Someone sure did enjoy his pizza dinner!

A messy face is the sign of a good meal!

Our little cuddly angel baby!

Breathtaking sunset over the snow/ice!

Judson LOVES to feed Red some of his dinner… and Red surely doesn’t mind haha!

Baby Judson kisses forever and ever! Oh, how I love you so – sweet boy!

Always reading his books – his favorite!

Always so happy when he wakes up from his naps!

Took Judson walking at one of our favorite spots in town – and he was “out cold!”

Walking in a winter wonderland!

Someone sure did enjoy his dinner at Wade’s!

And we woke up to even more snow this past weekend – but it melted once the sun came out this time!

I love you forever, sweet boy! Storytime is our favorite! Especially, reading out of the Jesus Storybook Bible - such a beautiful depiction of the gospel!

Baby Judson loves hearing Pastor Hank preach at church just as much as mommy and daddy!

Always having so much fun in his doorway jumper!

Soaking in all the cuddles!

Judson sure did love having Kinslee (one of our precious college ministry girlies) over for dinner Monday night! He is so lucky to grow up seeing so many awesome college students and young adults like her!

We love mealtime! And those baby blues sure do melt this mama’s heart!

Another evening sunset walk with my boy (and a little leftover snow to still be found)!

All smiles when "Nana" comes up to visit for the afternoon!

And "mom and dad" got to go on a fun little movie date - thanks to "Nana!"

I hadn't been to a movie in over two years, so it was so fun finally getting to go to one!

Judson's new favorite activity is "riding his horsey" - too cute!

And finally…Judson’s eight-month-old photo!

We have continued to be so blessed by your joyful, loving, happy, and content little personality these past 8 months, sweet baby J, and we love you more than you will ever know!

Thank you, Jesus, for blessing us with another month filled with so much joy, fun, and giggles with our sweet baby Judson! I am so grateful for these precious days, moments, and memories – and never taking any of it for granted! Experiencing your very first snow this month felt like Christmas all over again and having you here with us this year truly makes these winter months so much cozier and just so much sweeter!!

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